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The Art of Morality, Freedom of Will, Self-Sacrifice & Law of Karma

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Law of Karma Demands Fullfilment of Righteous Action Through Morality ,Freedom of will and Idea of self sacrifice

What Is Meaning Of Karma ?

Karma means work, act or deed, it’s usually used to describe something fated and inevitable. Karma is basically a Sanskrit word which is well remembered in spiritual societies for inevitable or fated events in life.

Specifically speaking, it is the principle of cause and effect and the well-believed principle of life in the spiritual world.

It’s best explained by understanding the idea of ‘what goes around comes around’ and ‘you reap what you sow'. In more simple words Karma means everything you do has its inevitable consequences and sequential outcomes. People misunderstood the idea of karma thinking that, Karma come into effect on immediate basis. But this is not true, as Karma Cycle doesn't necessarily need to come into effect at all or may come into effect after an unknown period of time and even in next lifetime.

All business of Karma depends upon how one is handling his karma or everyday deeds and duties. If one keeps following the path of righteousness and dutifulness then Karma cycle doesn't come into existence as there remains no leftover of Karma which needed to be fulfilled or to face. So to get rid of Karma cycle at once, there is a need to understand the idea of "act of righteousness " against "just right act". And this is possible only when one understands the intricate relationship of Morality, Freedom of Will, Self Sacrifice in relationship with Law of Karma /Karmic cycle.

Learn The Meaning Of Karma

Choose Wisely

Right is not always Right

Right is not always Right

Right Is Not Always Right

What one thinks "what is right" keep changing from time to time, place to place. "What is Right" differ from person to person as per sense of moralities prevailing for different societies. It is only the sense of morality taught by the society helps any individual to choose how to act by choosing righteous act as per need of time and circumstances. Thence to be righteous in action, the sense of morality carry more importance than intellect. As intellect can only help person to identify right , but to identify "Righteous" one need to bear sense of morality in his acumen.Then only one can understand mumble jumble of "righteousness" against "just right act" by contemplating on present situation..

In Karma Cycle ,righteousness of things changes with the paradigm shift of consequences & sequential dispensation of circumstances . This results in " what one is thinking " right" for today will not ought right for tomorrow too . This forces every one to land into crisis of identifying what is "most right" among all other right options.

Now to solve this crisis , there needs spectacles of "sense of morality" with oneself. One by identifying " what is more right " against "just right" can turn "just right" into " act of righteousness ". This is how the idea of righteous behaviour comes into existence in Karma cycle.But this is not only crisis one has to face in mystery of Karma cycle.

Remember,having a sense of morality is not enough enforcing compulsion for any one to follow "act of righteousness" for all the time.As one is always carrying "freedom of will " to choose any action or inaction to follow .This free will always divert individual from choosing righteous act.

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Karmic Cycle Is Not Tricky Business but a Simple One- Way of Righteous Actions

Karama is just one way road

Karama is just one way road

Morality Is Not Enough For Fulfillment Karma Cycle

Sense of Morality only helps to identify what is "righteousness " against what is "just right" and. But it is not enforcing compulsion for any to choose & to act upon.

So for Law of Karma, there comes the idea of "self-sacrifice" to rescue dilemma of mind. Sense of morality helps any righteous being to identify what is "self-sacrifice" . For Karma cycle fulfillment,once idea of self-sacrifice is identified, " Freedom of will" comes to surface before concluding the cycle of Karma. "Freedom of will " and "Idea of self-sacrifice" stand at polar opposite, prohibiting any person from acting righteously. So morality is not enough to choose act of righteousness to fulfill all requirements of law of Karma . Albeit for fullfillment of law of karma ,there also need to identify idea of self sacrifice too.

Swami Vivekananda

Karma Yogi Swami Vivekananda

Karma Yogi Swami Vivekananda

Know more about Swami Vivekananda here

Self Sacrifice Against Freedom of Will

The "self-sacrifice" against" freedom of will" implies an idea that one can choose "act of righteousness" over "just right act" by sacrificing one's personal selfish interest. Or, One can choose momentary "Most right thing " which is most suitable for one's interest, by using one's "freedom of will".

When one chooses freedom of will against self sacrifice, then only the Karmic cycle comes into action. And from here the Karma start counting your action readying to impose its consequences as per your deeds and intentions. People used to define this, as "Krama Hit Them" or "Karma is b***h" as they don't understand how Karma Cycle starts and end and how it manifest or cease to manifest.

For the act of Righteousness, the Karmic cycle doesn't get activated. That is why when the tiger kills a rabbit, the tiger doesn't get any sin or any karmic baggage. But when a man, who can eat otherwise, still chooses to eat chicken, has to face the karmic consequence. This is how the Law of Karma works. That is why every time the karma cycle don't hit as expected for every action of the person untill and unless.

without understanding this basic idea of Karma cycle ,all the time novice are used to color law of Karma as some mathematical equation. They dont understand karmic cycle comes into action only when the baggage of Karmic leftover remain unfullfilled due to wrong choices of actions. But when one chooses very right and precise action under the purview of "morality" then one can get rid of that part "Karmic Leftover'.

So by keep choosing the action with a sense of morality, beyond one's wishfulness, one can get rid from all karmic debts, enjoying life with all its pleasures and plights.

Remember,Self Sacrifice Is not That Much Demanding

Self Sacrifice is not that demanding

Self Sacrifice is not that demanding


Karma Cycle can be ended by choosing an "act of righteousness" against " just the right act". And all this needs to bear the prevailing sense of morality and the profound idea of Self Sacrifice to full-fill the Law of Karma. Law of Karma is unbiased and it makes no mistakes ,It is only us who fail to identify "Righteousness" to full-fill all requirements of Law of Karma.

Remember , when candle burns it illuminates its surrounding by sacrificing itself.Light of such burning candle is example of sense of morality and its deminishing size is idea of self sacrifice which is enlightening entire surrouding.So by righteous act of illumination ,Burning Candle is fullfilling its Law of Karma without leaving behind any Karmic debt.

Burning Candle Burns Itself With Sense of Morality & Self Sacrifice to Illuminate Entire Surrounding To Complete Its Destined Karma Cycle

Law of KArma is best explained by Burning Candle

Law of KArma is best explained by Burning Candle

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