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Shelby Hospital Haunted

Cleveland Memorial Hospital, Shelby NC

Cleveland Memorial Hospital, Shelby NC

Shelby NC Hospital Haunted

It really would be a story if the Shelby N.C. Hospital were not haunted. The Hospital has been there for just over 75 years now and it's a fact that many people have died there over the years and anywhere that you have death associated with tragedy you will have ghosts and paranormal activity. The Shelby N.C. Hospital was first started in 1910 by Dr T.G. Hamrick and there was a new 43 bed hospital opened there in 1923. And the hospital has been growing ever since. And many of the ghost stories associated with the hospital date way back in time but some date to more modern times. The Hospitals official policy is that the hospital is not haunted and there are no such things as ghosts. However some of the staff at the hospital talked to us off the record this week and filled us in on some spooky things going on at the hospital.

Little Girl Ghost

The little girl ghost is often seen in what is now the newly remodeled Emergency Room of the hospital. She is a small little thing with blond hair and pajamas walking around in different treatment rooms in the Emergency Room area of the hospital and also in the halls leading from the Emergency Room area of the hospital off into other areas of the hospital.She appears to be 4-5 years of age.

She doesn't ever speak according to reports. She is just seen walking around and over the years she has been reported often both by patients at the hospital and the staff at the hospital. She is seen wearing yellow pajama bottoms and a pink and white pajama top. She doesn't appear to have any injury and when she is approached she vanishes. No one seems to know who she was in life or how she died. But many people over the years have seen her.

The Old Man In The X Ray Department

There is the ghost of an old man 75-80 who has been appearing in the X Ray Department of the Hospital for a number of years. And again both patients and hospital staff have seen him. He often walks into a room where a patient is getting a x ray and when the patient asks who he is often the staff person doing the x ray can't see the old man. But it also happens the other way around. The person working in the X Ray room will see the old man walk into the room and go to try to put him out of the room only to have him vanish. It has really made for some interesting stories over the years.

Ghosts In The Old Grover Building

When there is bad weather like a snow the hospital has the staff to stay in the part of the hospital called the old Grover Building. And the old Grover Building appears to be a hot bed of paranormal activity. People appear laying on stretchers, people walk around in hospital gowns and vanish when some one goes to try to help them. And screams and cries for mercy are heard. There is the ghost of a man with no legs in a wheelchair who has set and talked to people and then as you are talking he will just suddenly vanish. Can you imagine that happening to you at 3 am.Some people who have tried to sleep in the old Grover building claim to feel as if something is setting on them while they try to sleep and they also see bright red eyes starring out of the darkness at them. What is it? No one seems to know.

Ghost Cat

There is also supposed to be the ghost of a large black and white cat in the old Grover Building. People will see the cat and follow it into a room only to not be able to see or find the cat when they go into the room to look for it. Then as they are going into another part of the building they will see the cat ahead of them again. No one knows how the cat came to haunt the hospital but many people over the years have reported seeing it.

Do You Know Any Ghost Stories

Do you know any ghost stories about Cleveland Memorial Hospital? If so why not post them below. Or if you know any ghost stories about the Shelby N.C. area. Let us hear your ghost stories.

Do you have a Ghost Story about Shelby N.C.. . If so why not post it now.

Nancy Short on January 09, 2020:

I have seen the child ghost at the emergency room I was worried her partens didn't know where she was cause she seemed to be wondering on her own I have on other occasions seen people walking with a gowns on that seemed not to be going anywhere? I went to the hospital for some tests and when I got off the elevator Thought someone had touched my shoulder? And felt I was being followed and there was nobody there .I ask if the hospital was haunted everyone I ask said no. Well yes it is now I know Im not crazy Thanks yall

Kimberly Miller Walker on January 06, 2020:

Heck yeah that hospital has ghost when my son died in March of 1988 the old emergency room was still operating you had to walk around the long hall from there to the chapel & main entrance. It was pouring down raining & as we walked past cafeteria someone grabbed my hand & held on tight, but I know for a fact noone was near me. I turned to look back & a man disappeared into the cafeteria area, my ass took off & ran from the main entrance all the way across grover St towards the fire department. When my family & friends found me I was home scared as hell. I've worked with the deceased and never once experienced anything like this I still get the hives when I enter that hospital

Patricia A Gerard-Linton on March 20, 2019:

I cannot say I was at N. C. HOSPITAL. However, while I was at Johns Hospital in Baltimore, my sister was in the hospital. I stayed in a hotel near the hospital. I got a room on the 13th floor. At night a black man came into my room and sat on my bed. Talked to me about my room was his room. Then left. The next morning at check out the desk I paid for my room. The clerk said they had no 13th floor. Others had the same thing happen. They had me sign a book, said I didn't have to pay. I didn't have to pay for a nonexistant room. They actually had a book signing for other guests that have had the same thing happen. People stay there to try and see it. If they do, they sign the book!

Tina Glover on March 20, 2016:

I am wondering if anyone may know about hotel in Shelby NC called the Value Place..

Because there's been many deaths inside the hotel and if you stay there like in rooms #303 and #401 and #407 you will take pictures and find orbs in the picture's and then actually encounter beating sound's and taping on the walls and then sometimes at night in the early hours of the morning you will see people walking through your room then disappear or vanish and then if you get on the elevator the thing will stop on the 2nd and 3rd floor's and no one will be there and workers there has said it's a man named John or Josh that was ill and had died at the Value Place and he is haunting it today? And when I was there I have a service dog and she would see thing's and bark unrealistically and I didn't see nothing then out of the blue she would jump at times like something or someone had touched her. And then at the end of 2015 there was older woman whom died there by heart attack and the room she was in stays colder than ice and if you clean the room it seems if you are being watched. And I have done research on the surrounding area near the Value Place and seeing all death related issues that's taking place over the year's because when you stay at the Value Place might be rough and scary because this happens almost daily seeing and hearing thing's and feeling that your not alone in the rooms and I must it doesn't bother me and until it gets to the point of bad thing's occurring then time to leave well enough alone.

But if anyone else has stayed or is staying there now and has experienced things like this I would most certainly like to hear your story.

Lannie1526 on March 08, 2016:

About two years ago, I was a patient at Cleveland Regional Hospital. And was in room 458. I had been talking to a NA about something strange that happened. When my sister was a patient in room 461. My sister claimed that a clock flew off the wall. Well the NA said there was no room 461. And clocks fly off the walls all the time on the 4th floor. Well as she is about to leave the room she turns around and tells me there is a room 461, and that she had heard about one clock flying off the wall. She leaves the room closing the door. I am getting comfortable. and am in that state in between sleep and being somewhat awake. When something runs up the sole of my foot. It felt like someone took a credit card and scraped the sole of my foot. I got up and looked around and checked the bed for anything that could have done that. I couldn't locate or find anything that would have done that. And I was all alone in the room with the door shut. It scared me big time. And to this day I have no explanation for what happened in that room.

Bob on January 23, 2016:

I hope this wasn't a newspaper article.

Patricia B on August 27, 2015:

Scott. Life We Also Live In Forest City Nc And Have Seen And Heard Things On That Rd Also.. Also Have Had Strange Feelings At Shelby Hospital Also I Have Heard Things And Seen Things At Willow Ridge Nursing Home And I Was Locked In A Room There With No One Around I Believe In The Paranormal And Ghost I Go Through It Alot.... Please Keep Sharing Stories....

Tina Glover from Shell Town on September 24, 2014:

Hospice In Shebly,N.C.

As I was there when my uncle when was dying and stayed with him a lot around the clock.

But when doing so I seen many death of all around me not meaning the one's there dying those already dead.

From patients that used to stay there at one point in time while dying their was and older lady with hair white as snow but she was wearing a light blue nightgown and I seen her in my uncle's room and on the front setting and rocking in the rocking chairs.

Then one day I seen a dark shadowy figure and couldn't tell at first what it was then I seen it again it was a old man that was evilish and seemed like he wanted to do harm to people in there as I told the staff and they said they seen him to. And I asked he is he they said they didn't know it was a patient that die here so long ago before they started work there. As I was freaked out by this point but no biggie since I can see the dead peopleand don't won't to.

Yes as I've done research on this land and most of it used to belonged to slaver and to hold killings on back in history.so yes most of the land throughtout cleveland county is haunted in one way or another.

But as theres more ghost at Hospice than you know and olny if ghost hunters went to take a look they will many things.

Another Place Is Casar,N.C.

Which back in the 1980s theres a road up there called Dead Man's Curve.

Well as the story was told and I know the road has bad and killer curves up there and back in the 1980s the was bunch of High School boy's though it would be cool and fun to Race one foggie night as one boy car made it and the other didn't because he went off the curve down the hill and then his car blew up as everyone got the heck out of there and they didn't act like nothing happened. So years the guys went back one night and heard nosie and vocies calling out to them and saying their names. They asked each man was that you nope wasn't me. Man what the hell was it then and then at that moment in time they knew their friend whom they left to die up there was haunting them that night.and that's how the road got the nick name dead mans curve.

So as I say to you don't go there to race on a night that's foggie or you can end as your fate to.

adam smith99 on May 09, 2013:

nice stories ive enjoyed

Gage on September 09, 2011:

The name of the old road is Whiteline rd.

tom hellert from home on August 05, 2010:

I wrote a spooky hub

https://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/Paranorma... I also reference my dead cats ghost on several other hubs too.


Nursing Program Concord on May 31, 2010:

I was not aware of this. I am glad you shared this news with us here. Thank you very much.

MI on January 20, 2010:

I don't believe in the paranormal, for I have not seen for myself.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on October 02, 2009:

Interesting Scott would love to get up with you by email or etc. I live in Shelby. Would love to know more about Cliffside

Scott.Life on October 02, 2009:

I've heard many of the stories about Shelby Hospital having grown up in Forest City just to the west. In the Cliffside community behind the old elementary school is an abandoned road that used to be the main driveway for a plantation house there on the river. To this day people breaking in report strange occurrences with electrically powered devices. before the road was closed to traffic cars had a mysterious tendency to die while on the road and would not start again until pushed back onto the main highway. i have scene this myself several times when i was younger having also heard the so called spirit voices that are said to be heard along the old road. Supposedly it is the ghosts of dead slaves that haunt the area after being viciously murdered by their owner in the late 1860s. i have never been able to find out who the original landowner was but there are the remains of an old slave graveyard in the woods nearby...spooky.

GeneriqueMedia from Earth on May 07, 2009:

Very interesting Hub! I'm a very spiritual quantum personist. ;) I'm down with this kinda stuff.

I have one suggestion though...any pix or other media to add to break up the text?



Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 08, 2009:

Wishing you luck in the hospital. But if you do see a ghost or hear a ghost story while your there come back and tell us about it please.

moonlake from America on March 08, 2009:

Enjoyed your ghost stories. Right before I'm getting ready to go in the hospital hope I don't run into any ghost while I'm there.