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Secrets of Spiritual Powers

The awakened world can transform into the oneness of existence’ and ‘eternal freedom of the Soul’.

God works in us to do good as per his will

God can do exceedingly and above all that we ask for or imagine.

God can do exceedingly and above all that we ask for or imagine.

Secrets of Spiritual powers

Secrets of Spiritual powers

In an absolute enlightened state, Bodhi was laughing and singing generously. He continued laughing until his death. Several people, in between, inquired, 'what is the real reason for your rejoicing, so much,' and he explained in simple words. 'I have found the truth. The fact is, in my entire previous life, I have been wandering everywhere, searching for some intense power, known as God. I have now found out that God has already made his abode, residing within me. It was so much idiotic of me to stray my path to go elsewhere. It is unbelievable that I have been searching for so long time outside my body for the truth. I have taken several births in that search, spent past several lives for one real truth, which is residing within me. In reality, I have been searching and I sought the answer now. It means I previously did not understand the Advaita traditional mantra, Aham Brahmasmi.” It is the unity of the individual self, the Atman, the soul, with universal consciousness. ‘the Aham’ means “I”, ‘Brahma’ means “GOD,” Asmi means “Am”. I was a seeker of truth and wisdom, found and reached the ultimate goal I have been fetching so far. I was trying to go everywhere to seek myself, to understand myself. Now, I have found my origin, and also the final Goal. Besides myself, I don’t see any other Goal. Everything is within me. I had no additional goal besides myself, and I have found the truth. I see that, what mistake I was doing in my entire past, all other people are doing the identical mistake. My ridiculous search has ended and looking at other people making the same mistake, I am laughing. I have already discovered the theology of entire spirituality and the truth.

So far, I have been searching in the outer world of the false self, whereas the true self is within me, all the time. This is called self-realization, by understanding the true myself. I have reached from the false self to the true self over the course of thousands of years. Hence, I am laughing because I took so many years to understand and realize this.

The condition of enlightenment is to move towards the process to attain a complete fulfillment, to get the feel and the significance of ‘Infinite tranquility and peace, and clear experience of ineffable bliss of total reality. The feelings reach beyond the conscious state of body-mind, while in the entirety of complete wakeful illumination.

In the traditional ways of Buddhism, the enlightenment concept is transmitted through the sensible word, called Bodhi, which means to awaken, wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge. It is ‘the awakened state of the Buddha intellect’, the term utilized to indicate the Nirvāṇa state because it remains synonymous with the attainment of Sambodhi Samyak, the highest state of awakening, demonstrated by Gautama Buddha.

I understood the real purpose of our life. I understood the grandeur of the Nirvāṇa state, of Nibbāna, the stainless, and pure state of human being, which every person is unknowingly or knowingly trying to seek constantly. Without understanding the truth, we have been moving in the outer material world, seeking material possessions, running after fabricating ideas of no significance or relevance. We need to realize the meaning and magnitude of this exalted wisdom by gaining knowledge of wakeful illumination. We need to realize and attain the immense and inherent human strength that lies within us.

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We should reach the awakened state of pure consciousness, not merely for our personal benefit, but for the entire humanity, for the sake of the entire world community. When we clearly view our bright future, we are pained to observe the core value of people going towards the material benefits, languishing in the darkness of a non-valuable world of falsehood, where only pain, anxiety, and suffering prevails. Then only will India awake, when hundreds of large-hearted men and women, giving up all desires of enjoying the luxuries of life, will long and exert themselves to their utmost for the well-being of the millions of their countrymen who are gradually sinking lower and lower in the vortex of destitution and ignorance.

We have adequate knowledge and experience and with infinite sincerity, and with proper motives, we can capture the minds of all the people and the world. One single virtuous soul can demolish the dark intents of thousands of brutes, thugs, and hypocrites.

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