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Sin and righteousness

Thomas has travelled the world and seen and met with many people of various backgrounds. His motto is, "Travel is the best teacher".


In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth. This is a fact, we are told this in the Word of God--the Bible.

After He created the earth He created the plants and the living creatures, such as the ones that live in water, those that walk on land and those that fly in the air.

After this, He created man and then woman.

The male (Adam) and his wife (Eve), some time later sinned. Eve listened to satan and believed his lies. She then convinced her husband, Adam to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

They disobeyed God and so they were moved out of the Garden of Eden and made to work the land.

They now no longer lived the life of simplicity, but instead had to work the land and also raise animals so they can eat and live.

*It is important to note that even though they sinned and were removed from their paradise, God did not abandon them, He was still with them every step of the way, teaching them and guiding them along. Just like He is with us today.

Sin has now entered and had spread to one of their childen.

Cain and Abel are the two firstborn sons of Adam and Eve. Cain farmed the land and Abel was a shepherd. When they presented their offerings to God, God was more pleased with Abels offering and the sin which showed up in Cain as jealousy made Cain kill Abel with a rock. This is the first murder.

Cain sinned again when God asked him where his brother is, Cain lied and said that he does not know.

But we can not keep secrets from God, He knows the truth.

From the first sin we can see that it spread and grew to Cain and from there to future generations.

Satan loves it when mankind sins, he encourages it.

We see in the Bible the world's population sinning tremendously so God destroyed mankind except Noah and his family in a world wide flood. Later God saw the vile sins in Sodom and Gomorrah and rained down sulphur and fire to destroy those who were comitting vile sins of all kinds.

Even after those incidents, mankind still continues to rebel against God and live sinful, selfish lives.

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Sin is nothing new as we can see in history as it is written in the Bible. We can also look at the past in our man made history books and see an abundance of sin. There is no shortage of sin. The enslavement of the israelites by the Egyptians, the enslavement of Europeans by North Africans during the Barbary Coast slave trades and the enslavement of Africans by North Amerucans. We can also see or read about murders on a daily basis or wars and thefts. There is more than I can write about here, but you understand what I am saying.

As you now know, sin is old, it has been around for thousands of years. It isn't new, it isnt cool or funny. It isn't even freedom. Sin is another form of enslavement, you are a slave to sin. True freedom comes from Jesus and is in living for Jesus.

So, now know this, There is hope.

Our hope always comes from our Lord, sometimes He sends people to intervene to save another human being

We read in the Bible how Moses,who could have lived a very posh life give it all up to free the enslaved and brutalized Israelites. Just like Noah obeyed God against what seemed impossible, Moses too obeyed God and people were saved.

During the terror attacks during September 11, 2001 people put their lives on the line in hopes of saving as many people as possible from the buildings.

In that same way, soldiers, police, paramedics and even other people oftentimes put their own lives on the line at home and abroad to help people they don't even know...

Just as there is physical salvation, such as a person saved from physical death, there is also spiritual salvation, when ones soul is saved from eternal damnation.

There is someone who gave up His life so that every human being can be saved and that is Jesus the Christ.

He came from Heaven, the most perfect place, down here to earth to save us sinners.

He was sinless, yet He came and willingly took our sins upon Himself and went to the cross to give us another chance at life with Him in eternity.

Many men and women have made the decision to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and follow Him, and sadly many also have not and they have died in their sin and to spend eternity without God in a place called hell.

What is your decision? Will you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Will you give up your sinful ways, repent and turn to Jesus?

Where you spend eternity is determined while you are alive here on earth.

When your body dies it will be too late to choose Him, so choose wisely right now and accept Jesus as your Lord.

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