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Sing for Joy

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Years back, I started composing songs for choirs and the Light Magazine... Lovers of music appreciate my work. The talent is being used here


Composer's Foreword

North and the south written by the writer of this Psalms are not limited to the immediate vicinity in Israel nor the land of Palestine but talks about the uttermost parts of the world , a very distant place unknown neither visited afore by the author

It is the belief of the ancient Jews or Hebrews that the north is regarded as the seat of gloom and darkness (see Barnes' Notes on Bible) while lights and radiance come from the south.

Prophet Isaiah in 45th chapter adds credence to this by saying that God creates evil and good. Everything he created is created for a purpose and it is to exalt his name on earth.

"Tabor and Hermon" are said to be a mountain to the west and east (respectively) of the land of Israel and they represent beauty and grandeur.

The author in continuation of his word says those "beauty and grandeur" shall rejoice (shamach in hebrew) in the name of Yahweh.

The summary of this is all things on earth, positive or negative, gives praises to Yahweh because he creates all for a purpose, which is to exalt and point people to Elohim, the Maker.

I have put these words into songs for believers to show that everything works together for our good as apostle Paul says in Romans 8:28.

Therefore, we must all see God in action in our lives and offer our sacrifices of praise to him from the depth of our hearts not by compulsion nor reluctantly.

I have prerecorded the tune used on YouTube, the link is shared beneath. I am trusting that the lovers of music and musicians will benefit from thereby and make use of it.

Composed Song


Sing for joy/3x

For the Lord has control over all universe

Sing for joy for everything on earth declares His Power

Hallelujah/2x our Lord reigns


O ye saints of the Lord r'joice in his name

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For everything he created rejoices in his name

Their fruition an' pr'sperity come from the Lord

Hallelujah/2x our Lord reigns



The heavens and everything in there belong to the Lord

The earth and the fullness thereof belong to the Lord of hosts

Oceans, seas and the rivers are formed by the Lord

Yea, they all give praise to him



Our Lord is mighty oh yea with a mighty arm

Darkness and gloom oh yea are his handiwork

He architects the light, grandeur and beauty

His wisdom no one can fathom



In mercy and in truth he directs all on earth

'Cause of everything on earth are the works of his hands

His eyes monitors everything happening on earth

Oh glory, glory, glory to his name



Elohim's habitation is that of justice and judgment

He truly is no respecter of anyone

He always fights for the poor and the needy

He's a defence to defenceless people



Sing for joy/3x

O ye saints of the Lord sing for joy in him

Because the Lord makes everything works even for our good

He's beginning yea and the ending of all



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