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Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon Combinations

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Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Sweet.

Her dark side: Analytical.

If this woman has set her sights on you, you're in for a lifetime of love and devotion. The extent of her dedication depends on you. If you want it in the form of brother/sister love, or husband/wife love, she will offer it sweetly. It's not that she's subservient, but rather she is capable of many different kinds of deep feelings for the people in her life. She's the good friend who pops in with pizza on the day of your divorce to tell you that to her you're still divine. When you are feeling like you're growing the waist that ate New York, she'll tell you that portly becomes you best and then put you on a diet. She's not one to hover about, and may not always be in your life on a daily basis, but she'll be there for you if you need her. And, if she loves you, she's probing and will get every last little secret out of you. She's blunt and can tell you what you need to do with your life, but she'll try to be positive in her approach. She's a sweetie in her own mysterious way. You, on the other hand, may not be able to drive all the demons from her soul. She's a hard worker, and will work sweetly by your side. If she has her own place of employment, she'll be a discriminating boss who exacts her money's worth at the end of each payday. She'll also try to communicate with her coworkers. Her concern for people is genuine. The aloof, analytical moon will pick apart relationships of lesser values, but once she has become the mother to your children her commitment to you will be more solid. She'd consider separate housing before divorce. Unless, of course, you're a complete louse. In that case, you'd better drop off the face of the earth. A handsome, sexy man will always catch her attention. The man she can be proud of, she can admire, will be the one she finally settles down with. Don't expect her to give up some of the prior meaningful relationships, for she still intends to be friends with the men she has loved. Another Scorpio, the Scorpio Moon, or the Virgo Sun are the best long term. The Libra hunk, or the masterful Leo catch her attention between relationships."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Deep emotions.

His dark side: False bravado.

He is good looking and masculine, and women are usually attracted to him. His presence is one of strength. He is a macho man who can express his feelings. Alleged to be more mental than emotional, it has been my experience that his emotions run deep and powerful. He will try to conceal this with an intellectual rationalization, but truth is, if he loves you his devotion knows no bounds, even if you don't live up to all he expects from you. He also covers a multitude of worries and anxieties with a false bravado. Never puncture his ego with careless assumptions about his insecurities. His pride can't handle it. He likes the rough and tumble type of woman, lusty and a little untamed. If you are the sexy librarian type, that is okay too, as long as you eventually lose control under his skillful hands. He will work long, hard hours for you. Hold down two jobs to support your extravagances. Sell his soul to buy you the best house he possibly can. He needs you, the object of his devotion. He will analyze you, penetrate your secrets, and challenge you. He will never intentionally criticize you beyond good taste. He will tease you and play with you. He wants to entertain you, to befriend you, and to eventually adore you. Do not take his promise to feed you pablum in your old age lightly. He means it. He is deep still waters, and you know what that means. He will notice your new hairdo, pat your sagging fanny, and caress your over-permed hair. He will make you feel like a million dollars. He will tell you when your dieting has gone to far, and puts his foot down that you have forgotten your vitamins again. He will be as attentive with his children. A Scorpio-Virgo combination always gives a few sexual kinks. Sex in the elevator, watching other men try to pick you up, a little spanking, are some of the stuff women of his choice might indulge in. Indulge she will if she is a Libra, Capricorn, Cancer or Gemini of his choosing."

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(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


Lexi on September 05, 2015:

Scorp with Virgo moon. I've come to find Virgo isn't really my fit. I've found though I am very attracted to them on the short term aspect And end up as friends long term aspect there isn't anything we can't talk about. I do love Taurus I will admit. Taurus is so sexy and typically a mans man. As is Capricorn. In general I catch a lot of earth attention, and I have to admit I love it ;) caps Taurus and Virgo love you guys

Jessica on February 27, 2015:

Ok I'm a Virgo my moon is in Scorpio I got A very sexy Scorpio man that takes care of me.. And I wanted to say Thank you for putting this story about Virgo and Scorpio because it is true

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