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20+ Signs a Capricorn Likes You

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When a Capricorn likes someone, they will work hard to impress them. They'll show that they're reliable. They want you to feel reassured.

When a Capricorn likes someone, they will work hard to impress them. They'll show that they're reliable. They want you to feel reassured.

How a Capricorn Falls in Love

Initially, Capricorn might not be too forward about expressing their interest in you. They like to observe a love interest. They like to let things stupor.

Earth signs take matters of the heart slowly. They want a grounded love that will last. They tend to be present-minded. They reach out and touch what they like. They're often in their 5 senses.

You can expect Capricorn to take their time expressing their feelings. Capricorns like to focus on one person at a time. They're a fairly monogamous type. Capricorns are people born from December 21 – January 19.

A Service-Oriented Sign

You may have to look more at their actions than their words to figure them out. Earth signs concern themselves with resources. They desire to nourish someone.

If you want to be with someone who will constantly work on the house and do acts of service — date an earth sign.

  • They are natural planners. If they like you, they will try to spend time with you and consistently, frequently, and wonderfully. They see spending time with someone as emotionally rewarding.
  • Capricorns are practical. They like to solve problems or make things more efficient. These are traits that are common for earth signs.
  • They're reserved and serious. They observe what's around them and spend considerable amounts of time in discernment. This sign does come from a place of hibernation right after the more festive, holiday-like Sagittarius.
  • They speak the language of sarcasm. Capricorns tend to have a dry sense of humor. They're witty, perhaps borrowing from their neighbors Sagittarius and Aquarius. Capricorns are notorious for one-liners.
  • Capricorns are straightforward. Once they figure out they like you, you will become their focus.
  • They like romantic traditions. He'll open doors for you, he'll want to pick you up in his car, and he'll come to the date with a bouquet. She'll try to win you through your stomach, she'll buy you practical gifts, and she'll introduce you to her family.
  • They will want to give you advice. These old souls show they love you by giving you advice. They're full of proverbs.
  • Earth signs are sensual. If they're breaking the touch barrier, then they're showing they're interested.
  • They are picky. Capricorns take their time selecting a mate. They want someone who can be with them for a long time.

Signs a Capricorn Likes You

  1. They're consistent. You see them on a regular basis. They'll always text back. You can depend on this person. They incorporate you into their routine.
  2. They spend money on you. A Capricorn will buy someone gifts and meals if they like them. Money is a measure of one's choices, and if he's not spending money on you. . . then he isn't choosing you.
  3. They put on the lipstick. Most Capricorns are content with neutral-colored clothing, no makeup, and no-effort hairstyles. If she has bright red lipstick and you're meeting alone, that's a sign.
  4. They're lingering in a hug. Capricorns wouldn't linger in a hug just for the fun of it. The hugs last longer and feel tighter.
  5. He can't stop telling jokes. Rapid-fire one-liners are a sign that his brain is trying to find a fun and flirty way to connect with you.
  6. She brings you food when you're sick. Earth signs don't want you to go hungry, especially when you're sick. They want you to be nourished.
  7. They want to be around you. They look for opportunities. They invite you out. They're interested in spending time with you. It's clear that they enjoy your company.
  8. They're not scared away by your pets or children. They try to have good relationships with those around them. Capricorns are naturals when it comes to caregiving.
  9. He gets you the things you need. He notices when you're missing something. He goes to the store and picks up items you don't have. He provides for you.
  10. She cleans up more than normal. She tries harder when it comes to cleaning. She has a tidier house. Her clothes look fresh. She wants to take you into a clean space.
  11. He takes you to places outside of his comfort zone. You mention you like going to art museums, concerts, and theme parks. These are not his forte. He accompanies you to these places because he knows it makes you happy.
  12. She gets your sense of humor. She laughs a lot around you. Bonus: she touches you when she laughs. She holds your hand or pats your shoulder.
  13. They're focused when they listen to you. They're not distracted by their phone. They give you undivided attention when you speak. They ask questions and try to keep the conversation going. They smile a lot and give eye contact. They could be talking to other people in the room, but they're focused on you.
  14. He sends you a text in the morning and at night. He checks in with you before he starts his day and when he ends it. You're the first thing on his mind and the last.
  15. She makes things for you regularly. Think blankets, hats, shoes, earrings, paintings, cupcakes. Someone who gives you gifts regularly clearly enjoys your company.
  16. They give you high praise. Capricorns don't give compliments all the time. They're smart about what they say. When they compliment you, they mean it.
  17. He tells you he misses you. You went on a trip for a week. He is interested in hearing the details. He tells you he missed you.
  18. She invites you to meet her family. She wants to see if you're family material and if you'll blend with her family. At the least, she considers you a friend. She wants you to get along with her most important people.
  19. They reorganize things for you. They're in your kitchen and decide to organize the dishes. They go into your garage and organize your tools. They see something that's chaotic, and they put their magic elbow grease into work.
  20. They're noticeably involved in your routine. You do things together. You meet up at certain times. You visit often.

Capricorn Profile






Time of Year

December 21 – January 19

Body part







Senses (Sight, Touch, Smell, Hearing, and Taste)

Planet Ruled By





Beginning of Winter

The Nature of a Capricorn

Capricorn is the cardinal sign of winter. They are the 10th sign of the zodiac. I find people born in the latter half of the zodiac are more mature and wisened. They're slower to act and more calculated.

They're not on a mission to manifest everything, like Aries and Taurus. They are introspective, observant, and existential. Capricorns, in particular, try to conserve their energy. They have to survive the harsh parts of winter. They hold onto what they can and get rid of stuff that has no purpose.

Capricorns often desire a family. The earth sign does well with a spouse and children; they have the right kind of focus to serve those around them and keep them on track for what is necessary. They are not afraid to discipline their children. But they're also not afraid to have fun. They do have some silly goat-like qualities.

When a Capricorn likes you, they'll serve your needs. They'll make sure things in your home are working correctly. They're the type to pack you a lunch.

When a Capricorn likes you, they'll serve your needs. They'll make sure things in your home are working correctly. They're the type to pack you a lunch.

What are Earth Signs? How Does this Influence Capricorn?

Earth signs are practical, sensual, they want to deal with things that they can reach out and touch. They like what is tangible. They're less interested in the abstract.

Capricorn does well with plans. They like the here and now. They want to see a vision all the way through. They want to keep things on a budget. Their practicality comes from a less emotional place. Sometimes earth signs come off detached.

Capricorns have high standards. The 10th House is concerned with status. They like money. Earth signs want a decent house.

Be careful that you're not just a trophy wife or husband; you have to mean more to someone than that. They should respect your opinions and really listen to you. You can expect them to be high-focused, ambitious, and picky.

Capricorns make sure that things are up to scale. They don't like wasting their time, and they want things that are efficient and practical. They do desire a lot of intimacy, and they like someone who is grounded. A sweet partner helps contrast the Capricorn's more sarcastic ways.

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Capricorns are generally diplomatic, they have some amount of stubbornness to them, and this comes from being an earth sign. Earth signs want to stay a particular course. They don't like alienating people with weirdness. (Though sometimes, they like to pair up with someone who is eccentric.)

Capricorn: Here to Succeed

If things are not meeting their standards or visions, they might try to redirect or reroute things to where they things should be. At least. . . in their opinion.

They can be cold or a bit distant. They can focus too much on the mechanics of the relationship rather than the emotions. But they feel like if the mechanics and foundation are set in the right way, you can then show up emotionally.

Earth signs put restrictions on emotions. They're often reserved. This is part of why they come off so serious. They need someone to encourage them to be vulnerable and really show those more personal sides of themselves.

Capricorn needs to know that all the work they are doing is taking care of the people that matter to them. They like to have a home with a romantic safe space because it helps soften them when they can be very hard and rigid people. They like to know their conservative choices are fruitful.

Capricorns are often career-driven. They are afraid of failing, and they don't want to come off that way. They're not here to be losers; they are here to be successful.

Capricorns show love through traditional gestures and practicality. They care about your day-to-day needs. They want you to live a long and healthy life.

Capricorns show love through traditional gestures and practicality. They care about your day-to-day needs. They want you to live a long and healthy life.

Big Takeaways

  • Capricorn wants to have an excellent relationship, not just something that's fluffy and cute and momentary.
  • If they don't feel like their relationship is meeting what they want, they'll feel a sense of failure, and this can be a really horrible place for them. A breakup is inevitable if it's not working. They don’t have patience for a crappy relationship.
  • Capricorns often pair up well with partners who are more emotional or more abstract. It helps them to come out of their shell.

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Juliet Acedera from Valenzuela City on November 17, 2019:

I'm a capricorn and yes it's always hard for me to express myself to others. I'm always cautious in everything. I'm always observing people through their actions. Great article. Thanks for sharing.

Candice NY from NYC on December 02, 2018:

Ooh Lala I’m currently dating a a Capricorn man & he’s French. Thus far (3 months) he’s doing everything right. Kinda scares me but I like it @ same time. He laughs at my jokes, we discuss politics, sports so it’s not all about sex. Is a gentleman & always making plans that include me in the future? I keep waiting for his skeletons to pop out of the closet. Just so cute to me. Am thinking I will have to keep this 1.

Annelise from copenhagen Denmark on June 09, 2018:

Love Capricorn

Andrea Lawrence (author) on June 07, 2018:

Glad to hear this resonates.

Andrea Lawrence (author) on February 09, 2018:

Ah, always like to hear I'm on target. It's a delight.

ValKaras on February 03, 2018:

In quite a few points you described me---not in all, but it was impressive nevertheless. (Born on December 28).

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