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Simple Spring Renewal Ostara Ritual for Solitaries and Groups

Sage has been celebrating the Wheel of the Year for 25+ years. Being a holiday junkie, she just can't get enough of the sabbats!

Ostara Ritual

Ostara is a minor sabbat, but it’s always nice to mark any sabbats with a ritual. This Ostara ritual will help you celebrate the spirit of the season very simply but effectively, helping you focus on the meaning of the season.

This ritual doesn’t require any fancy supplies and it can easily be adapted from solitary to group. If you are celebrating this weekend (Ostara falls on March 20th this year, but many move the festivities to the nearest weekend) and are looking for something basic yet moving, please try this and enjoy.

Blessed Ostara to all!

To learn more about Ostara, look here: What is Ostara?

Celebrate Ostara!

Celebration of springtime.

Celebration of springtime.

You Will Need

A rattle

If you don't have one, put some seeds or rice in a tight-closing plastic Easter egg

A hard boiled white egg

you can use colored eggs if you plan to decorate them on your altar, just leave one hard boiled egg pure white

A bowl of water

it’s nice to have rain water, melted snow, or natural spring water, but tap water will do- you can put in a few drops of essential oils if you like

Paper and pen

one of each per participant

A simple feast

some sweet juice or nectar, or milk and honey, and some tasty sweet breads or pastries

Whatever else you want

If you like you can set up a full altar for the ritual- incense, tools, candles, the works! If you have them on hand, great. If not, it’s not necessary.

Wiccan Elements

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Invocation of Elemental Energies

Set up your altar however you wish. Start your candles and/or incense if you're using any. Invoke the Elements using whatever method you wish, or the following invocations:

Start in the East, saying:

The fertile soil and verdant fields, abundant with immeasurable treasures

Energy of the Earth, stir and arise! I call you forth at the zenith of springtime.

Join me in celebrating the sprouting of the fields and the blossoming of the buds

I bid you hail and welcome.

Shake your rattle, then move to the South. Say:

The fiery rays and glowing light, streaming forth in power and strength,

Energy of Fire, stir and arise! I call you forth at the zenith of springtime.

Join me in celebrating the lengthening of days and the strengthening of the sun

I bid you hail and welcome!

Shake your rattle, then move to the West. Say:

The melting snow and moisture vapors, cleansing with purifying liquid,

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Energy of Water, stir and arise! I call you forth at the zenith of springtime.

Join me in celebrating the flowing of streams and falling of quenching rain

I bid you hail and welcome!

Shake the rattle. Move to the North, saying:

The gentle breeze and gusting gale, blowing away all that is stale and musty

Energy of Air, stir and arise! I call you forth at the zenith of springtime.

Join me in celebrating the breath of freshness and wind of clarity.

I bid you hail and welcome!

Shake your rattle.


The Goddess invocation here is inspired by the song lyrics in When God Was a Woman by Sparky T. Rabbit and Greg Johnson.

God invocation is inspired by the Homeric Hymn to Helios.

Invoke the Deities

Invoke the God and Goddess in whatever way you wish. If you work with specific deities, you can call them. Alternatively, use the more generic invocations I have here. If you wish, light candles as you invoke them:

I call to the Goddess, the Holy Maiden Huntress,

who is the new life that blooms in the spring.

I call to the Goddess, the Mother, the Green One

who gives life abundantly.

I call to the Goddess, the Crone of Wisdom

who is the Face of death and darkness.

I hear Your voice in the force of the whirlwind

I feel Your pulse in the tide and the driving rain

I see Your blood at the birth of our children

I taste Your flesh in the growing grain

I ask your presence to witness this rite of spring held in your honor.

Shake your rattle.

I call to the Sun God, the Shining One,

Son of the Earth, Lover of the Goddess,

He whose waxing strength brings renewed power and life

He who shines down upon the Earth with piercing gaze

Bathing all in in light and warmth,

Rousing the Goddess and revitalizing Her,

Coaxing the plant from the seed and the creatures from hiding

I ask your presence to witness this rite of spring held in your honor

Shake your rattle.

Best Ostara Song Every

This song, The Green Man by Shaman, is one of my favorite Pagan songs ever. I think I've played it at just about every Ostara ritual I've held for -- hmm, probably 15 to 20 years or so.

Click here to listen to it for free.

Believe it or not, the version on the original CD is even better-- if anyone knows where it might be available, please let us know.

The Ostara Ritual Observance

Pick up the white egg and hold it up. Say:

The ice cracks and frees the land of its prison

Peel off the eggshell. Hold up the unshelled egg and say:

The snow melts away

Peel off the egg white and put it on a dish. Hold up the yellow yolk, like a miniature sun. Say:

The Sun returns, getting stronger and brighter with each passing day.

Now is the time that the light overtakes the darkness,

Restoring power to the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Arise and awaken, ye spirits of the earth, of plant and animal,

And revel in the fertile season of springtime!

Shake your rattle. Everyone should feel free to cheer for the spring. Listen to a good spring chant or song in celebration.

Pick up the water and say:

The spring rains come down and purify us

Waking us from our winter slumber

Cleansing us of darkness and negativity

Quenching us with renewed ambition

Blessing us with passion and promise

Washing away what’s old, and clearing the way for the new.

Splash some water on yourself and all participants, or anoint everyone with the water on the forehead in the sign of the pentagram. If you prefer you can even just wash your face in it.

With the return of Spring, there is always a new chance

The springtime wipes my old slate clean and allows me to plan and dream for my future.

Pick up the paper and pen and write 5 things that you want to accomplish this year.

Don’t worry about massive achievement—little things you can finish before the Autumn, before the light half of the year is up. Lose 5 lbs? Clean out your closet? Start holding regular rituals and celebrations? Meditate more often? Make peace with a loved one? Start a new project? Whatever it is—take some time to write it down. Keep the paper on your permanent altar or shrine if you have one, or tuck it somewhere to help you remember your goals over the next few months.

Perform a Spring Meditation:

What About You?

Perform the Great Rite or the Simple Feast

If you have an athame, you can perform the Great Rite—the symbolic union of God and Goddess by plunging the blade into the cup. Use whatever standard prayer you like.

If you don’t have a full set of tools, simply use your finger to draw the pentagram over them to bless them.


May the Lord and Lady bless this drink/food

So that it may remind us of the sweet beauty and promise of the spring.

As we partake of it, may we be inspired to renew ourselves this season

So mote it be!

Partake of the feast.

Closing the Ostara Ritual

Thank your Gods and Goddesses for their presence. Go around the quarters, thanking the elemental energies and bidding them farewell. The ritual is complete. Make an offering of the egg and water by returning it to the earth.

Celebrating Ostara

Have a happy Ostara!

Have a happy Ostara!

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