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Signs of being a Spirit Medium

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Psychic Clairs

Psychic clairs tend to be very active in psychics and mediums. They may have shown you glimpses of what they do since you were a young child. Other psychic mediums may not really become familiar with them until they are well into adulthood.

Most mediums can look back over their lives as children and piece things together that have happened once they are fully open. Those "ah-ha" moments suddenly start popping on and off like light bulbs.

Sensing spirit activity, premonitions, telepathy, these things tend to happen as young as 3 years old.

What does this mean? It means you receive psychic information via the 6 senses, the route of these are similar to our 5 physical senses-seeing, hearing, touch, taste and smell. With the addition of picking up information via your third eye, also called Ajna in Sanscrit.

You're not under any obligation to give anyone messages, that is a personal choice and some people choose not to do it at all. Life is certainly weird and none of us can say with absolute certainty that we know how all of this works.

So how do you know if you may be a psychic or medium? Or psychic medium?

Ajna Chakra


You see things

I'm not talking about seeing things with your physical eyes. Although you may see things with your physical eyes that is not as common. Most people from time to time during life will see things with their physical eyes. I'm talking about seeing images in your mind's eye. This is called Clairvoyance.

These can come in two ways.

Usually, you will receive information from one side of your body, typically your dominant side. Other times the information comes through as if you're watching a screen or movie, but in a space outside of yourself and not in this reality. Meaning others will not see it.

The other way you're apt to receive information is when you have your eyes closed, or sometimes when you're drifting off to sleep. These images are in full color and completely detailed. Modern science refers to this as "hypnogogic imagery" which they cannot explain.

If you've just started to receive information as I've described it can sometimes be frightening. The best thing you can do is log what information you get and keep your wits about you. Don't aggravate anything with substances.

Clairaudience works with your throat chakra


You hear things

Clairaudience is the ability to receive information via hearing. Hearing beyond the normal range of sounds with the physical ear. Sounds are not heard with your physical ear. It can feel like you hear things in your head, or even outside your head which no one else can hear.

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Again, this sometimes has a dominant location. Left or right side and even the back of your head. This information works in tandem with your throat chakra.

If you experience this while sleeping it can wake you from a dead sleep. It can seem at times what you're hearing is very loud and become confusing as to why others around you don't hear it. You can hear anything from sounds, bells, chants, music, full conversations, sentences, names, etc...

You physically feel things

Some information transferred from spirit to you will be physically felt. If they had issues breathing when they passed you may feel like it's hard to breathe, or pressure, but you'll know it's not an actual ailment you're suffering from.

Another way you may feel things is that you'll just be mentally drawn to a specific part of your body when receiving information. This won't be physically felt in your body, but more of a knowing about that specific part of the body that was affected by an event or illness.


Claircognizance is the ability to just clearly KNOW. You don't even know how you know you just do. It is what it is and that's that.

It's a very strange feeling to describe.

Claircognizance is probably the most developed sense in humans that are not even aware of other abilities. But this is deeper than basic intuition. If you've had it happen, then you'll know what I am describing. Claircognizance can bring you incredible creative ideas and solutions to life problems, it's helpful beyond psychic or mediumship reads.

Tasting or smelling

These are less common, but nothing to dismiss. It's very common for anyone to smell cologne, smoke, or other smells such as food-related to a loved one that passed.

You may smell fresh apple pie that someone's grandmother used to make when she was living. It's not the most helpful validating information but still may mean a lot to someone when you deliver the information.

Once again, with this type of information, you'll experience this most likely in a mental manner. If you physically smell or taste things others around you will not.


Finally one of my favorite ways to experience psychic information. Touch. You won't feel the texture of things tied to the living or dead with your actual hands, but you'll be able to determine the texture, feeling, and density.

This is also known as "remote touch", you can even sense the feeling of someone's body. A blanket, a place. Really anything. It's amazing.

Psychic Mediumship Ability

Psychic and mediumship abilities are experienced by everyone from time to time. But sensitives or Highly Sensitive People feel these things more often and tend to learn how to control how the information that comes through.

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss anything further

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