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Situation, Action, and Outcome Tarot Reading for Libra

Bri Smith is an intuitive energy reader, who reads energy using multiple types of tools.


The First Card: Situation

The Queen of Wands is the current state of affairs...something is causing you to be in a fiercely driven mindset, you’re remaining strong in the midst of adversity. You are determined to keep your head above water at all costs.

Card Two: Action

The Magician fell here, telling me that you’re working with what you have. You may be manifesting, or you’re striving to obtain some sort of balance in your life. You desire more, and you have the ability to create the things you want.

Card 3: The Outcome

IV of Wands is the outcome. You will find the proper balance you seek, and may even find reasons to celebrate in the future. You may have a wedding to attend down the road, or it could be a gathering of family and friends that will make you happy.

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