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Single in Motive

Charissa is a full time worship leader and minister in the house of prayer dedicated to the one thing.


I have one goal & its to love & honor the Lord with everything I am and everything I have.

Some people won’t like it.
Some people won’t get it.
Some people won’t like me.
Some people won’t like what I say.

& I won’t always get it right.

The more I learn, the more I learn I know nothing.
How worthless my knowledge is compared to His wisdom.
The more I encounter of Him the more I become aware of how much more of Him there is to know. How much mystery and awe there will always be. How much I will know Him but never actually comprehend Him.

The more I encounter Him the more I become painfully aware of how little I have to bring apart from Him.
How much I literally can’t do anything apart from Him.

So I resolve to know nothing in order that I might more fully know one thing; Christ and Him crucified.

I’ll spend the rest of my life learning to become more and more dependent on Him.

I’m really really desperate.
And I need to be so much more desperate.

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If I’m not leaning on Him I’m leaning on me.

There’s not much faith involved in that.
There’s not much good in that.

Faith pleases Him.
Dependence pleases Him.
Surrender pleases Him.

Make me more poor in spirit, Lord.
I’m desperate for you.

I need you.
In everything.

Be my every word, my every thought, my every move.
Let me be dripping with the fragrance of Christ.
I pick up that fragrance from leaning on You, abiding in You.

Keep me close.
Keep me pure.
And keep me single in my motive.

It’s all about You.

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