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Silver And Its Magical Properties

silver in natural form

silver in natural form

silver jewelry

silver jewelry


Silver is a metal but I decided to write about it because just like gemstones Silver has magical properties and not to mention it is my favorite metal to wear. This metal is actually used more often with pagan jewelry as well as with the combination of gemstones because it's said to enhance the effect of the gemstones and jewelry.

In this hub you'll discover both the magical properties and the healing properties of Silver. This includes what areas of your life this metal can help and what ailments it can aid in healing. You'll discover the planet it is associated with, the element and the deities as well.


This metal has more healing properties than you may be aware of. It is said that Silver is an antibacterial of sorts, a disinfectant for our body, aiding our immune system. It's good for our digestive system because when it is ingested it kills a certain bacteria.

Silver can be used in crystal healing to help channel energies of other crystals including Moonstone, Amethyst, Turquoise, and Carnelian.

It's believed that silver may also be good for healing diseases such as the flu or hepatitis. It may be helpful with cleansing our blood and balancing hormones. Not to mention in modern day this metal is used for dental fillings and surgical implants.

Magical Properties

The element for Silver is considered to be Water. It is associated with the planet moon and the zodiac sign Cancer. There are several different deities that are associated with silver. Basically any deity that is connected with the moon. Isis, Diana, Luna, Selene, Lucina, and Sophia.

Silver is a great stone for use in invocation, love, psychic abilities and dreams. It can aid in peace, protection and money as well as travel. Any rituals along those lines this metal can be used in and offer an extra bit of help.

Silver is used with gemstones for many purposes. To enhance the power of the stones but not just that it helps the wearer of the stone to connect more with it. Those who perform astral travel like to use silver as an anchor of sorts.

This mineral also provides the wearer with patience. It is because of the connection with the moon that it is believed that it will enhance the power of the moon especially during the full and new moon phases. If you wear silver it will provide protection.

Another good point to mention about Silver is that it is useful on all Chakras. It can help balance all of them. If you're one that is into Chakras then this mineral is one for you.


Silver may not be as beautiful as gold but some people like silver more because of it's calmer effect. The color is calmer. I know that I prefer it over gold any day. After knowing all of this information maybe you'll like it even more. It can help in health and with certain aspects in your life.

Keep in mind that I believe it is important to continue seeing your doctor. Using Crystal Healing is no excuse to avoid seeing a professional. If you're into alternative medicine then seek out someone who is a professional in that field.


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i agree . i have a number of old silver rupees . they are magical.

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hecate, mine are as well and i'm currently in the process of trying to balance them. Thank you for reading as well as for voting up.

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