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A Guide to Scorpio and Capricorn Relationship Compatibility ♏️ + ♑️

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Scorpio + Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn make for an odd, brooding couple. Scorpio brings the passion; Capricorn brings the seclusion.

If you're just wanting to learn about this combination, and you're not a Scorpio or a Capricorn, I would recommend that you never upset this couple. They are meticulous, driven, and they can hold a grudge for a really long time.

Scorpio and Capricorn’s romance is on the dark side. They ever so slightly want to take over the world or at least control it. They have the power to do it. Both are excellent managers of resources. Capricorn is drawn to organizing the practical world. Scorpio takes care of matters of the heart.

Scorpio comes into the relationship ready to go, desiring passion, is obsessive, a little needy, and is driven for success. Capricorn comes into the relationship looking for a steady and loyal partner, a high degree of knowledge on how to conserve energy, and a need to survive.

Scorpio is known for his drive for success and Capricorn is known as a survivalist: together this will make for a long term match that knows no bounds.

  • They are on a similar life plan in this world. Capricorn wants to live a long life; Scorpio wants to live a cutting edge life.
  • Scorpio would sacrifice himself for Capricorn.

Capricorn is a little more realistic than Scorpio, but Scorpio, despite being absolutely passionate, is keenly aware of death. Scorpio is aware that life is precious and must be used not squandered. Scorpio wants to live but only if life is worth living. Capricorn wants to survive even if it is impossible.

Both of these signs are introspective and existential. Scorpio is the first sign of the Zodiac that's actually aware of death. It embraces it and understands it is part of a life cycle. Capricorn, on the other hand, seeks to defeat death. The winter signs in conjunction with each other look for ways to end death. Those signs are Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. They're wiser signs who can help change the scope of our reality.

When you look at the Zodiac, numbers are important. The first couple of signs are about youth, setting trends, hope, and getting the world started. The middle signs feel the crossroads of living and impending death. The later signs, which are more mature old-souls, both accept death and want to transcend it.

Scorpio and Capricorn dates: (1) go on a hike for waterfalls, (2) picnic on a beach, (3) get matching tattoos, (4) explore a graveyard, (5) do something artistic together like write songs.

Scorpio and Capricorn dates: (1) go on a hike for waterfalls, (2) picnic on a beach, (3) get matching tattoos, (4) explore a graveyard, (5) do something artistic together like write songs.

Couple Set on Taking over the World

These two will have a kismet connection. Capricorn can absorb Scorpio’s odd behaviors. Scorpio will find Capricorn’s nature ideal for getting him on the right track to a successful career, a successful family, and a successful romance.

Plan for the Future

These two will plot out their future. They’ll get paranoid and into some tight knots that are hard to untangle. They like to consider all possible threats and come up with strategies to prevent crises.

Over-Protective Parents

The couple will make for strong, but over-protective parents. Capricorn is considered the most family oriented sign. Scorpios prioritize their partners and their family unit. Both people consider family the way to the future.

Both Have Dark Sides

Capricorn and Scorpio are willing to go into the darker sides of life. They don’t mind watching scary movies or intense content. They both might be interested in careers that deal with the bleak reality of it all from criminology, law, journalism, to politics. They can set their minds to anything and get stuff done, especially when they work together.

Scorpio and Capricorn would actually make a pretty good combo for villains in a novel if someone did a character sketch on them. They have intrigue, they're cunning, and their paranoia could be their downfall. Scorpio and Capricorn don’t mind staying at home and brooding. They might stay home and stare at the wall, watch some movies, or read some books. Maybe on the surface they look bored, but underneath their skin, their minds are swirling and coming up with unique possibilities for their future.

Water + Earth

Scorpio wants to nourish Capricorn, and Capricorn wants to provide for Scorpio. Scorpio is interested in seeing all sides of Capricorn, even the bad sides. Capricorn is just flat out curious and amused by the water sign.

Overall, water and earth signs go well together. Water nourishes the earth, and the earth gives back flowers to make the water feel content. They have an automatic symbiotic relationship. They have similar ways of thinking but they portray those thoughts and needs in different ways.

Scorpio needs to learn that he is more impulsive than the Capricorn. Scorpio is dramatic and passionate, which can make them hasty. (Scorpio is guided by Mars, the warring planet.) Capricorn moves at a slow and steady pace. A Capricorn refuses to be manipulated and will stick to her plans. Capricorn sometimes needs to be more vulnerable and open about her feelings.

Scorpio wants to see their partner’s bad parts. Scorpio feels honored to really know someone in an authentic way, that is what they want. Scorpio knows there is no such thing as a perfect person. The Scorpio just wants to know that you are loyal to them despite everything. They expect you to be more loyal than them.

  • Water qualities: focused on matters of the heart, rules emotions, understands flow, understands relationships, lives in intuition, has frequent mood shifts.
  • Earth qualities: focused on material resources, rules senses, understands wealth and health, desires money, likes things that they can physically see. Works in the practical.
Scorpio and Capricorn are both protective of each other. They act as guardians of each other. They both care a great deal about loyalty, spending time together, and like smaller social circles. Each partner knows how to support the other.

Scorpio and Capricorn are both protective of each other. They act as guardians of each other. They both care a great deal about loyalty, spending time together, and like smaller social circles. Each partner knows how to support the other.

Well Suited for Each Other

Where Capricorn is weak, Scorpio makes up for it — and vice versa. This coupling compliments each partner. Scorpio needs someone who is steady and not as out-of-control as them. Capricorn needs someone to shake things up. Both signs want to succeed in a romantic relationship. Scorpio is perpetually drawn to relationships — as for Capricorn they either want to be a hermit or help create a beautiful family.

Together this couple can create a lovely home that’s on a sound budget. They’re capable of taking on a great deal of love, pain, sorrow, and other emotions. This couple doesn't easily separate. Once united, they see enough positives that they’re willing to go the long term.

They need to listen to each other and be honest. If Capricorn is opening up and being real, then things are headed in the right direction. If Scorpio stops using manipulative tactics, then this is also going in the right direction.

Both signs confront hardship rather than try to hide from it. Scorpio is more of a risk taker. Capricorn is fairly conservative and cautious with her energy. She isn’t submissive — she is practical and sees the big picture. Scorpio will have to respect and accept her pace.

Top Ten Tips for This Couple

1. Don't let yourselves get down in the dumps. Make sure you focus on the things that make you happy. Keep a list of things that make you happy. Refer to it during hard times.

2. Scorpio, you need to learn that Capricorn does not like to be manipulated. Be as straight as you can with the Capricorn. Be upfront and honest. Don't snake around ideas you have or your feelings. Capricorn doesn't play emotion games.

3. Capricorn, come out of your shell more. You can be an inspiring person with an eye for aesthetics. Your partner wants to know you more. Your partner wants to spend time with you to better understand your feelings.

4. Capricorn, sometimes your interests bore the Scorpio. Try not to talk about things that are so technical. Instead add some whimsical ideas into your world.

5. Scorpio, you do no have to have a life running at 150% everyday. Take time to breathe, take time to relax, and take time to sort through your thoughts. You do not always need to find the shiny thing. Sometimes you must confront reality which can be — as plain as a beige wall.

6. Capricorns tend to show their love through acts of service. Scorpios tends to show their love through touch. You most likely will have different love languages.

7. Run at your speed. Watch the disturbing movies. Keep some whiskey in the house. Have a garden with some less than desirable plants. Do things your way, not the way your neighbors do them.

8. Have in your house: dark chocolate, raspberries, nuts, earthy foods, history books, finance books, documentaries, hiking gear, sturdy shoes, a label maker, and multiple bookshelves. These items are excellent tools for a Scorpio + Capricorn couple.

9. Don't raise your voices at each other. Capricorn needs time to respond sometimes to Scorpio's requests. Scorpio needs patience. Scorpio is the more impulsive one in the relationship.

10. Make sure that in whatever you do, it's what you want. Be clear and decisive. Both people like decisive action.



October 23 to November 22

December 21 to January 21



Beginning of Winter




Ruled by

Pluto and Mars





Guided by




Maroon, Black

Black, Brown, Gray





Passionate, driven, obsessive, manipulative, dark-minded, edgy, sensitive, stubborn, brash, brooding

Steady, visionary, hermit, selective, conservative, withdrawn, driven, loyal, family-oriented


Dishonesty, disloyalty, showoffs, ego-centric fools, demanding people, ignorance

Short-sidedness, luxury lifestyle, hedonism, hyperactivity, over expression, redundancy, ignorance

Leader or Manager?

Manager of feelings

Manager of resources




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