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Adrenaline Junkie Scorpio Moon Children

The Moon Children series is my special collection for those who fall on the cusp. I've used this gift my whole life, now I share it with you

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What are Moon Children?

Moon Children are individuals born on the cusp of zodiac signs. These individuals have a deeper understanding of humanity and have some form of metaphysical ability like premonitions, psychic visions, mediumship and many other things.

How do I know If I'm a Scorpio Moon Child?

To figure out if you are a Scorpio Moon child, the first thing to ask yourself is if you were born on the cusp of any two zodiac signs. If you answered yes, then you need to figure out what your moon sign is by doing a natal chart. Look at where the moon is at the exact time of your birth. What constellation is it in? This is your moon sign.

Now take it a step further, what planets are close to the moon when you were born? These planets hold the key to what you are truly capable of doing. Take the time to make your natal chart, and it will guide you and give you many answers to your life. There are many places on the internet you can make one for free.

Scorpio Moon Children

According to the Druids, this moon is ruled by the reed, which makes a strong connection to both water and earth elements. Scorpio Moon children have the strongest bond with their ancestral past and their knowledge, and this gives them a different view on the world they live in. They understand human motivations and nature, without studying them.

Personality Traits

  • Meticulous
  • Analytical
  • Extreme Memory
  • A scientific mind
  • Thorough approach to all things attempted or encountered
  • Excels in exploring the darker, unexamined sides of life

Emotional Side

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Scorpio Moon Children have the most intense emotions, but they can keep them under control. They must go through tough emotional lessons as part of their development of their powers as an empath. Since they won't and don't share their emotions, they find themselves dealing with it on a spiritual level. Arch Angel Jeremel can help these moon children with healing past wounds and with releasing emotions.

Seeking out intense experiences is all that Scorpio moon children know because this is how they learn the best.

Forming their Personality

Scorpio moon children use the death and rebirth process throughout their whole life. They are constantly analyzing the situation, reflecting through each day, and letting go of what no longer serves them. That is why they thrive on challenges, they learn from using this process and don't even realize it.

Their strong will and self awareness has made them survivors of life. This is why the moon has such a strong influence on them. Their fear of rejection keeps Scorpio moon children living a solitude life. Since they thrive on challenges and enjoy doing it alone, the scientific world keeps their interest. Their conflicting views will show them both sides of the research, not as good or bad, but as a whole.

The Secret Keepers

This moon child will keep his secret thoughts and feelings trapped inside. You will never see them express fear or hurt. Their deepest secret in life is to have complete and total control over all of their emotions. This simple is a result of their deep fear of failure and their unwillingness to compromise.

Scorpio Moon Children have humanitarian beliefs and an obsession for subjects dealing with science and esoteric. These natural abilities and personality traits are worth studying further for Scorpio Moon Children, in fact, further reading and understanding of these subjects can bring enlightenment and heighten intuitive & psychic abilities. Embedded in Scorpio moon children's DNA is the gift and natural ability to heal nature and its environment. The ancient knowledge of the elements are just known, and the ability to use water and earth elements in many scientific ways help them to lead a very different lifestyle.

According to theosophy. wiki, “Water teaches the lesson of peace and the control of the astral or sensational body. The command of this element is essential before any progress can be made on the spiritual path.”

Theosophy further explains, “Earth is associated with the physical life and the practical side of existence. The special lesson of the souls with the sun in the earth element is that of service.”

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