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Shadow People People Series: Hat Man

Hat Man Likes Fedoras?

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The Hat Man - The One in the Wide Brimmed Hat

First of all, there is a consistently reported phenomena involving a shadow entity in an old styled hat. Then there is a phenomena involving a shadow entity whereby eyewitnesses often mention a "Fedora" or similarly brimmed hat. The latter is the scarier of the two and actually, the plain hatman doesn't seem to bother or upset most people who report an encounter.

The plain hatman sort of acts like a ghost and is often seen just standing around. Its form may simply fade until the eyewitness no longer sees it, and it has no apparent reaction to people. For example, people have reported 'coming upon' this shadow person shape and having the shadow do absolutely nothing for seconds of minutes, then it may move around a bit and just fade away, as if it can't detect the person who came into the room and just saw it. This form of shadow entity is often thought to be the same as a ghost by those who study this phenomenon. It looks sort of like a ghost, with the shape of a person who is wearing an old style - always an old style - hat. Unlike a ghost, however, whose facial features you might be able to see, the plain hatman shadow person is a dark shadow with no detailed features. Just the shape. Its shape may not be well defined, but is definitely "person-shaped."

The above details of a plain hatman are not the sort of hatman that people are worried by. In fact, the above sort of hatman is one of the most common that is sighted and many people just think the encounter is a rather 'curious' event.

The other type of Hat Man terrifies people in every instance of an encounter. Also, this other type of scary encounter always mentions a distinct kind of hat, too - a Fedora-styled, brimmed hat. This type of Hat Man is the kind that people like Jason Offutt (author of "Haunted Missouri" and "Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us.") and other researchers are trying to find out more about.

Here's an interview that Stephen Wagner at About .com did with Jason Offutt:

Stephen Wagner Interviews Jason Offutt on the Topic of Shadow People

Another researcher of paranormal and UFO encounters, Heidi Hollis, founder and director of the paranormal and Coast To Coast AM discussion group, "UFO2U", has interesting but very COMPLEX explanations for Shadow People which are wrapped up in theories about Reptilians, the Reptilian Agenda, etc. Whether or not you buy the idea or not that we might be just a whole world full of deceived people, losing our critical thinking abilities, so that an ancient Reptilian Race can put their Agenda forward (to have total control of all the world), Heidi's thoughts on the matter of Shadow People are interesting:

Heidi Hollis says that in order to deal with Shadow People we need to:

  • Let go of fear. The Shadow People can use our fear against us and this is their main source of energy
  • Stand our ground and deny them access to our person, our mind, body, emotions
  • Focus intensely on positive thoughts
  • Use the name, "Jesus," to repel the Shadow People
  • Stop worrying on seeming childish about keeping a light on at night - keep one on!
  • Envision LIGHT around us
  • Bless our rooms with bottled spring water

The "Monstropedia" website has information on Shadow People if you're interested in checking out what that site has to say.

A Hat like The Hat Man Wears

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mythbuster (author) from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on December 27, 2015:

Hi Rebelsdarlin. I hope your family is well. Thanks for sharing your experiences about your daughter's encounter with an entity.

I think it is good that your daughter has little fear as it has been said by many paranormal personalities and researchers that many hard to explain entities out to cause harm are looking to feed off fear, confusion, anxiety and types of energies that are harmful for human beings. It is hard to say whether or not any entity your daughter has encountered is a good presence or bad one in the home but if your daughter has no fear, confusion and anxiety about things, there is nothing for a negative force to feed from.

mythbuster (author) from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on December 27, 2015:

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Thanks for sharing your insights, Mr. Brian Clark. I am glad you mentioned that many more people have likely seen this entity than have reported it - that a ton of people have seen hatman but never reported the experience to anyone.

Often, since the experience is unsettling, people allow their minds to talk them out of the experience and repress the memory of whatever was viewed, heard, felt...

mythbuster (author) from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on December 27, 2015:

Thanks for sharing your story, Carlpezz.

Rebelsdarlin on October 16, 2015:

After reading other people's stories I myself was frightened. I spoke with my daughter again who is 11yo btw & asked her how she felt when she saw him...she said she was frightened initially but more startled than scared....and said she didnt feel like he was there to hurt her & she didnt feel as if she should fear him....she said she felt like he was a nice person & not a bad person at all...& upon learning tht other people have seen him too....her immediate reaction was "I hope tht noone harms him." she said she felt like he was there to watch over her like to protect her....I asked her would she be scared if she saw him again....she said she didn't feel she would be, bc she said it was more of a protection feeling even though initially it was being startled bc she wasnt expecting it to happen....she said she was washing her hair and upon opening her eyes was when she saw him....she said he walked like a normal person....but noticed his hat most of all bc it was old timey...she said she thinks he glanced over her way but then disappeared into the wall....I'm glad tht she doesnt feel like he was there to harm her....but im still left wondering what sparked this appearance & why to her?! At least now we know we aren't alone in this experience!

Rebelsdarlin on October 15, 2015:

I don't even know if anyone is still following this thread....BUT my daughter had a frightening experience while taking a shower....she said she knew I had left the bathroom ....but she suddenly saw a tall dark figure which she said she felt was a man with wht she described as an old timey hat she said like an abraham lincoln type hat but not as tall...but it walk across the bathroom then into the wall....she hollared for me to come back there...& she said mom did you come back into the bathroom...I responded no I was in the living room unlocking the front door bc your brother just got home....the look on her face was of sheer terror...and we have had a history of paranormal occurances for years but never this one...& ive always believed the occurences to be somewhat sinister so this frightens me very much.... the occurrences have been dormant for a little while & this is the first in a long scared to know what it might mean and started looking on the internet for answers when I discovered so many people have experienced this particular one....I am very concerned as to what this means for us....should I be?!?! Also my cat has become unusually attached to me in recent months and follows me around everywhere almost like she is protecting me....any help is greatly appreciated :'(

Brian Clark on March 17, 2015:

This is something that I have extensively studied, and looked into on various parallels across the world. The black fedora shadow figure is not something that is specific to one country nor is it based on any specific folklore or urban legend. In fact, many people (especially children) have seen these beings while they were young - and even continue to see them later in life. Most people that experience this "phenomenon" and I use that term very loosely, do not come forward with their experiences in fear of personal safety and social standing. Every 1 person that comes forward, accounts for about 1 in 1000 or so unspoken experiences.

There is a very dark and sinister story behind these beings, and the only reason they appear with human characteristics is so we can associate them to a being that belongs amongst the populous. They have been seen in every culture, at every stage of human advancement. They have been recorded ever since writings and records have been kept - therefore it is also safe to say that they predate those records. Their forms have changed, but not their actions or intentions.

The same fedora hat being, and the "men in black (MiB)" are one in the same. There is no difference between the two other than how and when they present themselves. Both seeking suppression of the truth , through fear and oppression to those that they visit. They are searching, for evidence that the time is at hand, and they are searching for a higher knowledge than they themselves possess. This is also why there is no records which can be found of these individuals. The real "boogyman" was first conceived from this same experience - which later was adopted into many various forms and creatures in hollywood.

They have no good intent, and are self seeking. Do not kid yourselves into believing they are good in any way.

helpus on July 24, 2014:

My husband has been tormented since childhood by who he calls Mr. Hat. He hears him and sees him. We need help.

Carlpezz on July 21, 2014:

Hello I was just randomly looking through the net wen stumbled here interested bout the shadow ppl I can say the hat man is very real I going at least bk 20+ years ago wen I was about 8 years old in my old house me and my brother was sent to bed early 1 nite bout an hour after I can remember this still perfectly my bro was fast asleep I just happened to look over at him at other side of the room and I can see a shadow of a man about 6ft tall with coat and hat no face features but a very clear out line of the body standing at the end of my bros bed as a kid I did brick it but I dint hide under my quilt I watched him stand there looking at my bro for roughly 10 to 15 seconds he new I spotted him that when he carmly turned towards the door and just slowly walked across the room looking at me! Then he went through the small opening of the bedroom door! I still used to think bk to that nite if it were just my imagination playing tricks my family never belevied me of corse. I never saw him again 20+ years I never doubted seeing him this sight has just confermed it! I am gobsmaked! I never from what I can remember that night had a bad vibe from him no evil! Think that's y I never hid under quilt! And as a kid seeing a ghost that's the first thing they do but I dint!! It's got me thinking now as my mum told me wen I was little I used to go a certain corner in my mum friends flat and have a full blown convo with my self even replying as if sum 1 was talking to me ! I can't belive hat man does truly exist!! Never seen him again tho or Any other shadow ppl! Hope my story helps :)

mythbuster (author) from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on November 27, 2012:

Hi Teesa, thanks for sharing your experiences. How long ago did it happen that you were having the curious night time experiences with the black figure at the foot of the bed?

Teesa on November 22, 2012:

I have been curious about "shadow people" (I just assumed they were like "ghosts"), or shadows as I would call them, since I had the opportunity...I guess you could call it that - to live in a VERY "active" house when I was about 14 years old. In that home my family and I experienced MANY different things, but I saw many of these "shadow people", out of the corner of my eye, and once head-on, and my dad and I both saw two different-looking black cats in the home as well (also head-on).

Anyway, I came across information on shadow people and the "Hat Man" this evening, just reviving my curiosity I guess. Well, I almost pooped myself. Goosebumps to the core when I heard about the experiences with this thing.

For about a week, EVERY night I felt like I was woken up (but I still felt asleep; felt like I was dreaming still) and immediately looked to the end of my husband's and my bed to see a completely black figure with a hat; like the fedora, standing at the foot of our bed. I felt like it was staring at me, but the face was featureless; no eyes, nothing. I felt absolutely TERRIFIED, paralyzed, but I could not look away. As quickly as I felt like I woke up, I felt like I fell back asleep. I could not understand why in the heck I was having this nightmare. I don't know what to think. I have had my share of what I would call paranormal experiences/encounters, but that was the most terrifying. I wonder if seeing these shadow people and this "Hat Man" phenomena are related somehow?

Shannon on October 29, 2012:

HI, I just came across this and I was surprised-- I had a very unusual experience with this... Shadow... back a few years ago. I saw this "Hat Man" in a reflection. I had been closing my blinds at night and I was looking at the reflection of my room in the window. He was there walking through where my door was in the reflection (the door was closed) , but that wasn't the freaky part.. He stuck his head back through my door to stare at me in the window. I turned around and he wasn't there and I looked back in the window and he was gone. It wasn't any person walking on the street (there were none) and it wasn't someone in my room because only I was in there and my door was closed. He fit your description (featureless besides the fedora). It was when I was little, so when I told my mom and dad, they didn't believe me... I'm so happy to know that other people have seen him..

mythbuster (author) from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on May 26, 2012:

Wow, Diane, what a frightening experience you had in 1999! You know... what you describe reminds me of things I have heard about Harlequin entities, too? Have you ever heard of these? I usually hear of only one person at a time seeing/experiencing Hatman but there are accounts of multiple witnesses of the Harlequin entity. In the Harlequin accounts I've come across, the entity (whatever it/he/she is) usually attempts to be interactive, deliberately with those who see it, moves around a lot - often people run away from it. Generally, with a Harlequin, people run away and the Harlequin doesn't just stroll past and away like you mention the Hatman-like being did in 1999. The mimicking you mention here is another thing that made me think of the Harlequin possibility.

Diane, is this the only encounter you've had?

Diane on May 25, 2012:

I have seen this thing too I don't like to talk about it it but I have when I was Pregnant with my 2nd child a girl she is now 13. I was walkin on the road and was walkin a distance to my mother's place and I could see ahead down the road a figure so I kept walkin thinkin I was meeting up with someone From where I'am from as it came closer I noticed it was not touching or bouncing as a normal person would. And then I got scared turned around and walked away faster I was eventually running as I ran at least 3 mile's I was gettin out of breath,I screamed at it to go away. it mimicked everything I did. and I made it back to our place and I met up with my boyfriend and he seen it we tried to look under it's hat and it was moving it's hat so we weren't able to see under it. from the way it looked there was nothing under it's coat or hat. it stood at the end of the driveway we went inside our house I was freaking out n crying my boyfriend and his dad were watching it and when I went to our back door the thing turned and kept going towards south ever since then I haven't ever been outside alone and that's 13 years ago. it never made a noise the only noise I could hear was my heartbeating and breath. happened on January,3,1999 And we have heard the same stories from other people who live around here it's never seen just by one but by at least 3 to 8 people at a time all it does is stands there for awhile and then goes walking away and people watch it till it's out of sight.

mythbuster (author) from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on February 15, 2012:

Thanks for stopping to read and comment, Mr. Pannell. Have you and your friends who witnessed the fat man ever considered checking in your town/district history at your local library or museum - or talking to someone in your area - about ghosts and legends? It would be interesting to know what your local history is to see if anyone else has seen a ghost, apparition, shadow person or reported similar sightings like you experienced with your friends in 2009!

mythbuster (author) from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on February 15, 2012:

Your account just gave me the shivers, RL93. I hope you will return to explain this pocket watch thing related to Hat Man... this is something I don't know much about.

Justin Pannell on February 14, 2012:

Halloween 2009 me and a group of friends choose to go walking through a graveyard late at night, at first we're all point out funny shadow monsters kind of like making shapes out of clouds but then I spot a fat man in an old style hat, it was like those golfer caps and he was standing over a grave and to make sure I'm not crazy I ask people is there someone over there? And we all saw it! So just to prove it wasn't actually a real person we go right up to it and sometime between us walking from where we were and walking to the grave it had disappeared in the blink of an eye.

This was a very surreal feeling for us, none of us could beleive what we all just witnessed

RL93 on February 10, 2012:

One evening just as the sun was setting, In Escondido California, I was about 10 years old. The house we lived in at the time was a corner lot, with a large back yard and a tall wooden fence that went along the side of the back yard, to the house behind us. The house behind us was also a corner house, facing a busy street.

I was riding my scooter around the front corner of my house, alongside the wooden fence, when suddenly I saw someone round the busy street corner. Suddenly I felt a strong sense of fear, and panic. He was about 6 feet 6 inches or so, in a trenchcoat, with a hat, but everything else was indescribable. It was all pitch black and blended together, I could not really tell the difference or describe the rest of his clothing. He didn't seem to have a face either. He was walking straight towards me then pulled something out of his pocket. It was shiney and silver, I thought it was a gun but after researching this (I'm 18 now.) It could have been The Hat Man's famous pocketwatch.