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Shameless Scoundrels

John is an actor, writer, and entrepreneur interested in the search for truth and meaning in the world.


Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrine of demons. 1 Timothy

A sordid tale has been exposed in the land. The fathers of the children have stopped caring for their families and made merchandise of their souls. The gospel of good news that they were entrusted to preach has become a means of gain. These men were to be lights to a lost generation but by their lifestyles, they have blasphemed the gospel of our Lord. Listen to the roll call of their misdeeds!

One man bears false witness when he says, “I know God” because his actions speak otherwise. He marches with God’s enemies and rejoices in their triumphs. In the public eye, he compromises the truth to gain wealth and acceptance. He chooses not to suffer and sacrifice for the name of Jesus because he loves the praises of men rather than those of God. To cover his sins, he camouflages wisdom and diverts those who seek her. For his own glory, he created a rainbow with its colors full of black. From it, he sponsored a new slogan, African-American, which does not address the real problems of his people. Another fellow builds monuments to himself with the funds sacrificed by the poor. And, when the poor return asking for food, he sends them away emptier than when they came. Through deceit, he steals donations from the widows and orphans of his own household. He is truly a scoundrel who has no compassion for his family. When his parishioners come to worship God and receive teaching, he delights them with words that tickle the ears. Yet, when hard times come, his congregation is unprepared, and the words previously spoken provide no hope or direction. Sadly, there is a man who loves God in truth. His entire life has been sacrificed to serve the Lord. Great would have been his reward if he only continued to walk in love. However, he allowed an accusing spirit to exist in his midst. He criticized a true believer that had fallen into sin and failed to restore the man into fellowship. Due to his speaking words that condemn and devour, the sins that he once fled have overtaken him and destroyed his reputation.

These men all started the quest for eternal life on the right road, but they allowed the lust for worldly things to cause them to forget the Lord who redeemed their souls. I pray that these men repent because a storm is approaching on the horizon that brings judgment in its winds. As the heavens grow dark and part at His coming, the Son of the living God will appear in glory, carried on the wings of His angels. What will these men say about their lives? They will be speechless. For their striving to have the world’s goods and friendship will be openly known.

But what good will it do them? They will likely suffer the fires of hell for their disobedience. And, if they somehow escape that fate, they will see a ghastly sight. Before the throne in heaven, blood will appear on their hands—the blood of all the people who died without receiving salvation because of their shameless behavior (Ezekiel 3:18). From there, the Lord will take them to the portals that lead to hell. The shafts of light will carry moans of terror, and they will behold suffering souls who will curse their names for letting them live in sin (Isaiah 66:24).

Therefore, you who have forgotten the Lord and embraced this life, consider the lost who call on God but do not know His name. For the name of Jesus, clothe yourself in a life of humility and sacrifice knowing that it is pleasing to God. And, do not feel that your labor is in vain because the Bible concludes that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers them out of every one.

© 2021 John Remington Pierce

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