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Should We Get Rid Of Religion?

Nell is fascinated by ancient history, archaeology, and ancestry. Where do we come from? And what makes us who we are today?

All religions of the world

All religions of the world

Just imagine for one moment, a world free of Religion.

Every single country around the world going about their daily lives without a word about God.

What would it be like? Think back through history. Let's start at the most obvious place and time. What if Jerusalem was just another Country in the world?

Can you imagine people just going about their business, maybe meeting up at the end of the day to discuss work and family life?

Head over to Asia and see people calling their children in to chat around cooking, and so on. Then cross over to the middle east and see what they are doing there. At the time of Jesus the middle east still had their old Gods or Goddesses. But its still the same thing.

People worshiping an unknown, unseen 'God'. What if? And how would the world look today?

There is no god or devil or is there? Atheists

There is no god or devil or is there? Atheists

I remember reading a book a few years ago. I still have it now purely because the concept in the book is so amazing I did wonder if it was ever possible to live that way.

In the novel, a woman is taken up into Space by aliens. They are very much like us, but with one major difference. There is no religion. The only person that was revered on the Planet was the Leader.

This man had been chosen by the whole world to be the president of the Planet. He had grown up in a safe environment, earned all his badges and degrees and became so clever and popular that he was the obvious choice.

The rest of the world worked in productivity, there was no wars, no hate and no depression.

The book in question was Yargo by Jacqueline Susann.

So what did the lack of religion mean to them?

Kids could act and be given the opportunity without teachers laughing at them! And everyone would get on together peacefully

Kids could act and be given the opportunity without teachers laughing at them! And everyone would get on together peacefully

Well for starters their whole world system was completely different to ours. And this is, I think, the fundamental difference.

From an early age their children were given the choice to learn the trade that they wanted to do and be when they grew up. There was no pulling them away from their chosen field. Even if they wanted to be an actress, they were placed in the right class to go forward and learn the trade.

Nothing was too silly or too difficult. The premise was that 'If you love the work then you will never fail'.

There was no religion to get in the way. Nothing to make people hate each other, or argue about whether their god was right or wrong.

And of course nothing happened in the way of religious fundamentalism. Without the separation of religious faith everyone was equal and any arguments were settled peacefully.

Don't ask God quote

Don't ask God quote

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Do you believe that religion has stunted our progress in the world? I do. Think about it. Instead of asking a Divine Power to do something for you, you would automatically try to do it yourself. Instead of constantly bickering over which religion is the best, we would be concentrating on how to improve the world.

If there was no religious fervor then maybe every country round the world would actually get on!

Okay, maybe not every country. Some arguments and wars are caused by other completely random reasons. At the time they believe the reason is important but thinking back years later we realise just how evil and stupid the whole thing was. Think first world war for example.

I often watch TV and hear the latest news about this faction has killed so and so, in the name of god. But its not always terrorism that's the problem. I saw an interview one night talking to one of the Presidential candidates, and one of the questions was, 'What religion are you?'

What the hell has that got to do with anything? Why on earth would they ask that question? Surely the mans standing in the community and qualifications for the job were the only thing important?

Once again by asking for his religion they are putting him in a box. And labeling him!

Faith should be a personal thing, nothing more. We have evolved into a species that are addicted to something we cannot see! And even kill for it!

Has this held us back in evolutionary terms? Yes of course!

imagine there's no Heaven - John Lennon

imagine there's no Heaven - John Lennon

There was a debate on Debate.Org asking the question:

Should we rid the world of Religion?

Surprisingly 90 percent of people said yes! We should get rid of it. Only 10 percent said no.

Most of the argument against religion centered on the fact that religion is the one main factor that divides the world and its people.

You can't argue with that!

Or can you?

“Atheism turns out to be too simple. If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning...”

— C.S. Lewis

Girl praying

Girl praying

Okay, now for the other side....!

Are humans so advanced that by taking away religion we would never war with anyone again? I don't think so.

For starters the human race would still have its warlike gene. We would still find reasons to fight, only these reasons would be more pathetic that killing over religion!

If at the start of history we had done things differently then maybe. Till then I believe our personal religion is ours to keep.

Is God real? Who knows? But something inside me says yes!

Should we learn to live peacefully and keep our religion to ourselves and not rub other peoples noses in it? Yes definitely!

And that's the thing. Religion should be ours. Silently, quietly and in the peace of our homes or houses of worship. It should not be banded about as something to 'Win'. My religion is better than yours and so on. How pathetic is that?

I am sure God didn't put us all down here to fight over His name. Perhaps one day people will figure that out.

© 2016 Nell Rose


Nell Rose (author) from England on April 16, 2019:

LOL! yes it gives me one too Anonymous! Thanks for our thoughts

Anonymous on April 15, 2019:

Nell, you touched on a good one here. Maybe the problem is not religion but people following their religious organisations founders. like all these 1800s millennial religions. They all keep "quoting" their founders like they are gods prophets, yet they all contradict themselves with different teachings. All claiming to have theeee truth. Head shaking now. getting a headache :)

Nell Rose (author) from England on May 27, 2018:

Hi Virginia, yes religion has caused wars and racism for so many centuries. if only we could respect each others thoughts and beliefs. thanks for reading.

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on May 26, 2018:

I see some friends and family find religion and prayer comforting, but to me, it is just an illusion, a crutch to help them deal with tough times in their lives. They say, pray for God to help you. Then when you ask about people who suffer even though they prayed, and they say, we have free will so God won't fix things for us. Which is it???

Too many people want to force their religion onto others and make it part of government. This is a huge problem and does indeed lead to these wars.

Nell Rose (author) from England on May 18, 2016:

Hi Shauna, I totally agree with you on all points, its personal and to be honest I just cannot understand how anyone can argue over something that nobody knows really exists, or if it does what or who it looks like! lol! thanks as always, nell

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on May 18, 2016:

Wow, Nell. You've really touched on a tender subject, as is evident by the amount of comments you've received.

I think religion is very personal. It should be a choice and kept to oneself. No need to push beliefs on others who have their own as well. That said, too many wars have been started over religion. It should be a quiet, private celebration. I specifically choose not to get into religious discussions because more times than not, they lead to an argument.

Kiss andTales on May 14, 2016:

I like the way Karen expressed that.

She is right the way religion has been

Represented is shameful and disgusting.

Are humans the only one. No the book of Revelation expresses the same disgust. But the differnce is there is something done about it.

In the book of Revelation it speaks of false religion as a Harlot or prostitute

She is destroyed by the one who gave her great power the Goverments of the world.

Rev 18:2- 19 tells how religion will

fall quickly. And the weeping of her demise is great. Even the merchants who benifited from her corruption.

This also tells us what God builds will stand .what man builds is not of God can fall if he is not supporting them .

People need to be more sure their religion is not part of the Harlot known as babylon the great.

Nell Rose (author) from England on May 14, 2016:

Exactly Karen! that's what I said too! and thanks again Diane :)

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on May 14, 2016:

Amen Karen!

Karen Hellier from Georgia on May 14, 2016:

There is a big difference between religion and having faith in God. Religion is a man-made way to worship God. And that's where the problems start. I will never give up my faith in God. But I have lost faith in organized religion!

Nell Rose (author) from England on May 12, 2016:

Thank you rajan, yes you may well be right there, thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on May 12, 2016:

Thanks again Kiss.

Kiss andTales on May 12, 2016:

True religion could be the worship of elephants (India) Now how are people going to stop a heard!

But serious no one can stop what you feel loyal to and love in your heart. This is like saying get rid of those who love their mother or Father is it really possible No! What is said is we have a right to attack your you on any terms if you persist to love .is that the same mental thoughts of hitler denouce your faith in love in your God.

It all the same but a new cover same book.

Things will happen because it will be allowed to clean what is contaminated

Basically people using religion as a front to get riches and fame and hide behind violence taking innocent life.

Jesus was not rich under the this world system.

But he is a King in his own Goverment station in the upper realm of earth.

This is the real Goverment that will heal

all things.

Religion has failed in truth.

But truth is still here it has and will not fail us.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on May 12, 2016:

Religion should be a very personal matter and not something that should be used to divide people. Yes, this division is created purposely for personal gains in many instances.

But humans will fight among themselves for whatever petty and silly reason because it is probably ingrained in our genes .

So, I believe ridding the world of religion will not stop hate or fights.

Nell Rose (author) from England on May 05, 2016:

Me either Faith, indoors behind the locks, between me and Him, simple as that! lol! thanks again, nell

Kiss andTales on May 05, 2016:

I agree Faith has good points.

She adresses something most people ignore. That your faith is what ever you live and put time into or would even die for replaceing Gods place could be your allegiance to your country, your most loved sports, relationship in man and woman , same gender relationships as well

Money when that is all you allow to consume your time and energy.

Material wealth when nothing as matters accept getting your next item

and drugs and alcohol when this is all you live for and will kill for. Last

Sexual cravings of. no self control trespassing and sleeping with anything and anyone even breaking up families and causing child abuse mentally and physcally.

I am sure I missed something but these include worship of human interest.

Religion is just the attachment of a higher supreme one who is put in first place. But the other things listed are put in first place. So just because you do not believe in a Sovereign ruler over heaven and earth you believe in something that replaces it.

And still there are people that believe in God and he is not in first place .

They fool themselfs to think its ok with him.

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on May 04, 2016:

Beautifully and clearly written Faith Reaper!

Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 04, 2016:

Hi Nell,

Religion has done a lot of damage and claims it to be in the name of God, when that is far from the truth.

It seems to be human nature, I guess, to twist and turn God's Word for one's own self-serving need. I will never understand the fighting between the Catholics and Protestants and so on ...

I do not consider myself to be "religious" but I do have a personal relationship with the Lord. There is a huge difference. He is in my heart. I do not care for the dogma attached to certain "religions" or what some may call denominations. I do attend church for fellowship and praise and worship to the Lord God. But I do not follow that particular denomination's separate "rules" apart from what God tells us. A lot of people believe Christianity is a "religion" but it is a personal relationship with Christ in one's heart.

Today there are so many "religions" out there, even where people worship football and football players, and so much idolatry. It is certainly a personal choice.

Peace, blessings and love always

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 27, 2016:

Me too Lawrence! thanks

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on April 26, 2016:


That I'll agree with, if there was a way to eliminate bigotry and the like, remove it from our makeup I'd be all for it!


Nell Rose (author) from England on April 26, 2016:

Thanks for your thoughts Lawrence, and yes it would be a dull place without God in some ways. The thing is though, its not God that I wanted to get rid of, because God made the Universe and everything in it, its the religions which are man made or should I say screwed up by man! the originators of the religions are good men or even more than men, its the idiots that have taken those sweet kind caring miraculous religions and turned them into political racist rants and stupidity! so get rid of the religions or religious so called leaders who teach fear and evil, and let us worship in our own home in peace, with prayer between us and God, thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 26, 2016:

Thanks Stella, yes I can totally get that, to be honest since we in England got rid of prayers and religion at school the kids are not respectful any more, its a shame, thanks as always, nell

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on April 26, 2016:


A thought provoking hub, just as I'd expect from you. I'll have to disagree with you about religion stunting man's 'growth' as a species as reality doesn't bear that statement out!

Who were the Great thinkers of the past? Weren't they all men and women of faith?

Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Socrates, Aristotle and Plato just for starters! Four of these are foundational to four of the great faiths and the other three taught the reality of one God and that he is personal, yet all are remembered for their teaching!

Yes there's the accusations that religion has caused wars yet every one of those wars and especially the crusades can be shown to have been caused by man's greed and religion used as a smokescreen to hide the fact that it was greed and lust for power that caused them.

I'm reading about Richard the Lionheart at the moment and his struggles with the papacy, he actually told the Pope to 'shove it where the sun don't shine' when it was suggested he go on crusade! He only went because the 'King of Jerusalem' was his cousin by marriage and a vassal of his! Nothing to do with religion, but they used it to raise money to fund the enterprise!

I can see the 'extremes' you're talking about are dangerous but it's the cynical control by the 'puppet masters' sending the 'radicalized' to commit the atrocities we should stop.

I couldn't vote in your poll as it didn't cover what I think, that my faith requires me as an act of worship to tell others about Jesus, but I want to take the line of St Francis of Assisi (who was so appalled at the crusades he actually went to serve the Sultan of Egypt) who said "Preach the gospel at all times, when necessary use words"

A world without faith in God isn't a place that I want to live!


stella vadakin from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619 on April 26, 2016:

Hi Nell, I personally do not think religion, will ever end. On the back of our church book, we pray that all people and religions will be united as one. I see a difference in people who teach their kids. These kids seem to do good in their life. We have a 100% graduation rate from school and 95% from college. They must do something right. Thanks, really like reading this hub. Stella

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 25, 2016:

Hi Kiss, yes this article was very well researched, they even showed how to add animals etc. and of course it was made of wood, what else? but thanks again.

Kiss andTales on April 24, 2016:

I think I know the one it was made much on therory

Interesting story how humans make of it. but the bible would be more correct. It tells how and what used. Also realistically could wood last that long through the many generations of time. No! It served its purpose .also the shape could not be a boat round shape without capsizing. It was engineered to float.

The bible does not call it a boat .also think about it were did they get this infomation of history of the Ark the same place that said the earth was round ,Not flat as humans thought.

Research proves more accurate

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 24, 2016:

Hi Kiss, I watched a documentary about it. they even made an Ark to look like the original. here is the link;

Kiss andTales on April 24, 2016:

Neil as I am reading your comment who told you it was a boat and round ? What sources other then the internet you could use instead of google

to give as proof of your claim. Google is includes the opinions of many humans not fact. what name is Noah in hebrew

Certainly his name would not sound like what

we pronounce in english

So here you are right but only because it is prounced in our language.

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 24, 2016:

Thanks Deb, yes me too! I know what you mean, as you can see from comments some people just don't get what I mean! lol! thanks as always, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 24, 2016:

Kiss not sure what you mean? worshipping at home is exactly the same as going to Church! as long as you believe.

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 24, 2016:

Sorry Kiss, missed your comment and question? the thing is, history has changed religion to suit itself. Noah, by the way, that wasn't his name, was only one man out of hundreds that built a boat to save his family and animals, it was a round boat, not long, as they found the instructions for it on a rock, look up in google. you should never take the words of the bible literally in historical view, only Jesus words. you have to remember the bible was written 200 years after Jesus and by people who didn't know science, thanks again, nell

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on April 24, 2016:

Jean, I hope not "everyone" is saying "I'm a Christian." The Bible says you will know them by the fruit they bare. No one should have to tell you he/she is a Christian unless you ask. Instead they should be observed showing the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Donald Trump spouts that he is a Christian but his actions are the antithesis of all of the fruit of the spirit.

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on April 24, 2016:

I personally believe in a higher power and leave it at that. Sadly, humanity seems to be genetically made to have to argue about something, and to condemn folks just for the sake of whomever's turn it is at the moment. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with religion, it could just be Jane Doe's turn this week. Will we ever evolve as a species? I hope so, as it will be the end of us if we do not. You can see the problems that we have wrought up until now. Religion might just be the compounding factor. This was certainly an interesting subject to think about.

Kiss andTales on April 24, 2016:

Neil in response earlier you said get rid of religion not God. God is the founder and creator of worship which would also be called religion. Example you mention you stay home and do your worship. Getting rid of religion would include the right you have at home.

Again is this what Hitler was about when he cased peoples homes and searched their hearts with words saying Hi Hitler, if you refuse you were condemn. Even killed.

This again would cause the same results when people bring this in to count.

That is why already some one has said on hp kill and conquer.

Sad but this is going to happen but by violence.

Kiss andTales on April 24, 2016:

Sorry I meant my comment to Sneha Sunny

My device is a small phone that moves the cursor up and down while trying to read and post my comment .But no matter who I post to it is in truth. Thank you for your reply Sneha Sunny.

Kiss andTales on April 24, 2016:

Love is a powerful word Jean Bakula. It is written God is love. Before others existed as you mention it was expressed for us in that we live and those we love we live for.

We in turn return love to him who loved us first.

That is our living expresion to our living and true Father . Thank you for sharing those words.

Sneha Sunny from India on April 24, 2016:

Jean Bakula,

haha... I have seen a lot of profiles where it is written that "I'm a Christian" and I always wondered what's the point? Good to know that someone else feels that way too.

I understand what you're saying. I am not a religious person at all. I don't go to church or temple either. But I appreciate what I have and I stay grateful to the good people around me, and to me this is equivalent to praying. I am a believer of good and bad, and to me "god" is just the representation of anything that is good. :) And I don't know where to classify myself too. :) Moreover, who needs a classification, when I'm happy the way I am? ;)

It's a personal choice if you want to believe in god or not (or like to stay in a third category ;) ). Believing in god doesn't necessarily make you a good person and similarly not believing in god doesn't make you a bad person. :)

Kiss andTales,

I didn't mention anything about women in particular in my comment but I agree with you that not all women are the same. :)

At last, I'd like to mention a quote that I read in a Buddhist temple last year. It said: Jesus was not a Christian. Muhammad was not a Muslim. Buddha was not a Buddhist. They all had only one religion, the religion of Love.

Kiss andTales on April 23, 2016:

The problem Sneha that is a misunderstanging example we may be all women but all women are not the same.

There is one true God and his son. But their are many split beliefs. Basically some one planted untruth to confuse the genetations of humans so there love , credit and devotion would mis it true target.

People seem to not see how an enemy of the true God which is a fallen spirit angel has lied to the world to redirect worship to himself. He is the god of this world that is It is failing No we all are not serving the one who deserves our love.

Neil I am happy to hear your faith in God is active. But I must ask you a question. True many do not attend churches based on bad examples of what Jesus stood for many can see the hypocricy behind the doors.

So people just feel more comfort in their faith at home.

My question is during the time Noah was building the Ark he was following the instructions in making the large vessel. Basically it was the way that obedient people would survive the flood.

Any one at home did not survive. Instructions again is availble.but how many will do things their way instead of his. When the time comes to clean the earth again only people who listen to what he says will survive again

Only 8 survive and had it right.

More then 8 will survive this time but many will not.

We need to be sure of our choices I understand your statement but I wanted you to know I once felt like you.

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 23, 2016:

Ouch! Jean! I never realised that before reading all the comments, I am Pagan too, thank goodness! I do believe in Jesus but don't go to Church as I believe its just as good sitting at home and praying if that takes me!

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on April 23, 2016:

Sneha Sunny,

I like what you say. I do believe all religions are basically saying the same thing, it's a shame they all want to one up each other.

I just consider myself a Pagan. I believe in the beauty of nature, and the best that comes out of people. There is some kind of order to the Universe, and I believe in Reincarnation. So I don't know how to categorize myself, and don't like being categorized anyway.

Now in the U.S. you meet a new person, and the first thing they say is, "I'm a Christian." Like that explains everything about them. It does when it comes to politics, the lines here are drawn. Republicans have to have the same points of view on women's rights, welfare, retirement funds and health care, war, etc. Democrats must take the other side. I don't know how a secular country got taken over by the Christian Right, who want to send us back to a way of life from 100 years ago, instead of moving forward. It's insane.

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 23, 2016:

Yes great points Sneha! we will find other reasons to fight, typical men if you ask me! lol! seems that men will always find something to fight about! thanks for reading, nell

Sneha Sunny from India on April 23, 2016:

I believe the concept of God is totally different than religion. God is one. Religions are many. And interestingly this is mentioned in all religion that "God is one". Still we fight in the name of God even though we all have the same "god", just known by different names. Religion is not required at all, in my opinion. All the holy books teach the same thing in different ways. We won't lose anything if the concept of religion is gone. And if people really want to preserve the idea of God, since god is the other name of "hope" for many people, then fine we all can have one god. I don't think that we need a religion to believe in god. But I think in that situation also, believers and non-believers would fight. Well, humans are talented and an "advanced species". So we will always "find" ways to fight no matter what. ;) If not for this then maybe for a piece of land to include in the country borders.

Great hub!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 21, 2016:

Ah good point Diane, I do think we all fall into that trap, hope you are having a great day!

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on April 21, 2016:

It sound like some people need to be eliminated. I don't advocate that. The hatred does not come from 100% of any group. If you round up everyone that speaks hatred, a specific religion will not be the common denominator.

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 21, 2016:

Yes I agree Alicia, I just cannot understand why people fight or kill over something none of us can see! its just small minded ignorant people teaching others the same thing, thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 21, 2016:

lol! yes good point Diane! I take it you mean, how to get rid of it? now that would be interesting!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 21, 2016:

Good point emge, and yes I totally agree with you, thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 21, 2016:

Thanks Frank great point there! Its just a question to see who says what about all the religions really, I do actually like religion, thanks for reading, nell

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on April 20, 2016:

You've asked an interesting question, Nell. I can't answer it with a definite yes or no. On one hand, I don't think that it would be right to eliminate religion. Life can be hard for many people and we all live with the knowledge that one day we will die. Some people need the support that a religion can provide in order to deal with these situations. In addition, I respect the fact that some people believe in the teachings of their religion. I believe that they have the right to follow these teachings, as long as they don't cause harm to others or to the planet.

On the other hand, I absolutely abhor the intolerance and hatred that some people exhibit towards others in the name of their religion. I also find it very problematic when people try to force their religious beliefs on others. These situations do make it very tempting to believe that society as a whole would be better off without religion!

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on April 20, 2016:

Should we? More interesting, "How?"

MG Singh emge from Singapore on April 20, 2016:

Hi, Nell, this is a revolutionary suggestion, but religion can't be wished away. It forms a pillar of human life and society. It also leads to a lot of divisions, but despite all these faults it remains the best bet for hope in life and that I feel is important.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on April 20, 2016:

Nell, Religion is hope for some people who need to believe they will meet lost loved ones.. also a place for many to gather and share life stories.. Religion is a starting and ending point for most.. even if some believe there is no need for religion.. I feel it is therapeutic.. Even though many died in religion indifference.. it kept many together in hope.. and in freedom.. Nothing created by Man is perfect.. even religion.. love the hub nonetheless...:)

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 20, 2016:

LOL! Paula! I don't think people over here would order it these days! its an old innocent thing that just would not 'cut it' today! funny though!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 20, 2016:

LOL! Miz!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 20, 2016:

LOL! Paula! yes over here! I think the name was first invented for a pudding back in the good old innocent 50s!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 20, 2016:

Thanks alan, not sure about Praying, I think we all do it, whether we are talking to ourselves or God is a different matter. but yes I like your explanation! LOL!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 20, 2016:

Thanks again Kiss and Tales, I think you are getting the wrong meaning, I don't mean get rid of God, I mean get rid of religion! religion is the followers who think they know best who kill attack insult try to tell people what to do etc. God is the one thing that is constant and its a private matter.

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 20, 2016:

Not sure I understand what you mean michael? I meant get rid of religions! Not the real Maker if there is one! If we choose to believe that their is somehow a Maker who made the atoms, planets, universe etc that is totally different to religion. religion is man made in the form of how the so called leaders of the church, temple etc tell us what to do, totally different things.

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 20, 2016:

Thanks Michael, I am glad you liked it, and thanks for reading nell

Suzie from Carson City on April 20, 2016:

MzB.....ROFLMAO! Stop! I'm laughing too much! (I just had flashbacks of my mother's lectures on MEN!!) Sadly, I'm afraid she may have been so right!...LOL You are FUNNY!

Nell...Couldn't you ENGLISH have come up with a much more acceptable name for this dessert?? I cannot imagine ordering it in a cafe without bursting into laughter!! And I would not recommend anyone here in the States attempt to order, "spotted dick"!! It could get ugly!!

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on April 20, 2016:

Alan is correct. We don't need to beg an outside "God" for anything. All we need to do is listen to our source and all our needs will be met. Note I didn't say our "desires".

Right, Paula, but we are warned to stay away from spotted, striped, or plaid dick, any solid color, too.

Suzie from Carson City on April 20, 2016:

Nell....I remember when you wrote a hub about "spotted dick"....I was almost afraid to read it! LOL....Look honey, around this neck of the woods, across the pond from y'all....we women are warned that we need to stay away from spotted dick at all costs!! Could be very unhealthy! Right MzB???

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 20, 2016:

Thanks so much MsDora, and glad you liked it, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 20, 2016:

LOL! thanks Paula, just making me laugh so hard!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 20, 2016:

Hi Miz, LOLOLO! now that made me laugh! Spotted Dick is a British pudding, According to google its a British 'pudding, made with suet and dried fruit and often served with custard. It is made from a flat sheet of suet pastry sprinkled with dried fruit, which is then rolled up into a circular pudding. Just put it in google, and thanks for the laugh!

Alan R Lancaster from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire) on April 20, 2016:

Oh, before I forget, praying's begging. That's beneath our dignity (like going down on your nose with your backside in the air). The old CofE mantra works: 'God helps those who help themselves'. But that doesn't include stealing.

Kiss andTales on April 20, 2016:

Interesting Micheal I appreciate your comment why the change maybe only you and God knows ! But I must say you are quite humble. A differnce from what I been hearing from most Atheist hear. But on the other hand I must say the truth will never change we must be sure.

As I look at the many opinions on the subject from the outside view here is what I see.

Example. A group of students in a class room. The teacher steps out of view of her class but she hears everthing. The students feel free to express themselfs and talk , they judge other students who really like the class , like the teacher , like the fact that they are there to be educated and learn how to use what they learn even if it takes a certain amount of time to be successful. They know the key is the teacher holds the power to help you reach your goal in the desired proffession to be successful.

But the other students a percent are not satified. they really do not like the teacher the class room or those that feel different. So the students find out they are not alone and discuss the ssubject more keep in mind the teacher can hear and is very aware of everyoness opinion .she could interupt but does not. They really want to hear the truth from the heart.

So there are students who may say lets get rid of this instructor (religion)

And anyone not agreeing with us we will fight them too. So there you have it a plot against the authority of the one in charge of your education, your

success in passing the class and recieving your reward for the very reason you are there.

The students get so comfortable they become loud and disrupting the class

with their negative feed backs and ideas of taking over while there is no teacher in sight.

Really what they fell to understand is the class room belongs to the teacher and it is their territory.

You need what that teacher can give you to pass on to success.

So a plot against this authority would be futile. Why because this teacher may be the head of the staff of other teachers you may encounter have encounter to recieve your degree.

The point is this whole earth is a class room of education from the very beginning of our life. We do not control the source who allows us in his class room of life. He hears and sees everthing we do nothing hidden from his eyes or ears even in darkness. The point is will the student take over the teachers class or position . No the students may find themselfs dismissed when the teacher returns and class will resume with the ones who respect that authority and the position the teacher have over their class.

This earth does not belong to us just because we are on it at present.

We may voice many things but we do not have the power to overthrow the one responsible for us being here.

The ones saying get rid of religion just did not start a few years ago it was countless years ago. Did they succeed ? No !

The reason why ,they can not live long enough to overthrow what does not belong to them from the very beginning.

They have been dismissed from the class room.

Michael McNabb from Oconto, Wisconsin, USA on April 19, 2016:

As a former Christian and current Atheist I find the notion that people like yourself somehow think that you have a choice in the matter to be quite ludicrous. Chances are favorably in the odds of the religious that we non-believers would be destroyed at their whim should they decide to stop tolerating us. The truth is we live on borrowed time at their mercy.

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on April 19, 2016:

Hi Paula my friend! I agree that religion is a big, often deadly, distraction.

Michael-Milec on April 19, 2016:

Yes, if that would be in "our" power, 'we' could live without "religion" and still function in the fulfillment of man's commision entrusted by the Creator. But how about the others? Those who "depend" on spiritual blindness following man-made countless religious rules and dictatorship/ slavery. Wasn't so in the beginning, according the Book written of original relationship "father" and "son". The someone- the Creator- was ' raising' his offspring and it was a spiritual relationship -of identical likeness. There wasnt name "God", neither a 'religion' just plain trusting, a lead, instruction, teaching, giving all needed "ideas'' for progress and economic growth.... Those spiritually alive / alert still live by the same standard apart of religion. At one point you have mention a "faith" - the vehicle leading us to know that God is real / rather a family relationship, Father is real , close to us loving,instructing and leading in peaceful way even when things go rough in daily living.

Contemporary era, more then ever vages a war against "God", the Bible, prayer and such, - a war between spirit of darkness and a spirit of life. It is a great human tragedy involving oposing religiois views and mostly those of on the side of One True God are persecuted and killed while the blood of martyrs is a seed for new followers, the believers, - His own people of all ages, "us" included... " "they are preserved forever...and shall inherit the land, and dwell upon it forever." (Psalm 37:28.29)

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 19, 2016:

Nell, I think that there is something positive to be said about personal religion versus denominations and sects. (The wars are usually about denominational power, territory and rank.) I think it's too late to do away with God since His Omnipotence is already established in individual lives as well as in many religious cultures. Your articles make us question what we truly believe. That's good!

Suzie from Carson City on April 19, 2016:

OH! I'll leave that to you, Nell.....On second thought, MzB....go to Nell's home site and I believe you'll find an entire hub on spotted dick! LOL....and it's really quite decent!

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on April 19, 2016:

Will y'all please tell this ignorant Southern gal what spotted dick is?

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

LOL! Paula! now that made me choke on my cuppa! love spotted dick by the way, especially with custard! LOLOL! but as its late, I would prefer a brandy!

Suzie from Carson City on April 19, 2016:

INDEED! my English Lady friend.....Let's have a spot of tea and some spotted dick!!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

Can you hear me clapping you Paula? well said! and totally true in every darn detail! wish I could have put it that way! sheep following thick sheep! keep our beliefs to ourselves, never forget their probably is a higher being, but never follow another person with their ' I know better than you' rubbish!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

LOL! alan! thanks for making me laugh! yes I will join you on your search for Odin and Thor and I am sure I can cook us up some good old Odin food and find a longship floating around somewhere!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

Thanks tsmog, great points, and yes totally right, thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

Thats interesting Jean, you may well be right there!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

Thanks cmoney, and yes of course you are totally right! you should do it regardless of religion, to be nice to people is a fundamental human thing as for those others who kill in His name, well, no comment, and none needed I think! thanks so much, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

Hi Flourish, no you got a good point there, religion will never go away, it will always be there in one form or another, and in fact sometimes the rituals etc are fascinating, colorful and interesting, its just when it gets dark and evil, man evil I mean, that pees me off, and makes me want to scream, grow up! lol! thanks as always, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

Thanks again Kiss and Tales, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

Hi Jainismus, that is so true, and I totally agree with you, thanks so much for reading, nell

Suzie from Carson City on April 19, 2016:

Nell..."Organized Religion," as in the ultra-multitude of "exclusive groups" of people, ascribing to their own tenets, translations of their various (and alleged) holy books have since day ONE been a most serious world problem. Cults...all of them....cults

When individuals need "teams & masses" of others to support them, teach them, warn, admonish, direct, scorn &/or EXPLAIN morals, they are an utterly pathetic lot. They relinquish using their own brain, moral compass, awareness & common sense. They foolishly wear a sign that says, "I'm too stupid, too lazy & much too insecure to think and act for myself, so I must join a group of OTHER stupid, lazy, helpless people so we can vouch for each other!" We need to fight and stand against all the others...We need group strength & many voices. We need a book of RULES to call our own & force others to hold this book as Sacred, holy, UNDENIABLE!

Without a single doubt, each & every one of these thousands of various organized religions have the one & only answer~ the real truth~ the Universal solution to the highest level of Sainthood w/ a one way ticket to everlasting paradise. Only they have the proof & must be believed & if others do not follow....OH WOE to them.....they face eternal damnation & fire, brimstone & pain....OHHHHHH..the shame & evil of it.

The human race has evolved in many ways, especially in intelligence, independence & awareness of the world around us. For centuries now we have not all been shepherds, farmers & nomads. We do not need to hunt, fish & sow gardens to survive. Women have realized they are actually human beings with worthwhile capabilities beyond being sex slaves, baby-machines & subservient to men. Imagine that! We needn't assemble in a church, temple or mosque & sit like sheep listening to someone with fewer brains than the rest of us...about what is what and WHO is in charge, who is the best...Do this, don't DARE do that.......Um, excuse me but SHUT UP!!

Yes, Religion must disappear and it is beginning to, if you look around & listen. This is not to say that we mortal men will give up on our faith and/or beliefs in a Supreme being, a Creator nor a Divine higher-self. This will exist for all time to recognize our Spirituality, for those who embrace this.

The religions must die in order that MEN can live & can cease fighting, killing & shedding blood, shunning, condemning and forcing conversion against the will & hearts of the rest of the world.

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

Thanks Jean, that sounds terrible! what is the world coming too? I would have thought the US would be able to keep this under wraps so to speak, sorry to hear that, and thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

Well said Jackie, and thanks for coming back!

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 19, 2016:

Hi Diane, sorry to hear that, hope you are better now.

Alan R Lancaster from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire) on April 19, 2016:

Nell, don't mind me adding my fourpennorth . For my money all the 'Big boys' of the spiritual world have their followers on a leash. People just won't pull the plug on them - it's like being hooked on hash etc - because they feel they need a 'crutch'. Once upon a time, over a thousand years, it was the Christians who thrashed around, trying to hold onto their faithful by fair means or foul. It wasn't just the Mafia who used protection rackets for control. The CofE wasn't a lot better, and these Evangelists who advocate the Six Day Creation still have a tight hold on a large percentage of the population around the world.

Blackmail with menaces is a civil crime, but some belief groups get away with it, even in Britain. And now there's an added threat from Islamic radicals... In the name of controlling thoughts and actions, as the Roman Catholic Church did before the breakaway movements in the 15th-16th Centuries weakened its hold in Northern Europe.

Flat worlds, six day creations, praying five times a day - every day! - and forbidding the consumption of certain foodstuffs (Islam, Judaism) goes hand in hand with Big Brother of 1984. Trouble is, how to wean them off it when it's ingrained on the psyche?

[Don't mind me, I go off like this from time to time. I'll stick to Odin and Thor, at least there's no claim with them on my diet or bodily functions, there's just the problem with finding a longship to go raiding, although piracy's a crime these days, and the North Sea's choc-a-bloc with tankers and container ships that would dwarf a longship]

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on April 19, 2016:

I see God in the beauty and order of nature and the world. I believe that Jesus was mostly talking about getting rid of the Roman occupation, and never meant his words to be made into a religion.

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on April 19, 2016:

Kiss and Tales, I am now following you. I thought we were already friends. Thank you!

cmoney, I like, and agree with, your comments too!

tsmog, you make very interesting points. It reminds me of Romans 1:20, "For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God."

Tim Mitchell from Escondido, CA on April 19, 2016:

It is a good thought exercise Nell IMHO. Religion pretty much is here alongside its partner politics and those two are like Siamese twins it seems. Perhaps they are joined at the head and that is known as power.

The book you offered review seems to paint those as not even considered as anomaly - oddity of nature, as it of least never existed, thus without any history. That kinda' make it hard to imagine as most know history even if reject religion. There is knowledge and some experience.

The simple question "Do you believe in God" seems never is accepted with a simple yes /no while has no options while there remain the next step being curiosity seeking justification of one's own choice.

Perhaps I am Hellenistic and believe in gods. What then? Seems if one accepts and believes in God, then it must be declared which one. Thus, the fork in the road may part two or more fellow travelers each saying this way is best while always remains mystical, magical, and mystery of the unknown.

Treathyl FOX from Austin, Texas on April 19, 2016:

Whenever people ask a question and use the word “religion” my response is always the same. I've been following this definition for religion ever since I read it in the epistle written by James the apostle.

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” (James 1:27)

In the first part of the definition you're lending a helping hand to the needy. In the second part of the definition the only person whose way of life and behavior you're responsible for “controlling” is your own! Even if there were not a God looking down at what you do, why wouldn't you do it anyway? So why get rid of it? Don't you want to exercise your own free will over your own life? Don't you have compassion for those who are less fortunate and want to help them if you can? It's a neat and simple rule, principle or guideline to follow.

You want to get rid of something? Get rid of people who abuse, oppress and kill other people and claim they have the “authority” to do it in the name of “religion”. Of course … that's not so simple.

Good HUB! Very thought provoking.

Kiss andTales on April 19, 2016:

Love your expression Diane ! Truely you said it right "the baloney being spreaded " I certainly am a believer that people live what they believe .

If that knowlege tainted with false infomation then that leads you to a dead end. Like a GPS. If it is outdated

If the machine is faulty , if the roads and streets have new construction with new names and you take your trip with faulty tools and guides you are lost. Also how many people you ask will give you good instructions.

You are responsible to get accurate infomation to get to your location.

Our spiritual journey is more important you will keep living as long as the Heavenly Father does.

This is the test and we recieve the reward .

Satan would have many to believe there is no Heavenly Father. But they fail to realize the bible says man was put on earth .truth and that the one responsible for us lives in the Heavenly domain. Is there heavenly space. True the sun moon and stars are part of it and the many galaxies.

We have no control over these but they exist and function.

So there is no excuse for people to doubt. We see proof everyday we awaken. Thanks Diane you have good points you share.

G. Diane Nelson Trotter from Fontana on April 19, 2016:

I agree with you Kiss and Tales. People "add" and "take away" from God's Word to make it palatable and feel comfortable in what they do. Each person should have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and study to recognize the baloney that is being spread.

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 19, 2016:

I'm spiritual but not religious. My husband has relatives who are nuns and priests and have obviously dedicated their life to religion. I look upon them now as elderly people with no children or spouses to look after them and consider it a lonely life choice. Religion is not something I cling to nor disdain. It does cause a lot of conflict among people though. I'm not sure you cou ever make it go away.

Kiss andTales on April 19, 2016:

I would like to add some points of interest. First while many say get rid of organized religion. There is good causes . A point people mis is that God agrees also. Getting rid of organized religion. Why ! It is contaminated , it is not pure , it is filled with pagan and deity worship

In the book of Revelations religions today are symbolized by a harlot who sits on the back of the polical and goverment beast.

True religion has powers because of the goverment.

The finally is the beast throws her devours her. Yes the goverment will distroy religion it will be allowed.

So this is nothing new. So it was written before we knew it would get to this point. We are late God is on time.

What we need to ask ourselfs how do he view us personally . if he reaveals himself to those that have doubted his existence and went as far as to insult him can you take the words back you spew out . No .what ever we say or have done is on us.

Mahaveer Sanglikar from Pune, India on April 19, 2016:

Organized religion is always a problem for mankind and the world. But if religion is personal, there is no problem. I have escaped myself from organized religions. Moreover, if one becomes spiritual, he does not requires any religion.

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on April 18, 2016:

Well done, Nell Rose. I believe we would be much better off without religion. In the US, Christians are getting so Fundamentalist, it almost reminds me that if they keep it up, we are no better than the Taliban or Boca Haram. The Christians are all pretending there is a "War on Christianity" and they want to squash anyone who doesn't have their views. They want to take the country back about 50 years. It's awful, especially in a secular country. But they want to kill others who don't think like them (If think is the word, they are brainwashed). I've always been a fence sitter on religion. Many "true believers" are uneducated, and learn only to hate others who don't share their warped view of whatever the religion is. I have always been interested in religion and philosophy, and am well read on most religions, so take what I like from each!

It's getting worse and worse, and now that we have a Presidential election in November, you can't get away from the preaching of fairy tales.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on April 18, 2016:

Very, very good one, Diane! Excellent point.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on April 18, 2016:

I do know what you mean, Nell. There are nuts in every group on earth and it really is a bad thing and can be embarrassing to us all. I never stand out to scream my beliefs but you surely know by now I never let an opportunity pass me by. lol

He stood for me and now I have to do the same for Him. The only Man born we can give our love to and trust completely forevermore. You might call it a marriage made in heaven.

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