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Haunted Places: La Palazza Mansion


Las Vegas, NV

When you hear the words Las Vegas, you can’t help but think of endless fun and excitement. Sin City is a favorite for vacations and weekend get aways in the United States. It does have it’s bad side of course. in this case, I’m not talking about the prostitution, gambling, and under aged kids getting hooked up with booze partying all night. I’m talking about something much darker. It’s a place just outside of the strip called La Palazza Mansion.

Featured on Ghost Adventures in 2010, it was one of the GAC’s most active lockdowns. Seeing how I was in town enjoying my Summer trip to Vegas, I figured I’d drive by to check it out. Driving around, there were some beautiful homes around the area. Then, I came across the mansion. I remember driving by Linda Vista Hospital for the first time feeling full of excitement. In this case, it was a very different feeling. I felt a sense of paralysis come over my body. There was this evil vibration that was coming from the house and all I was doing was driving by it. It’s obvious that no one has been at the property in a while, possibly since the investigation that the GAC did. With the gates that were around it, it might as well be satan’s mansion.

In his book “Dark World”, Zak Bagans had a nightmare prior to this investigation. In this nightmare, this demonic creature was terrorizing people. When the demon came across him, it smiled at him as if he was communicating that they were cool with each other. When I was reading this story, the picture that came into my mind was this yellow fury creature with sharp teeth and horns. Around the same time I had visited the mansion, I had a nightmare as well. It was that same demon that I had imagined in my mind. There were no people in it. It was just me and the creature. It had it’s back faced to me. It then turned it’s head showing it’s face to me. The demon slowly began to smile at me nodding it’s head. I’m grateful to report though that nothing bad has happened to me. I do have firm and aggressive boundaries for demons, so I expect that it backed off. This is going to sound ridiculous and funny, but what came to mind is that it came off like an evil version of Big Bird.

The former owner (I won’t say his name because this house almost ruined his life) was a victim of his own house. It was his dream house. It’s the type of house that a celebrity would purchase. Unfortunately, his eyes deceived him. He was never a believer in the paranormal until he bought La Palazza Mansion. One night, he was having a drink with his friends and girlfriend when suddenly one of his wine glasses slid off the wine rack onto the bar. He then took a sword he owned and started to challenge the entity. The entity then started to choke to owner. One of his friends had to grab him and put him outside so that the entity would stop choking him. The owner said for some reason, him and entity connected in a bad way. Remember those dreams I mentioned earlier? Everything here seems to connect.

It’s believed that the house was a former mob house. There were a lot of secret rooms in the mansion. There was one room that the former owner stumbled upon. It was a steal door with two golden swan towel racks on each side. It led into this white room. Him and his girlfriend pulled the sink out to this room, and there was blood everywhere. Obviously, this was a room where people were murdered.

The owner’s girlfriend had an unpleasant experience in the house as well. All of the evil spirits would say inappropriate sexual comments to her. This usually happened to her when she was in the shower. During their investigation, the Ghost Adventures used a girl that looked similar to the owner’s girlfriend. She was asking a series of questions to capture an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). They were able to capture one that was frightening saying “Kill her!” I’m sure the girl that volunteered loved that piece of evidence.

As of today, the mansion sits abandoned either waiting to be torn down or renovated. Perhaps you’d like to have a Las Vegas home where the rent is cheap? You’d just have to deal with the evil spirits that are there. Just something to think about.


Jeremy Daniel miller on October 14, 2020:

Yes hi is there anyway that me and my team can go ghost haunting there befor we go to Scottsdale Arizona my team is call ask paranormal we are Ghost Hunter

Vic B on July 03, 2017:

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I can say it was one of two homes my wife and I were considering in June 2009. We did pick the other one that I found out has a comparable shocking past. A realtor took us through this home on the other side of 15 south of Charleston. We wandered around the house. I can tell you that NO pot was grown in that room cuz it's behind a bathroom wall and has no doors or windows. The attic is accessible through a little closet on an inside balcony with double bannisters inside the front master bedroom (any other purpose for an inside balcony ???) It was 107 outside and about 70 inside without the AC on - No utilities turned on. I thought it had excellent insulation, but I think the coldness was other reasons. The couple that did end up buying it has a restaurant on Sahara near Decater with a mob theme and we have common acquantices if you want reality.

Education on October 29, 2016:

Ghost adventures and the travel channel were sued for trespassing a house that wasn't theirs for the "owner" of the house lied to them and told them they could film and the house wasn't even his. The bathroom was placed as a secret room because one of the former owners growed his own weed. If there had been blood on the sink why hadn't he called the cops? Quite obvious this room was teared down and turned into a bar before he even had a chance to see. I'm all for the mystical and ghosts but no crime other than growing weed was ever committed in this house.

Dodgedude on August 25, 2015:

Someone actually lives there now,drove by it last week. Went there a few years ago. That place was really something else.. But I didn't get the same feeling when I went last week. Had nightmares for about a week and a half after me and my friends went in. We have a video of red eyes in the house, when we did a walk through. There was a dead dog in the back yard. The house on the inside was nothing but wood frames. We actually have quiete a few things including pictures,video and recordings. But when we left and went home felt like we were being watched when we layed down.

Repo on August 24, 2015:

is there anyway to actually get past the gates and walk the property?

vegasgirl on October 03, 2014:

I live in vegas and worked close to that neighborhood. One night my friends and i decided to stop by that house. Although i had no nightmAres around the time, passing by that house felt very eery. We parked right in front of it and something felt off. Maybe i was scared or something but i did not go back to that place.

manofmystery24 (author) on January 02, 2013:

I'm glad this came to your satisfaction Lipnancy!

Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on October 13, 2012:

Love the spooky ones. I find them very interesting and fun.

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