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Skinwalkers Of North Carolina A True Story


Baby Werewolf Filmed On Deer Cam In North Carolina

Video Of Baby Werewolf Captured On Deer Trail Camera In North Carolina

Sometime on Sunday October 25th a deer trail camera mounted on a deer trail in the upper part of Golden Valley North Carolina captured the above video. This deer trail camera is at least 6 miles from any house or road. If its not a baby werewolf in the video what is it.

I know the first thing people are going to say is it's a child in a costume. But if it is what was a child doing 6 miles out in the wilderness away from any house or road walking through the woods in a costume. I don't think so. No I think this is a real baby werewolf and I think it just happened to walk by the mounted deer trail camera.

Is This A Baby Werewolf Captured On Deer Trail Camera In North Carolina

Is This A Baby Werewolf Captured On A Deer Trail Camera In North Carolina

Is This A Baby Werewolf Captured On A Deer Trail Camera In North Carolina

Skinwalkers Of North Carolina , A True Story

In Western North Carolina there are all kinds of strange and unusual stories and legends of beings living there that most people will tell you don't exist. Mainly what we are going to be taking a look at here is skin walkers. In case you don't know a skin-walker is a human that is able to change from a human to a creature. And right about now I know your probably saying yea right.

But over the years something or someone has lived in the woods of Golden Valley North Carolina and it has not been that many years ago that there were many reported sightings of a human like creature with long finger nails and canine like teeth. The body of the creature reported was said to have long black hair growing on it and the creature was reported as having attacked many farm animals in the area. Some people claimed to have seen the creature stand up on its hind legs and it was reported that the creature or creatures were at or near seven feet tall or taller. There were many reports of the creature being seen and though some people said they got a good shot at it that either they missed it or the creature wasn't harmed by the bullet.

What was the creature or creatures has never been discovered. One story that has been told over and over is that the state brought in a hunter to try to kill the creature and that the state hunter used dogs to chase the creature several times in the Golden Valley North Carolina area but then one day the state hunter packed up his dogs and left the area. The story that went around was that the state hunter had got spooked and refused to hunt the creature or creatures any longer.

The story told was that the state hunter used his dogs to chase the creature out onto a sandbar on a local river. The story goes on that the creature looked like a cross between a man and a big wolf and that when the creature ran out onto the sandbar while being chased by the state hunters dogs and the hunter that it changed from a giant wolf like creature that ran on its hind legs into a big naked man and then the naked man jumped into the river and swam away. The state hunter who was a part American Indian man from South Carolina told the local authorities what he had seen and also told them he and his dogs were going home to South Carolina. That he was done. The local authorities said the hunter was crazy but other people over the years had seen something similar so just maybe the hunter saw what he claimed.

The Vampire Beast Of North Carolina

A similar beast has been stalking and killing animals all over North Carolina for a number of years. What is the Vampire Beast of North Carolina? Could it possibly be a skin walker. CLICK HERE to read the story of the Vampire Beast Of North Carolina.

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What Was Once Stalking The Woods Of Western North Carolina? Is it still there today?

What Was Once Stalking The Woods Of Western North Carolina? Is it still there today?

Werewolf in America - Paranormal Documentary

Do Skin Walkers Live In North Carolina

Many people even recently have told of seeing a strange creature in North Carolina that walks up right on two feet and has the body of a man and the head and features of a wolf.

Some people have claimed that the beings or creatures being seen are werewolf's or wolf men while other people make the claim that what is being seen is a skin walker. Which is a creature that is human most of the time but on certain nights of the year maybe on the full of the moon the human turns into a seven foot tall man / wolf creature that preys on deer and people's livestock.

A couple of years ago a deer hunter in the area of Vein Mountain North Carolina says that he had killed and field dressed a doe deer and had just placed the deer onto the back of his truck when two of the skin walker creatures shoved him out of the way and took his deer and ran off into the woods with it. He said that he did not attempt a shot with his bow at the creatures and that he did not intend to hunt in the area again. He said that it was one of the strangest things he had ever seen and he also made the request that his name not be revealed.

Other deer hunters in the area say that while they have not had a deer taken from them that they have seen the strange creatures and for the most part have not returned to the woods after seeing the strange skin walker creatures. Over the years during the time from 1900 to the 1950s before modern funeral homes and burials people in the area told tales of graves of newly buried people being dug open and quite often the recently deceased persons had been eaten on and some were missing parts. People at the time had called the creatures doing this grave robbers but they had described beings that looked like skin walkers or wolf men. Reports of graves being dug open was reported all over western North Carolina and quite often armed guards and dogs would patrol graveyards at night where recent burials had took place.

After people started using the modern funeral homes the tales of the grave robbers or skin walkers gradually died off. And it was not until in recent years that people began to tell the stories of the strange wolf man like creatures that were once again being seen in western North Carolina.

Why did the stories stop for so many years only to start up once again. Where were the skin walkers for all those years that they were not being reported. What do you think of Skin Walkers? Do they exist? If not what are people seeing in the backwoods of western North Carolina? Is it possible that skin walkers really do exist. It's a scary thought isn't it. Please post your comments or questions below now. Plainly derogatory or negative comments will not be approved. I truly believe in the paranormal and I would like people who are like minded to post their comments and questions now below.

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© 2010 Thomas Byers

Post your comments or questions about the skin walkers of western North Carolina now. And thanks for reading my Hub Page.

Samona on August 14, 2018:

I think this is more along the werewolf line of cryptoids. Skinwalkers come from navajoculture they are evil and pi k humans to taunt aggravate and in some cases kill.

Crystal on September 06, 2016:

I am in the Queen City and I am currently dealing with something. I am trying to figure out if it is a dogman, skinwalker, werewolf or what?!? If you would like to chat sometime my email is Thank you for your time, great information.

J. X.Smith on April 25, 2015:

I recently met a man at my business. He mentioned he wanted items shipped to AZ. To a reservation. Having recently inherited silver jewelry with tourqoiuse and wanting to know more about it, I asked if he was native. He said no. He said he has just moved there about a year ago but was looking to move back to CA. He explained that his neighbors warned him not to go out at night or to wander off alone. He assumed it was because he was new and not native and they worried about him. One night a couple of weeks of living there, someone was knocking on his window. He ignored it. But then he heard his brother's voice calling his name. He got up any to his brothers room. His brother was sitting up in his bed scared wittless. He told him someone had knocked on his window too and called his name. But when he looked out he didn't see anything. they didn't sleep that night. He said he doesn't know what it was but when the sun goes down they lock themselves in. And that's what got me looking up this stuff online.

amylove on March 27, 2015:

Wow I lived in North Carolina Charlotte last year I moved their when I was five and move out when I was 13 which I'm still now but I never heard of it if I was still their I want to haunt it lol but not anymore I'm in calfornia

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on February 09, 2015:

Thanks for a great comment.

Daryl on February 09, 2015:

I see a lot of people on here that doesn't know what a skinwalker is.

Skinwalkers are from the Navajo legend. A skinwalker is an evil Navajo witch "usually a human" . Skinwalkers wear the pelt/hide of an animal, "wolf, coyote, owl, deer or bear" to transform or take on the shape of that animal and curse or terrorize it's victims. I dont believe that this baby werewolve is a skinwalker, maybe more of an "Dogman" legend from the north of U.S.A like Michigan. Skinwalkers are seen and known to inhabit or reside on the Navajo, Hopi and Utes Native American tribes on the reservations in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah only.

deadfeather on October 14, 2014:

I've always wondered, "Do they exist? And if they do, are they all evil?"

I believe in a lot of the legends, but some of them, I have a feeling they are more than just legends.

DB4126 on March 03, 2014:

I have lived in southesstern NC all of my life, and this is just one of the many things you hear of. Here is southeastern NC we have the green swamp beast and I know people who have seen it. Also, I am not far from Bladenboro and the Vampire beast of that part but one of the most intriguing stories of my immediate area is the story of the Tram Road light, heartbeat bridge, and there is another story of a set of lights near here. However, the skin walkers are not exclusive to western NC.

LilaMunoz on February 02, 2014:

Oh yeah Skinwalkers are real, my best friend is Native and we live near the AZ border. We call them 'Yoshi's' short for 'Yinadloshii' or 'One who runs in a skin' a.k.a a Shapeshifter. They're known to transform during the day, Born not Made, can't turn you into one even if you begged 'em to because they can't. Plus they'ed look at you crazy and laugh in your face. They are mostly evil but used to be good during the 1800's. They can't be killed easily (very different from European werewolves), territorial, love scarying people at night, are witchcrafters. While others love the feel of running free, and thank God for the bestowal of his gift. A constant pull between good an evil. Silver bullets? They'll laugh in your face, livestock slaughters? They have their own animals to tend to not unless you get them angry or they don't like you for a reason. Do they kill people? Unless they're wicked or for the evil ceremonial part. They say its only within Natives that this 'Transformation' exists. And this I'm telling you about is only from the Navajo Nation territories btw. Maybe other places have different practices.

Aj on December 06, 2013:

Well I know this is an old post but what bothers me is that when people mention golden valley like we ain't even here, I live here, work here, farm here. My whole family's been here for about 7 maybe 8 generations and I remember hearing stories from my maw maw and her sister who I called Mae Mae about skin walkers. Terrified me as a kid but now it fascinates me. With that being said I do believe we have something along those lines here I've seen and heard some strange things comin out of my woods, and I sit on 500 acres of farm with 200 of that being thick woods. I've seen spots of brush layers over by something that not even my bull could have done and I've seen things movin around in the woods as I was hunting that didn't look like deer or bear do I do think it is possible for something like that to be out here, if I happen to catch one I'll let yall know

Reddman on December 03, 2013:

Nice story about the myths and legends of North Carolina.

There are many things that walk at night not seen by the white man. It is easy for them to dismiss things they have not seen. Indians have lived in nature for many years and have seen things that are not believed.

This is just one name for a very old phenomena that has existed in many lands. The Norsemen called them berserkers, the Frenchman called Loup-Garou, others have called them werewolf and many other names throughout time.

Historically, the werewolf combines the mental aspects of a man with the animal form. In most stories, it takes the worst a man and gives it the animals superior form. It does not always have to be a wolf that can be a bear, cougar, or other mammal. This makes the werewolf or skin walker extremely dangerous. However, not all skin walkers are bad. They choose when they wish to change and why. The werewolf curse is usually pursued by bad men or uncontrolled by the victim.

If the Wolf transformation is complete, the Wolf will dominate and will not harm man. In truth, wolf will not hurt man if man leaves him alone. The only wolf who attacks man is driven to it because it is hungry or threatened.

There is a saying that how the white man treats brother wolf is a predictor of his concern for mother Earth. Right now, the white man hunts brother wolf and lawmakers want this legal, which does not bode well.

Man is the only unnatural animal that walks mother Earth.

anonymus on June 28, 2013:

28 june 2013 .......... I was coming home after soccer practice with 2 friends. There was no one on the road except us . we were busy in our talks ,the suddenly something pass by our side .we looked back at one and there was a man walking on the road . My friend said " Look that man is not having any shadow ". I was shocked . he started running . we followed him . he was fast but all of us were athletes . then we reached the dead end of road and what we saw that there was no one except a Dog . I said " The dog is also not having any shadow " . after hearing this the dog jumped into a pond by his side and there was no sound or splashing of water . all of us were stunned.............REAL LIFE STORY

Anal Leakage from GMO's on June 28, 2013:

Will the FEMA Camps harbor these skin walker creatures for them to eat everyone? The barb wire fences face inward too. That is kind of a disturbing thought.

unknown on February 19, 2013:

someone just told me and showed me a pic of some type of footprint in the snow. -25 degree weather in N. Dokota... crazy... I don't need to physically see them to believe... the prints alone say a lot.

wolf person on April 02, 2012:

werewolves will not attack a human unless you threaten it or they work for lucipher but these skinwalkers lived with us at one time. why do wolves attack us it's cause of hunters ignorance for hunting them cause wolves lived among us at one time till we hunted them then the wolves made a prayer to make them half wolf half man but it was only some wolves

Mystery wolf on March 19, 2012:

I believe the story we thought coyotes were in our wood so we set up deer cams instead of seeing coyotes we saw huge animals that looked like a wolf but were the size of a horse.

skinhunter345 on February 08, 2012:

i was walking in goldon valley one weekend and heard something growling at me and it was a skin-changer if my brother had not come along i would be dead thank god ?

Sabrina on December 11, 2011:

I've heard of this story. Here in NC, many believe stuff is fake until proven otherwise. Honestly, the skinwalkers legend had to come from somewhere..regardless its from a man dressing a wolf skin like some stories, or Native Americans actually having the glorious power to change...its still some weird, creative and interesting stuff.

Tatertot125 on October 30, 2011:

Ok, so i'm brand new with this stuff. Last night I went on my dad's iPhone to look at some ghost stories. && I seen one about these 'Skinwalker' creatures. After I read one of the stories about them I was like 'What the heck are they, I have no clue what they are' so when I got home (I was at this supper thing) I went on google && typed in 'What are skinwalkers' && then I found out what they were, && now i'm scared to go outside in the dark.. But anyway, I was just wondering. Is that one picture of that creepy animal up above, is that real? Cause I can't even look at it without peeing my pants a little. Also, how do you know if your a skinwalker? Is it true that if you rub ash on yourself && talk about them, you're to see them one day? && also i'm not from Arizona or the States.. i'm from Canada && never in my life have I seen one so i'm a little worried. But where in Canada would you see one? Thanks sooo much!

fozia ally on August 05, 2011:

i am interested in all of this and i want to know more about it and i think i may have some signs and symptoms of a skin walker and i believe that there is a skin walker out there .i love this and i just cant get enough

Veronica on December 27, 2010:

I may have some skin walker blood in me...

surovi on November 30, 2010:

it is very interesting and i think they really exists

uncle fester on October 09, 2010:

I was recently scouting on a peace of land owned by a friend of mine. I am not a stranger to the woods of N.C. Spent many week ends in a tent since i was a boy and i can say i have seen and hered some strange things but that night scouting was strange we were down by the river miles frome anyone and somethig was throwing stones in the river near us and breaking lims against trees . I know that sounds crazy but it happened my 12 year old son was with me . And he has yet to speek about what we seen and hered he is afraid people will think we are nuts i wish it was that simple .

Ivorwen from Hither and Yonder on September 11, 2010:

Skinwalkers are a creature I had never heard of before, however the stories of grave robbers eating people and such have been around so long, they have to come from somewhere. There must be some basis for them.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on September 10, 2010:

Thanks for all the great replies about the Skin Walkers. I really do believe in them. I think in the remote areas of our country there are many things no one has proven the existence of.

Phyllis Doyle Burns from High desert of Nevada. on September 09, 2010:

I love lore and legends stories. One never knows for sure about creatures like the skin-walkers -- whether they are real or not has never really been proven. However, they are a part of the lore of our country and so exciting to read about. Thanks for a great hub.

ZarkoZivkovic from Serbia on September 09, 2010:

nice, I enjoyed the story, we have plenty of those here in the Balkans, as the cradle of vampires and such. But in the end, those are just stories, I will believe once I see for myself, which I doubt will happen.

But again, great story :)

Peter Dickinson from South East Asia on September 09, 2010:

Fascinating. I really love to learn of these myths and legends. I never divorce myself from them entirely as I am sure there is a grain of truth from which the stories sprouted.

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