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Signs a Virgo Likes You

Signs a Virgo Likes You

Virgo is one of the hardest ones to tell if they like you. Virgo is known for being a loner, for being picky, and wanting all the best when it comes to all matters -- from a career to romance. Virgo takes their time before coupling up with someone they like. You may have to ask them out -- but don't just leap in blindly and get your heart crushed.

Virgo shows he likes someone by acts of service, consistently hanging out, and inviting you to see their family.

Virgo is an earth sign. They see things through the tangible, but they are a mutable sign so they're not so stubborn as Taurus. Virgos are hard workers, they make great executives, and want desperately to accomplish projects. Virgos, since they have this tenacity for hard work, can become depressed from their workload. They do not take a lack of success well... which could be an indication that they like you. But tread lightly. Virgos are incredibly guarded, and it's hard to really know where they're going. If a Virgo you've known for a long time spends time with you, and seems like their yearning for more and are slightly depressed, they could be crushing on you.

Virgos can be deeply philosophical, they can really stick to routines, and they do have sharp egos -- they can hold a grudge for ages, projecting a person who once wounded them onto people for months and years at a time.


Blueprint of a Virgo

Virgo is born around August 23 to September 22. This is the end of summer going into fall. This is usually after the hottest days of summer, when students in the United States return back to school, and leaves start to change color. It's a time when people work hard to chase after their dreams. It's in the second part of the year -- the latter half of the zodiac is usually more introspective, sagacious, and not as fierce and actant as the first zodiacs -- consider Aries, Taurus, and Leo.

Virgo is somewhere in the middle. It's between the energy of Leo who is all ego and desperate need of validation -- and next to Libra who likes the finer things, and can be somewhat flirtatious and caught up in trying to please everyone and every school of thought -- and sometimes accomplishes very little.

In some ways Virgo doesn't feel like it fits in with these neighbors. Virgo doesn't like the cold like Capricorn and Sagittarius, but feels like it could better fit in with them -- and Virgo is always on the hunt to come out on top, so it will secretively and strategically try to beat those with plenty of will power and stealth.

And yet, Virgo is also like prince charming or a queen with etiquette. Virgo in many ways is like Pisces, except it pushes itself harder and often isn't as interested in relationships. Pisces and Virgo make for a great pair -- Pisces is sweet and Virgo is eager to please.


Poll On Virgos

When Virgo Likes You

1. When a Virgo likes someone, they'll want to take care of their resources. If they're over at your house they'll fix appliances, check the lightbulbs, and maybe even mow the lawn for you. They want to make sure you have what you need, and they want you to know they can provide it for you.

2. They take you to all their favorite places -- especially ones that are not as charming, that are kind of embarrassing. A Virgo wants you to know their favorite baseball team, their favorite Mexican restaurant, their favorite barber, their favorite carpenter. The list literally goes on forever.

3. When they want you to meet their family and get along with their siblings.

4. They always without exception give you special treatment.

5. When out with them they make sure things are going well for you -- they have an extra umbrella on them, they remove the dog hair from your clothes, and they make sure your car has enough gas.

6. Virgo will want your pets to get along with them. They may give your dog or cat a number of gifts, better food, treats, even new pet beds.

7. This is someone who would pick you up and take you to the doctor, take your pet to the veterinarian, or drop off your library book so you don't get a fine.

8. Gifts, gifts, and more gifts. Especially homemade ones. They might find a ring and do some metalwork to make you the perfect one-of-a-kind ring. Maybe they'll make you cookies, and the big one: making you furniture.

9. They piece together a genius and beautiful night for you -- a romantic candlelit dinner, rereading love notes from the past, or a weekend getaway to somewhere memorable.

10. Virgo will get their hands dirty and in the garden -- Virgo will dress up for you to make things a few shades better.

11. This is someone who would help clean your house for you to make you feel better.

12. A Virgo wants to impress you, but they don't want to have to compromise themselves. Remember, Virgo comes after Leo, so it's not trying to do some of the same tricks as Leo -- nor has Leo's very noticeable ego. Virgo thinks if it watches carefully it can impress without as much pomp and circumstance.

13. A Virgo would give you a sweet kiss and hold your hand.

14. They might invite you to a religious event, a charitable event, volunteering. A Virgo wants to go overseas or on some big adventure to help people -- and they have the skills to do it -- carpentry, mechanical skills, and the like.

15. Virgo is someone who would spend all day taking you to romantic places to win you over, making sure your needs are above their needs.

16. They especially want to impress you in the kitchen. Maybe desert, maybe something they put together on the grill, and maybe some homemade beer.

17. Virgo would work up a sweat asking you out and take their time. Rarely do Virgos jump in without any build up toward courtship.

18. Virgos are looking for something substantial -- someone who can talk, think philosophically, and have a lot of wit will win them for the long run.

19. If they're inviting you to sit by a campfire or fireplace and cuddle up.

20. Virgo likes things that happen in early fall and may invite you to such: football, autumn festivals, apple picking, and drinking hot cocoa.


Virgo Is Stuck on Perfectionism

Virgos won't go for someone who has no respect for hard work. It would really upset them to see someone completely mess something up with no regard to the work that was put into it. Virgo likes things clean, so if you are a slob -- Virgo might not be your best choice. Virgo delights in being pampered, but doesn't want you to overdo it. Virgos are independent, so too much pampering can go the wrong way. Virgos want someone who can show a lot of spine and can make things happen. Though Virgo would naturally date an Earth or Water sign, a fire sign with some amount of diligence toward keeping resources in order would actually be more what Virgo wants. A water sign could be too clingy for Virgo. This is an independent sign, so something that's trying to possess it could keep its attention for only a little while. Virgo likes fire and wind signs, but wishes they would manage their projects better. Virgo feels different than other earth signs, and having another Virgo with it would be too much. See how Virgo is a perfectionist and it's difficult for them to pick someone and date them?

It may be best for Virgos to date cusps, those born right on the line of two signs. Virgo really doesn't want to date someone who gives them setbacks. If you are giving them the energy that propels them forward in life, then they will be keen on you.

Virgo is someone who would most likely be a late bloomer. Dating in high school or even college might not really make sense based on their priorities.


Remember Virgo: there is no such thing as perfection, so don't be too picky.


jaelyn on March 16, 2020:

im a virgo

Travel Chef from Manila on October 15, 2018:

I am a virgo. I think it's true with the compatibility of virgo to pieces based on my experience. LOL It's great you had this article. I learned a lot from myself. Actually, I agreed with most of it.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on June 07, 2018:

Thank you! I always appreciate your readership.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on May 17, 2018:

Interesting read.

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