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Seducing and Keeping the Taurus Male

Sylvia Sky, M.A., is an experienced writer-astrologer and author of "Sun Sign Confidential: The Dark Side of all 12 Zodiac Signs."


What a Taurus Man Wants: Can You Handle It?

A male friend with a Taurus Moon told me he wants three things from a relationship: someone to listen to him, someone to go to bed with, and someone to serve food.

That sounds reductive, but the Taurus male values these basics. He is “all about that bass, no treble.”

We know why you want to seduce Taurus. He is all man. He probably has broad shoulders or a barrel chest, and epic forearms. He makes good money and saves it.

The level-headed Taurus male, maybe after a slow start, is love-struck for a limited time only--like, six weeks. So you have six weeks to persuade him you will listen to and laugh at his corny jokes, that you enjoy sex, and will get him food, whether you bring groceries to his house or cook them (he does the grilling) or arrange the dinner date. All of you who like to play “hard to get,” we’re sorry, but chase games require too much effort. Taurus is tired from working and from working out at the gym.

During those six weeks, however, he is in so much starry-eyed love that he might actually propose. Nail down the date immediately and marry ASAP. If you don’t know how to do that, there are books to tell you how.

The Value of Proximity

Film actor and director George Clooney, handsome longtime bachelor Taurus (birthday, May 6), was with his parents at his vacation house when a friend called and said he was coming over with another friend. Was that okay? The other friend was Amal.

Yes, the future Mrs. George Clooney showed up right on his doorstep. For the Taurus male, this is ideal.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerman (May 2) first met future wife Priscilla Chan while they were at a party standing in line waiting to use the bathroom. They married nine years after meeting. (Some relationships with Taurus males ripen slowly.)

Your zodiac sign doesn't matter. If you want a Taurus, hang around in his general area.

He's a Taurus. Think long-term.

Keeping a Taurus Interested

Taurean males like routines and a simple life. Dinner and physical affection, and a movie or board games, will be enough. The Internet, whether work or play, is a real trap for Taureans, so find a way -- just one way -- you can stay active together. One thing you might both like is teaching or training others.

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The Taurus male usually shuns novelty and surprises. Spicing up the bedroom with role-playing and toys will not work on a Taurus male. If “spice” requires him to do much more than the usual he will not participate, unless it’s a threesome. He likes what he likes and isn’t changing it.

The typical Taurus male is deeply uninterested in how your day went, what your co-workers said, or who victimized you. He excels at family life, making order out of disorder, and fixing problems. A true traditional husband and father, he haunts the basement, garage and den, often fondly listening to the music of his teenage years. While a very good host at the holidays (if he is not at work), he is not a social butterfly and after age 29 dislikes parties. He partied in his youth and is through with it.

Around retirement age, certain Taureans might perk up, though, and sparkle with interest in new adventures such as travel or ballroom dance, or, like George Clooney, a new father at age 56, raising children. It’s like getting a whole new mate!

The advantage of the Taurus Sun male above all other signs: No matter how old and saggy you both get, the Taurus male who maybe only once said "I love you" still loves you. He is too tired or lazy to cheat. He always comes home. He waited a long time and sifted through a lot (a lot!) of encounters to find the most valuable partner. You are the one.

Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

Taurus Works Hard for the Money

Taurus males often look like this, or at least keep a big jar of coins.

Taurus males often look like this, or at least keep a big jar of coins.

Taurus Means What He Says -- the First Time. Don't Fool Yourself

Don’t you love it when people ask, “What does he mean when he says he’s not ready for a relationship?”

Listen intently when your Sun-in-Taurus male speaks. The Taurus man means every word he says, but says important things like “I’m not ready” or “We're not compatible" only once. There is no hidden layer of meaning. His statements are decisive. His mind is made up. He might say meaningful things in a tone that’s more of a rumble than his normal voice, because he’s being dead serious.

Abandon all wishful thinking about what you hope a Taurus man’s statement secretly meant, or that you heard him incorrectly. The Taurus male is not a poetic Pisces. If he said he will never marry again, he means it. If you’re foolish enough to keep hanging around, hinting you should move in together, hoping for wedding bells, the Taurus male will gladly be your bed buddy, but only until he is tired of you or finds someone he likes better.

If Taurus is using you solely for recreation he is aware that you two are in a degrading situation. It is then that the Taurus male will tell you every lie known to humanity, saying what you want to hear. By not believing him when he spoke truthfully, by fooling yourself, you made it clear that you would rather hear him lie.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Sylvia Sky

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