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Sixth Sense & Dreams: Earth Signs ( Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn )

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Sixth Sense: Earth Signs

People born with the earth signs are sometimes resembled to snakes: wisdom, slow decision making, stability and solidity. They have sharp and fierce visions to things and their revelation gets them able to find things out before they occur.

At the same time, a lot of things can pass them while they don't recognize that.

In general, earth signs find it really hard sometimes to express their feelings and emotions, they have good hearts but at the same time they can be so solid and harsh.

Most of their dreams talk about reality.


Is the most resembled sign out of the earth signs to the snake, they have pretty close traits.

Taurus can be really smart in the way they treat others, they can be foxy and tricky.

They have great imaginations and they are always guided by some inspirations and their revelations into finding out things before they happen, they also use their feelings and intuition to help them decide on making a decision or a move towards something they want.

Taurus find themselves in a great need for tenderness, this can explain sometimes why they would prefer their daughters over their sons - if they have kids -

Moreover,Taurus is strong and solid just like rocks.

You would find them sometimes careless about their dreams because they think they don't dream but the thing here is that they don't remember most of what they dream about.

Their dreams include things about what they wish to be and become in life and the things that reflect their true desires.

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Virgo can be objective, a good supervisor, deeply attentive and critical, they have great and strong observing skills. They have powerful revelations and senses which lead them into finding out what would occur prior to its actual occurring time.

They often avoid taking risks because of their fears from the consequences that might happen

Virgo can be either rational Virgo or messy and reckless Virgo.

They dream about things that reflect their general outlook for their lives which include success and victory, crazy actions leading them to winning and others.


People born with a Capricorn sign are known for their coldness, rationality, anger, playfulness, criticism, solidity, harshness, strength and masquerades.

They're very emotional and affectionate, you would find them ready at anytime to help others even if they don't know them personally.

Capricorns never enter a bet without being completely sure that they will come out of it as winners, they're always confident of their potentials and they're right! In most times, they never come out losing and that's a fact!

Out of all the other 11 astrology signs, Capricorns are considered to be the luckiest and they rarely realize this gift because they would be unconscious when their luck hangs out with them.

Their dreams consist about finance, chances, failure, success, hardships, exertions and others.

It's Good To Know:

When you dream about the same thing/image over and over again then this would be giving you a sign to be careful from certain situations and so you won't be repeating the same mistakes again, this is implied when your dreams aren't futuristic.

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