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Signs a Sagittarius Likes You

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.


So You Like a Sagittarius...

Sagittarius makes things more difficult than need be when it comes to romance. I have known many to corner themselves when it comes to matter of love. Sagittarius would do well to get a boost of fire, like its cousins Aries and Leo.

Sagittarius loves to flirt, it loves aesthetics, the shiny -- but when it comes to commitment, Sagittarius might be less interested.

Sagittarius makes an excellent partner for Aquarius who also is intelligent and somewhat difficult to unmask.

Sagittarius and Zodiac Pairings

Sagittarius is looking for a fun life. They were born during the holiday season. Hardships do not innately attract it. Sagittarius will be attracted to Aries' zeal, but may also find its fellow fire sign too driven. Sagittarius would do well to find an Aries partner who would help them to come out of their shell and offer more of their unique cocktail on life.

Both Sagittarius and Taurus are sensual. If a Taurus likes a Sagittarius, I recommend trying to keep it to the five senses, show them the best eatery in town, wear something nice for the eyes, put on a dash of perfume, have lovely music suggestions ready. Also, Taurus, be ready to show some of your sense of humor. Sagittarius is a mix of the senses and the mind -- they can be bad about having the Madonna-whore complex, as defined by Sigmund Freud.

Sagittarius will enjoy the vastness of Gemini's mind. Someone will have to crack the ice to bring in some sexual tension, perhaps just talking late into the night will help open that door. Gemini can get lost in its nerves, sapiosexualness, and never know its pent up sexual energy. I've read a lot of imperfect depictions of Gemini, but Gemini really is about neurology and intelligence. They're seeking for a smart pairing, which they can find in Sagittarius who generally tries to spend their time developing a good sense of intellectual taste. Sagittarius might not feel fully understood with a Gemini, but they do offer something that Sagittarius desires -- fun.

Cancer and Sagittarius is an interesting and difficult combo. Cancer wants to possess, to express, and is ever changing like the moon. Sagittarius on the other hand wants to travel, to find humor, and to be on the edge of a breakthrough. Sagittarius could easily offend a Cancer, or even say something satirical that Cancer finds repulsive. Cancer would attract Sagittarius by strongly digging its heels into its prowess. Cancer knows how to attract, flirt, and entice. Sagittarius will like that, but only temporarily. Cancer needs to sometimes let go of itself in order to win the Sagittarius, and instead of focusing on your heart so boldly placed on your shoulder, focus on having fun. Let go. Stop being so serious.

Leo and Sagittarius will of course get along well. Sagittarius needs to be careful that its sarcasm doesn't brush the Leo the wrong way. Leo will catch Sagittarius by showing off, which will give Sagittarius a chance to be amused. Leo can essentially be itself, as long as putting in effort and not seeing an immediate return doesn't upset you. Leo and Sagittarius can be steamy, the extroversion of Leo with the flirtatiousness of Sagittarius is a bright and happy recipe. Sagittarius likes people who are impressive, who are strong leaders, and are okay with making a fool of themselves.

Virgo is hard-working and can get too into their own head; Sagittarius is fun loving and can get too much into their own world. The two could be attracted to each other, but it would take mountains to get them to interact. Sagittarius might like that Virgo gets things done, and Virgos are frequently intelligent -- something Sagittarius always finds attractive. Both of these signs can be religiously single, for different reasons. Too single-birds might have a problem developing a relationship and overcoming their own existential crises. If Virgo likes Sagittarius, they should appeal to the Sagittarian senses, like a Taurus would. Virgo should also offer their sense of humor.

Libra, your patience may run thin with Sagittarius. Libra likes to be coupled up, they like balance, they like commitment, they like forward motion. Sagittarius will find you endearing and charming -- all signs find you endearing and charming. Sagittarius may love to be taken by your whims, your imagination, and so forth -- but they may run when you want to establish a stable relationship. Sagittarius needs all the room in the world to spread itself in whatever way it wants, and a relationship can feel constraining. If you want to attract a Sagittarius, dig into your charms. Have fun, because Sagittarius wants fun. When addressing commitment, don't make it so serious. Sagittarius might not be ready to settle down, or only have one lover. There are so many out there! Why should I only stick with you? Libra, you may be in the confines of a relationship without it necessarily being labeled, so tread lightly if Sagittarius isn't committing according to your definition -- and then you start seeing someone else. Your Sagittarius lovescape could turn jealous on you, and try to win you back. Then you might have to make a difficult decision -- your less committing but fun Sagittarius, or a new lover.

Scorpio and Sagittarius are neighbors and this can help in dating. Sagittarius will be attracted to Scorpio for its reputation. Everyone knows Scorpio has a certain kind of intense sexual zeal, and Sagittarius wants that fun -- but probably does not understand the depth of what you do. That depth could send a Sagittarius coming back forever or it could send the Sagittarius running away. There will be struggles here as Scorpio tries to possess the relationship and Sagittarius tries to be free like a wild horse. Scorpio must offer fun to survive, and Scorpio must be willing to take some sarcasm and not let its ego get fried too easily. If you like a Sagittarius, offer them something risky that would catch their attention. Scorpio's motto for capturing a Sagittarius would be: offer them something they can't refuse.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius might be the heaven this sign is seeking. I can't think of another sign that would be more into dating itself. Double the Sagittarius and double the fun. This sign would understand freedom, being a creative force, and also would love all the humor and sarcasm. If Sagittarius wants to attract another Sagittarius, just ask yourself -- what attracts you to yourself? What do you like about yourself? You can be a little full of yourself when you're a Sagittarius because you don't mean it that seriously. (Libra might find this disturbing and attractive at the same time.) Sagittarius offer a world of fun to another Sagittarius, and you'll have a partner in crime.

Capricorn is also Sagittarius' neighbor and they can relate well. Capricorn isn't as hardworking as Taurus and Virgo -- but that's because Capricorn knows how to conserve, hibernate, and preserve. Capricorn likes people who can introduce fun when they're hibernating from the world. Capricorn has a sense of humor and likes the sarcastic as well. Capricorn would love to extend itself as someone who can bring comfort, and they like commitment -- but they're not as afraid to send a Sagittarius free. Capricorn can attract Sagittarius by being funny, relaxed, and witty. Sagittarius really likes how relaxed Capricorn can be. Sagittarius looks at this and thinks -- what a great idea, I never thought of just being a sloth!

Aquarius and Sagittarius are going to enjoy the hell out of each other. Aquarius is the royal heart of air, and can't help but show off its brain, its weirdness, and creativity. Sagittarius will automatically find that pretty hot. And Sagittarius will have fun trying to attract someone who is kind of difficult and seamless at the same time. These two may have difficulties building a romantic lasting relationship, as they both thrive on being single. They'll easily be friends and friends with benefits. If Aquarius likes Sagittarius, all you have to do is be weird, unpredictable, and invite them to unusual events. Sagittarius will want to be taken on these wild ventures you seem to crave. The two of you are more likely to stay together if you travel together. The ultimate travel buddy makes the centaur stay with them.

Pisces is so ridiculously lovely and pretty that Sagittarius will adore you. Sagittarius won't understand the possessive nature of a water sign, but Pisces also knows how to drop that act. Sagittarius is attracted to how you display your gender, your ease of mind, your coolness. If you like a Sagittarius, do it gently. They'll be captivated by your mermaid like charm. As the friendliest sign, you'll put Sagittarius at ease. If you can be sweet over possessive, then Sagittarius will be smitten with you.


How to Tell a Sagittarius Likes You

1. They flirt to you and only you. They flirt so much that it's some crazy addiction. If you were to stop talking to them for a week, you would still get plenty of flirtations from them.

2. You're always their go to for dances, movies, family events, pretending to be mermaids and rolling down a hill into leaves. (Don't knock it till you try it, ya mermaid.)

3. They flat out tell you they like you and amazingly commit.

4. They can't stop giving you gifts. They might be bizarre gifts, like hairbrushes, bandaids, flavored cigarettes.

5. They write you letters. Who writes letters these days?

6. They whisper you secrets. Sagittarius loves some gossip. Whispering is cool, right?

7. They take extra time to make something special happen, whether that's throwing some candles together, making a special dinner, and throwing up some Christmas lights.

8. You find them cuddling in your arms like a puppy. Sagittarius is kind of puppy like.

9. They surprise you by coming to see you.

10. They travel thousands of miles just to see you.

11. They know what ice cream flavor you like and bring it.

12. They slow down on the sarcasm to impress you.

13. They stop trying to flirt with others, only have eyes for you.

14. They call you late at night and spend hours talking to you on the phone.

15. They keep things you give them.

16. Sagittarius makes some huge creative project focusing around you.

17. Sagittarius makes sure that you have what you need, whether it's a home, supplies, money, something funny.

18. Sagittarius becomes really concerned about whether you're having fun or not.



Carolyn Fields from South Dakota, USA on August 01, 2018:

I am a Sag married to a fellow Sag. I can tell you from personal experience that this info is spot on. Great read!

Ariel burbidge on July 31, 2018:

are u happy together

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