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Shadow People , Have You Ever Saw One?

Have you ever saw a Shadow Person? What do you think Shadow People are?

Have you ever saw a Shadow Person? What do you think Shadow People are?

Shadow People And What They Are

Shadow People , Have You Ever Saw One?

People can laugh and say there are no such things as ghosts and shadow people but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are both Shadow People and Ghosts. I believe that there are people that can easily see shadow people , ghosts , and other paranormal activity and people that can not.

A lot of people catch movement out of the corner of their eye and just assume that the light is playing tricks on them. However some people see shadow people as black human shapes and know that they are seeing something. What they are seeing is the question. I know I have gone into some houses and buildings and saw shadow people. I have also saw shadow people outdoors. I know of at least one location with in a mile of my home where I see shadow people every time I go there. Some people who go to that location see shadow people while other people see nothing.

I have often wondered why some people see shadow people while other people will see nothing. I really wonder what the reason for this is.

Most of the Shadow People I have seen move very quickly and while I have seen them out of the corner of my eye I have also seen them straight on moving about and then swiftly moving off out of sight.

There is even one theory that shadow people are guardian spirits or even guardian angels. Of course many people have many theories about shadow people. What do you think shadow people are? Post your comments in the comment section below.

Some Things You May Not Know About Shadow People

1. Animals can and do see shadow people. I once had a dog that would just start to raise hell just inside the back door. At first I thought the dog was wanting to go outside until one day I noticed the dog always barked into one corner where there no exit to the outside. One day I myself caught a glimpse of a shadow person in that corner. Almost at once the dog started barking wildly again. Over the next several months I caught the shadow person teasing the dog. I finally moved away and the dog was given to a friend.

I currently have a cat that sees shadow people. I have caught him running through the house and playing with one. I have caught the shadow persons reflection in a mirror so I know its there. And the cat really seems to enjoy playing with the shadow person.

2. I and others have heard the footsteps of shadow people. Yes you can quite often hear their footsteps as they move around. If they make noises like footsteps then they must have some what of a physical presence. I have even heard a shadow person laugh. And I truly believe at least some of them have a personality. I know the one playing with my cat enjoys it because it and the cat sometimes will play for an hour or more. I was just watching this again and its really something else to see. Sometimes I see the shadow person when its playing with the cat and sometimes I don't but I know its there because of the actions of the cat.

3. Some shadow people are more menacing than others. I have seen a large shadow person with fiery red eyes in the basement of the old closed down nursing home that appears to be menacing every time I see it. I have even heard it growl at me and when it did the hair on my arms stood up. This was the first red eyed shadow person I ever seen. Though I have seen many more since then. If you could see the one I saw in the basement of the old closed down nursing home I guarantee you it would scare you.

What kinds of interaction have you had with a shadow person. Please post about it in the comment section below.

New Shadow Person Seen February 22, 2012

Just this week I had a very interesting sighting. I was walking along the edge of a field where a very large old house stood until just about a year ago. The house was built in the 1840s and had fallen into very bad repair and about a year ago it burned down during a huge thunderstorm. There were several huge oak trees right up against it and they burned to.

A friend of mine has fenced the property and has several horses in the pasture there now. There is an old family graveyard there about a hundred yards from where the house once stood. No one has been buried there since 1897. There are 15 graves you can see but I have been told there are about 40 or more graves there. With permission of the property owner I have been going out there shooting video and doing paranormal investigations for about two years now. Other people have claimed to see a confederate officer with one arm on the property over the years but I've never seen him. He is supposedly seen riding a horse which is also supposed to be a ghost. And people have claimed he has ordered people off the property.

Just the other day I was on the property waiting for the edge of dark when I saw one of the most distinct shadow people that I have ever seen. Three horses were standing between me and where the old house once stood when I caught movement down near the cemetery. I saw a dark black human shape walking away from the cemetery towards the location where the house once stood. I carefully raised my camera and shot three quick photos only to find out later that no shadow person showed up on the camera. The shadow person appeared to be about six foot tall and I could tell it was wearing clothes but no hat. It walked to about where the front door of the old house would have been and vanished. Talk about the hair standing up on the back of your neck. I was shaking and my adrenaline was pumping. I went and walked the path it walked and even went to the tombstone nearest to where I first saw it but the tombstone was so weathered you could no longer see any of what was once written on it clear enough to read it. But I know from research that it was one of the earliest graves from before the Civil War. It was one of the most distinct shadow persons that I have ever seen. I will be going back and try to see it again. I think the light may have been to low for the camera and I didn't have the flash on. Next time I will be prepared.

It was one of the most exciting sightings I have had in a long time and it makes searching for paranormal activity and ghosts really worth it. I know first hand that shadow people are real. At one point when it was walking along it was at one point about 15 foot from one of the horses in the pasture and when it passed in front of the horse the horse raised its head and looked right at it. I'm sure that horse was as spooked as I was. When it walked in front of the horse the horse raised its head like I said and then it walked over to where three of the other horses was about 75 yards away. I'm sure the horses have seen it before but it clearly spooked the horse that was nearest to it. Hell I know it spooked me. I will keep this updated. And I will be going back to try to see it again.

Let me tell you here that there are two Confederate Soldier burials in the old graveyard but no Confederate Officer was ever buried there. At least there is no record of one ever being buried there. The claim has been made for years by many different people that the Confederate Officer with one arm riding a grey horse with black spots is seen on the property but I have never been able to find out who he could have been. It is said that the sleeve of his coat with no arm in it is pinned up. Everything sounds right but who he is or why he's seen there I have never been able to find out.

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This is the location outdoors where I often see Shadow People. Notice all the Orbs in the photo.

This is the location outdoors where I often see Shadow People. Notice all the Orbs in the photo.

What Are Shadow People?

Above is a photo of one location where I see Shadow People all the time. Notice all the Orbs in the air. Many people died at this location which is just outside a old closed down nursing home. The shadow people I have seen at this location appear to come from the direction of the old closed down nursing home and disappear near the edge of the woods. There are several old trailers behind the old closed down nursing home and I have seen the shadow people appearing to dance around these old trailers. No one lives at this location.

What exactly are shadow people and why they are there is a big question that a lot of people over the years have tried to figure out. Did you know that shadow people are seen all over the world but it does appear that more are seen in the United States than any other country. It appears that in the United States that more shadow people are seen in the state of North Carolina than any other state. The old closed down nursing home I am talking about in this article is in North Carolina in the western part of the state.

Why do you think more shadow people are seen in North Carolina than any other state. Do you know that the Cherokee Indians have seen shadow people in western North Carolina dating back over a thousand years. The Cherokee Indians believed that the shadow people came for the spirits of the deceased. They believed that shadow people were guardian spirits that guided newly deceased souls to the other side.

So the next time your setting there on the couch and catch a movement out of the corner of your eye look real quick and you just might catch the glimpse of a shadow person hurrying away out of your site. Look down towards the ground because in some locations the shadow person can be quite short. Shadow people really come in all shapes and sizes. Even hooded. I have also saw several with bright red fiery eyes. And shadow people appear to be a spreading phenomenon with more and more people reporting seeing them. More shadow people are seen in the United States with more seen in North Carolina than any other state. Why? Well we don't know why but with that many people seeing something there has to be something really there. What are shadow people is a question we really can't answer at this time.

Have you ever seen a shadow person? Why not post a comment about it down below now.

In the basement of the old closed down nursing home is another place we see shadow people. Notice the mist forming on the upper right hand side of the photo. When the mist forms is when I often see shadow people.

In the basement of the old closed down nursing home is another place we see shadow people. Notice the mist forming on the upper right hand side of the photo. When the mist forms is when I often see shadow people.

What Are Shadow People?

Do you see the mist forming in the upper right hand side of the above photo. When I see this mist I quite often see shadow people. I don't really know what one has to do with the other but quite often when I see the mist I see shadow people. I have seen shadow people in the basement of this building with red fiery eyes. I know the first time I saw a black misty shape with the shape of a human being with fiery red eyes it scared the hell out of me.

I know I have seen ghosts many times and ghosts and shadow people are two different types of beings. Most ghosts look much the same as they did in life when they were living breathing humans. Shadow people come in various sizes and forms and while many do have human like form I am not sure if shadow people are ghosts or spirits of deceased persons or if they are some other form of spirit beings. Quite often shadow people are caught out of the corner of the observers eye and they vanish if you try to look directly at them. Some people have also claimed to catch or see shadow people in mirrors.

Other people have made the claim that before they see shadow people that they see mists like in the photo above. Other people have said that they see mists and that the room or area gets very cold before a shadow person appears. While other people may look into another room and see a shadow with a human shape seem to dart across the doorway of the other room or over in the corner of the next room. What are shadow people is a question often asked by people. Where do they come from and what are they.

There are a lot of people who ask the question why don't I see ghosts and shadow people? I really believe that there are some people who can see paranormal activity while there are other people who can not see paranormal activity. Why? No one really seems to know. Maybe some people are just more open minded than other people. But I will tell you that I truly believe there are some people who can see paranormal activity while there are some people who will never see paranormal activity. Why? I can't tell you. What do you think? Tell us all in the comment section below.

What do you think shadow people are? Have you ever saw a shadow person or shadow being? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

Check out all the orbs in this photo from a recent investigation in the old closed down nursing home. I have never saw this many orbs before in a single photo.

Check out all the orbs in this photo from a recent investigation in the old closed down nursing home. I have never saw this many orbs before in a single photo.

What Do You Think Shadow People Are?

Never have I saw as many orbs as there are in the photo above. When I walked into this room I heard a voice say , " Oh God Please Help Me " and the temperature in the room turned very cold. We have taken a tape recorder into this room and caught a voice on tape saying , " Oh God Please help Me ". We have also heard wild scratching sounds coming from over head in this room and at one time there used to be a chair in this room that would move on its own. One day we went to the location and the chair was just gone.

I have never saw a shadow person in this room but other people have claimed to and some people claim to hear a old lady laughing in this room. It is known that the last person to live in this room was a 86 year old lady and she died in the bathroom just down the hall.

What do you think of the story of shadow people? Why not tell us in the comments section below.

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© 2010 Thomas Byers

What do you think Shadow People are? Have you ever seen a shadow person? What do you think shadow people are?

Jerry Biddle on November 11, 2019:

Several years ago while listening to the Coast to Coast Show they we're talking about reincarnation. Half asleep I said to myself oh that reincarnation stuff! A Shadow being got on top of me (maybe it didn't like what I was saying about reincarnation) either way I grabbed it and threw it across the room it hit the corner of my room and I didn't know what happened to it. (I could of cared less) I studied this stuff, I believe they come from another dimen't but keep in mind I grabbed it and could throw it across the room. I also believe they are related to what is termed MIB's Men In Black. Jerry from the Des Moines Iowa area

BOA1 on July 18, 2018:

I saw 1.( straight on) in my kitchen last night. I got the impression that it was suprised that someone was up because the kitchen was dark except for a little light shining through a window and it bolted to the left towards a closed bedroom door. I hope I'm not seeing things.

I know I saw something but what? I also saw one (straight on) years ago standing in a corner that vanished as soon I looked back up to get a better look. Again straight ahead ..not from the corner of my eyes.

I don't know what they are.

Anne Claire on December 13, 2017:

I have been wondering for years about shadow people. I saw a white shadow step into my kitchen. I noticed the reflection from a mirror. When I saw it my mouth flew opened. I then proceeded to go after it because i was curious. It then ran through out the house. I could not catch up with it because it moved so fast. I'm still wondering today what or who that was.

Ila Chayer on July 17, 2017:

I saw a shadow person in my house. It stayed for about ten minutes. The smell was unreal. Swampy smell. It came in like a black ball and landed on my wall. It flew over my head brushing my hair. At one point it came off the wall and came so close to my face I actually thought it was going to kiss me. I was very comfortable at the time and wasn.t afraid. The house was very lit up at the time I was alert but couldn't talk I guess cause my daughter was in the house up stairs and I didn.t even call for her. After about ten minutes it would make gestures with its head and shoulders and then slowly came off the wall and turned into like a snow drift and went right through my front wall. It has not been back and it happened about four years ago.

Harun on June 28, 2017:

I have 11 years and i always seen some weird shadows but moving really fast .And today i seen one really tall and it first made his had turn in full 360 and then it runs at me and i think it touched me. Then my friend comes to me and asked me whats with you then we started to get going to his home and i seen it starryng at me but my friend saw nothing and also cat was meowing at nothing.I think it wants to attack me

Pat McNees on May 04, 2017:

You gradumicated from a school in Kentucky, didn't you? Have you ever saw one? It's "seen", Einstein.

Sara on November 01, 2015:

I had werid dream was about going to outer space. And seeing another land and than I dreamed about my fiancé being so mean to me not him at all was so werid !

also when I woke up I kinda looked around and saw a black mini horse going up my head board !!!! With someone on it

Like pure black like a cartoon no face nothing never had an experience of this in my life !!! I didn't jump but when I opened my eyes it went into the wall as soon as I saw him I know I saw the horse and the man on it! I know for a fact I did

I did not go back to sleep after I saw it galloping upwards was so strange.

Mykal on October 10, 2015:

when i was a kid around 4 years me and my older brother were living with my younger brother and mom it was only for about 2 months buti t started with my brother coming into my room once scared for his life we both slept in the same bed he said a scary man was in my younger brothers room afraid and trusting of him i said ill let you sleep here.he slept in my bed for a bout a week or so whenever he said the man was back i wouldn't really notice anything till the one day i saw the shadow pass by the door it scared me. about 3-5 days later of sleeping in the same bed as him i saw something out of the corner of my eyes big and black go by the bedroom. it was around 1 in the morning i went to the hallway nothing there i went downstairs my brother was in the kitchen digging in the cupboard looking for cookies when the cupboard he was looking in went pure black he yell flew off the cupboard and fainted. i struggled to wake him up terrified and he woke up crying my mom came down the stairs and i told her a bad man was in the house she grabbed hte bat and searched everywhere and said it must of been somthing playing a trick on you and said we can sleep in her room for the night . we felt at ease sleeping in her room for about 2 days when she said she would start sleeping on the couch for a bit about a week then things started up again. on and off the shadow would pass by the door making creaking sounds we would cower under hte covers for about an hour and fall asleep somtimes we would feel an air of tension before it even showed up. around the last day of the week i went into the hall to use the washroom i couldnt hold it anymore i could feel that same tension and there it was the shadow walking into my brothers room my little borther who was still using a crib was only a baby i felt light headed and froze a bit i thought ill just quickly use the washroom while its in there and stay in the washroom with the light till it goes away. i didn't wanna get in trouble for wetting the bed so i turned around and went ot go to the

washroom and there it was not in the bedroom but blocking the washroom door i felt light headed i froze up i wanted to yell but couldn't it had red eyes a hood misty and blurry to the sight i then passed out as it approached me. i woke up at the top of the stairs about 4 meters from where i passed out. i remember it so vividly it feels so real after almost 18 years liek it was yesterday. we later held a meeting as me and my older brother at the end of that week begged our mom to stay in her bed because we felt safer in there and she heard our stories and being the open minded spiritual type figured she should do something about it and it also seems like she saw it once herself and thought she was just tired. we were sent to our grandmas to spend a few days at which was up the road a few houses and had the house blessed. when we returned we stopped seeing it well me and my younger brother did my older brother apparently saw it till about 15 years old.

Chris on October 05, 2015:

I am 40 yrs old. When I was 10 I went to let the dog out to use the bathroom. My bedroom was upstairs and the dog always took off ahead of me. This one particular night the dog took off down the stairs I made it half way down when the dog passed me going back up. That shocked me, when I looked up I saw the shadow person standing in the doorway. It scared me to death and I ran full speed upstairs and jumped under the cover. That's the only time I have seen one. I remember it like it was this morning

GhostlyInterested on October 02, 2015:

So, here's my weirdness. lol! For quite a while now strange things have been happening at my house. I know no-one died here, I am the second owner and know the first. About 2 years or so ago meat that I was thawing began to be missing from my refrigerator. Raw meat. I actually suspected maybe my daughter was sleep eating, she will eat hot dogs raw, but it wasn't her, she'd have been very sick. There was the pack of ground beef that had been torn open and some dug out. The pack of raw chicken breasts with half of one missing and on and on. Nothing else ever, just raw meat. Also, I will occasionally see a figure dart past my doorway from the living room into the kitchen. I go and I check things out, no one is about, everyone is in their beds, dogs are in one kids room or the other. The dogs, okay, these dogs bark at EVERYTHING, but the weird part comes because the barking will happen a lot of mornings around 4:30 - 5, they just go nuts. I am frequently awake already with the new baby, and I check, there's absolutely nothing there. Last incident happened just a few nights ago. I was sitting at my kitchen table which has windows around it to the driveway and the front yard, it's about 8:30 at night, kids are in their rooms and I am messing around on a game or something online. I wish I was kidding but from directly to the left of me I hear a very deep growl. I get up, I check where the dogs are, they're in my daughters room, absolutely no one and nothing is even in the same part of the house as me. I checked the driveway too even though it sounded too close to be from outside, nothing. I sit back down and as soon as I do it growled again, twice. After that, nothing else for the rest of the night. Does anyone have any ideas what all this could be?

Ari Mallroy on August 29, 2015:

It's a full moon tonight and i just awoke to my little brother crying upstairs. I went up to ask him what was wrong. He then told me he had his watch in his hand and it suddenly dissapeared. He said it wasn't normal and it was very creepy. I searched his room and could not find the watch anywhere. I believe him even when my parents do not and I was wondering if you have any information or advice. Thanks.


Dena on July 08, 2015:

The first time I saw them was several years ago in my sisters bedroom, she had also seen something similar. There were 2 of them, one tall one and one shorter one. I looked about 3 different times trying to make sure I was awake and seeing what I was seeing. Then the little one, as if gliding went across the floor in front of the bed and disappeared into the wall. When I looked back the big one did the same thing. The second time I saw one was about 2 months ago in our house. I was sleeping,my Fiance Tim next to me, it was standing right next to the bed on my side, again I looked several times making sure I wasn't seeing shit. No it was there, frightened me so much that I grabbed Tim's arm. When I looked back it was gone. The last time I saw one was after that and getting closer! It was on the bed, appeared to be on all fours on Tim's side coming up kinda over me. That one freaked me out! It disappeared quicker. I believe what u saw that had red eyes, was a demon. Don't mess with it!

confused on June 18, 2015:

My child is 13. He sees things in his room at night. Shadows of faces that are white, and has seen alien faces. Also he was in bed one night and he heard a noise, he thought it was his dad walking down hallway, and said daddy what are you doing, he heard a voice in his room that said it's not your dad... And it wasn't his dad, because he was asleep. He's very serious about what he sees and even wanted to draw me a pic. He is not terrified of it, he just doesn't understand what it is. The alien faces tend to stay in the darker areas of his room but still light enough to see and they jus look at him, the white shadow face moves, almost in a fast pace in front of his face..

ah on June 17, 2015:

last night i saw one i didnt know what it was but i seen the whole figure i got scared i thought it was a ghost it was a lady with stright black hair and white like night gown and had ruffels at the bottom and a glowing to it i was watching tv and the front dooor was open then i remembered it was open i looked at the door the lady came up to my screen door the disappered i think its a ghost but i dont know what it is.

Lily on June 14, 2015:

Shadow people come in different shapes, some are adults, others are children. They often passby in the dark, they try to not linger as much. But I had seen them just standing there watching me whenever I reach for a glass of water or had trouble sleeping at night. I saw their outline, guess their age but had no face. Even though I felt their eyes on me as I was trying to fall asleep. Some just walk, stand or crawl onto the walls leaning extremely close to my face.

My dog doesn't seem to notice the malice on shadow people unless they want to be invited or want to be attach to someone or a place that when she barks at them .I notice I seen them whenever there's upcoming death in my family, and it can last for weeks of waking up, drenched in sweat, feeling weary and being suffocated while having the same dream. During this type of event they often come more than once. They usually mean no harm even though they bring unfortunate news, I tried to avoid of being scared so I got used to see them. Despite they don't run away from me, but stay for a bit till I sleep.

carlos fernandez on March 15, 2015:

i need answers please because im just completely confused...

so i work in a 5-7 year old car dealership and im the closer practicully every night... every night that i close i always see shadow people in the typical corner of your eye type thing and when i look they dash over to the nearest wall or object that is closest to them... now, throughout the day i will only see about maybe 1 or 2 tops throught the entire day as the sun is out. but by the time night time hits, i ALWAYS see them in the corner of my eye's, but of course they move away and disappear as i look in that location. when they would dash over to the side i can see vivid arms, legs, and head moving over to such obstruction. now, when i have some else with me closing the store down i cant see any of them trying to show themselves as they do when im alone... so my conclusion is, are they trying to communicate and confront them or do i just leave them as they are... idk what they want or need from me but its always when im alone is when they appear...

answers will be gladly appreciated

Katie on March 06, 2015:

I didn't read all of it (it's early so my eyes are blurry and tired.) But... When my brothers and I were younger, and my middle brother was pretty bad towards me, he woke up one night and saw the hooded one staring at him from the foot of his bed. After he told me about it I always felt a presence in his room. Then once when I came home from school (to an empty house) I looked to the door between the kitchen and dining room and saw a shadow of myself, peering at me with no face, before it zipped away. Throughout high school I had dreams of a white tall white haired man, in a suit. Every time I had he said my soul belonged to him. Every time, I said "NO!!!" And the dream cracked. The last one I had, he had my dad and was going to kill him if I denied him again. Dad told me to run, so I did. But we were in a big skyscraper that was bright white. So there wasn't anywhere i could really hide. Eventually he calmly walked up to my hiding place, grabbed me by the throat and held me against the wall. I said no to his usual words and the dream shattered. That morning I told mom about it and she said my dad was writhing in his sleep, that night, and couldn't wake up. Mom thought he was going to die. Later, once I was with my boyfriend, we were just being mushy and I told him "My heart and soul belong to you!" That night, he called me and told me he was in a state of half-sleep and when he opened his eyes a "creature like a dementor from harry potter" was by the bed, looking down at him. I knew it was the hooded one but before i was able to answer he also said that he reached out a clawed hand and clawed into his leg. But not his physical leg. He said he felt it in his soul. And when he tried to scream he couldn't. I told him about it but now we don't talk about that... Sometimes I feel like I'm always followed. When I was a kid I often heard footsteps pacing around my bed. And now I keep dreaming and drawing myself with a shadow creature bursting out of my right side. The creature is me, but with almost imp-like ears, sharp long fingered hand that have three fingers and a thumb. I'm always wearing bright red boots though... My face is just two large, perfectly circular white eyes and a huge white sharp toothed smile that extends from ear to ear. Whether I want to smile or not... And my eyebrows and hair are pure white. My hair curtaining down my back like a waterfall. They scare me. Especially that one. But at the same time I feel that I shouldn't be afraid, because I'm one of them... My mind become a scary place, but my boyfriend is helping me feel better. And braver.

Gary Dezern on March 02, 2015:

The only real shadow person i made full eye contact with was when I woke at 3 am. This shadow person had a full discription, gender and had clothing. No i wasnt in sleep perelisase or whatever its called, because i moved my whole body about 90 degrees.

The shadow, she had long hair, wide eyes- almost alian, small mouth, small nose, she wore a girls night gown. She just stood there for 3 minutes starring at me. She had no color accept a solid black body hair and clothing. She looked as if she was both sad and curious.

She had the apperence of a 9 year old girl.

After 3 minutes i closed my eyes to moust them and she was gone.

That was the last i saw of her.

mandi on January 17, 2015:

I am not one who is easily scared, I have seen many creepy and hard to believe things in my years but i have never seen something like this in my home before last night. I will explain in detail after you get a sense of things I have encountered in the past. Some nights i wake screaming with blood screams so curdling that even my military husband has been scared by them, I have seen people in my dreams that look normal aside from their dead black eyes and filed looking sharp teeth, they try to trick me in my dreams but they are unmistakable as they leave you feeling immediately in danger. I have woken up beside rivers and in closets without the ability to use my voice for days without recollection of how I made it to these places, I have seen (along with another girl who was with me at the time) A tall figure of a man standing in our doorway blocking us from leaving a room thinking it was just a person who turned out to be 2 floors below us at the time. I have woken up in the middle of the night to feel something sitting at the end of my bed, woken to see a wolf creature with the body of a man snarling at me at the foot of my bed, I have heard footsteps in my home with no one around to make them but me while I was sitting at my computer in silence reading books online on numerous occasions, doors that slam, smells of food when no one is cooking. I have encountered many scary things in the past. I have had nightmares of these things over and over since I was a small child and they have never gone away. But last night as I was going into my basement what I saw scared me more than anything I have ever encountered before in my entire life. There was a dark thick shadow at my back door (IT WAS INSIDE MY HOUSE) At first I just said to myself it was a coat rack with a coat draped over the top, it was around 4 feet tall and just still in the middle of my back door inside. When i turned and looked at it, it did nothing so I assumed it was just a shadow, I continued up the stairs and turned on the hall light and nothing was there. Then I decided I would double check, it must just be a shadow from outside peering in, when I turned the light off again there was nothing. I know I saw something there, a thick blackness with a domed top and draped like body and no face, I felt immediately terrified, the hair on my body stood straight and I felt like something was watching me but after doing a full sweep of my house I found nothing. For the first time in my life I was so scared that I was in tears. I don't understand what this thing was, how could there be a thick rounded black shadow there when the next second it wasn't, it was not created by anything outside. It was not my shadow as I am much taller and it would have been as tall as myself with how close I was standing to it. It seemed like the shadow of something in that spot like when you turn out a light and the objects in the room seem to darken to shadows but you can still tell something is right there because of the density of the blackness. I returned to my bed and I could not sleep, for 5 hours i laid in bed awake to afraid to fall asleep. I did not get any rest until the sun was up and my husband and son were out of bed. I am at a loss as to what to call this, whether it was a shadow person, a spirit, an alien I do not know, all I know is it left me feeling so uncomfortable that I dared not sleep while the moon was still in the sky. I hope to never see this thing again, even my cats were scared of it and ran and buried themselves under my blankets.

Jack on December 28, 2014:

I began seeing shadow figures on my nightly walks with the dog, about 18 months ago. First on the neighbor's porch, then on the other neighbor's roof. Then in other locations. Always outside and always at night. I would just dismiss this had the dog not barked at these entities. I am a bit clairvoyant, but have never seen a shadow figure before in my life. Whatever these things are, they are not friendly. They appear to be menacing. The dog hates them.

Stephen A. Degnan on December 25, 2014:

Two nights ago, December 22, 2014, I was sound asleep and awoke to see a black mass in the shape of a hooded man or possibly a large women standing three feet from the side of my bed. The room was totally dark before and after the event and my windows are covered with shades that bright sunlight can not penetrate. The shadow being was normal sized and back lit by a bright white opaque light. The vision lasted only one to three seconds. No facial features, arms or hat could be seen and I felt no fear or maleficent from the image.

Wanderingmuse on December 12, 2014:

You's odd how many times I've heard stories of "shadow people" as black entities with red eyes, through several people who have NEVER talked to each other, let alone heard about it from anyone else. Granted the fact that so many people see them, normally without hearing them from anyone else, I think it is proof that they may exist.

Ashley Griffin from Missouri on July 27, 2014:

He is afraid of the dark.. So, I instantly got up to see what was going on. To try to put him back into bed and all. Well.. Get this.. He is under his blanket still, sound asleep. I then check his older sisters room, she too is sound asleep lightly snoring. So, I then go into our bedroom and lay next to the boyfriend. Maybe he was pretending to be asleep? Maybe he went into the hallway to sneak up on me? I shake him awake. Ask him if he is playing some joke on me.. He gets angry lol. Grabs a weapon and starts to search the house. Of course there is nothing to find. What I think happened is... 4 years ago TO THE DAY, my brother passed away. He had down syndrome and he use to rattle doors and slam doors all night when we lived together. His medicine didn't let him sleep on schedule. I am thinking he was letting me know he is still around sometimes. I'm not sure what else it could be.. besides it being someone else or something else entirely.. Which makes me a little uneasy.

Ashley Griffin from Missouri on July 27, 2014:

I was up late last night watching some shows on Netflix. I just got done checking on my kids and my boyfriend. I thought maybe the boyfriend would still be up since it was Saturday. But, no everyone was sound asleep.. No guilt in watching another episode.. ;) Well... After awhile around 12:30 I saw a silhouette on the wall across from me. The wall was connected to the hallway, we keep the hallway light on for the kids. I sit there staring at it... It went from right to left and right again and then left. Then disappeared. Then a doorknob started to rattle. For a whole minute I'd say. I was assuming it was our son trying to get into our bed, like he does a few times a week. You hear the door finally opening then it slams shut. He wouldn't do that.. He is afraid of the dark.

o37 on June 01, 2014:

They're us. Our shadows, our "other," our subconscious, which has a voluminous form and personality that differs from our form that is visible and known to the naked eye. When it's big and healthy, it can be witnessed sometimes by other people as an "aura." Sometimes I catch my own, just making its escape away from my inner sight in the early morning as I awaken, having ruled the night like a king in dream state. Sometimes I can see other people's, especially if they are acting "shady", like when they're really watching something that's happening across the room, but with their eyes looking at something else. At that time, their shadow is slightly separated from them, in facing a somewhat different direction, and visible, at least to me sometimes.