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7 Benefits of Small Group Bible Study

Ruby writes from the Philippines. Besides writing, she enjoys gardening and Bible study. She leads a Bible Study Group that meets weekly.


Why study the Bible in groups?

Although majority of us believe that independent Bible study is essential to living a Christian life, there is still something crucial in doing it together. The advantages we find in group bible study are something we may want to consider. Here are seven advantages you might want to think about if beginning or participating in a small group Bible study. Though this sounds like an unwanted commitment to you but I can assure you the benefits are truly amazing:

1. It emulates what Jesus did

As Christians, we try to live by Jesus' example in everything. Despite frequently addressing huge crowds, Jesus opted to equip and train His disciples for ministry in a small group environment. Acts 2:42 gives us the concept that the first generation of believers gathered in homes and "devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship" as the early church continued to use this discipleship model. I am convinced that as His followers, we too, need to continue to copy the concept that Jesus introduced not just in the word, but in His teaching to his first followers.

2. It encourages the non talkers to speak

I have been leading bible studies for a number of years now, and each time we study, I often notice several things. One of that is, studying in smaller groups together allows those individuals who are quiet when in a larger audience, to talk. It gives them opportunities to open up and even share their personal experiences which they never share when they are in bigger groups or audiences. I notice that those who are usually silent in a large audience will speak up once they are in smaller groups like five or seven people.

3. It forges deeper bonds

People were not created to live alone. We were created to be reliant not only on God our Creator, but also to connect with others. Small group Bible study is a potent way to build meaningful relationships with other Christians in an increasingly virtual environment where social media contacts are frequently shallow and heighten feelings of loneliness. In my experience, each time I study the Bible with a small group, I feel more human because I get a chance to connect with my fellow beings. Not only that, I get to hear genuine experiences from real people that I am studying with. We even shed tears and laugh together many times. This never happens when you are in a larger group or audience.

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4. It guides us in intelligence too

The Bible serves as a life map. Everything we require for life and godliness is included in it (2 Peter 1:3). However, we may learn from others' experiences studying God's Word in-depth, just as there are occasions when we need someone to assist us to interpret a map. They'll have unearthed nuggets of knowledge that we haven't yet found. We have knowledge that they don't yet possess. This is the beauty of reading the Bible together as a group.

5. It makes us responsible

Small groups provide the ideal setting for lasting transformation in beliefs and behaviors. Every Christian needs assistance in comprehending and putting biblical truth into practice. Each of us has to have their knowledge expanded, their cognitive blind spots addressed, and their resistance to behavioral change tested. When we can ask one another questions like "What actions are you doing to alter that?" and "How did that go for you this week?" we grow in our faith much more swiftly. Accountability makes the application of truth more successful.

6. It offers required inspiration

In small groups, I discovered that some of our fellow christians have different struggles. Members can open out about their challenges in a comfortable environment during group studies. This is a good avenue for witnessing to our fellow believers. We can offer inspiration and comfort to other believers. It provides us the chance to comfort those in need "with the consolation we ourselves have received from God" (Romans 1:12), gives us insight into how God has strengthened, guided, and directed people throughout their lives, and enriches us.

7. It changes our communities, workplaces, and families.

We read what He says, and we are changed. God promises to make Himself known, to teach us how to obey Him, and to demonstrate how to love one another as we read the Bible together. Our families, places of employment, and communities will be forever changed as we are transformed to more closely resemble Jesus.

Closing Thoughts

As I engage in small group Bible study my own life has improved in all its facets and I realized it gives the following results:

  • It emulates what Jesus did.
  • It encourages those who are quiet to open up.
  • It guides us toward wisdom.
  • It forges deeper bonds.
  • t offers required inspiration.
  • It makes us responsible.
  • It changes our communities, workplaces, and families.

Do you have any idea with whom you would like to share this development with? You too can lead a group Bible study with your friends either in-person, online, or both. You may join a group of thousands who are studying God's Word in-depth in five minutes, 30 minutes, or perhaps in one hour. Small group Bible study is truly beneficial.

© 2022 Ruby Campos

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