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Satan Unmasked, Demons and Nephilims Reveled

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I use my pen to fight against social evil. We must stand up together to change this world to be a better place for the next generation.


The evil spirits lost because the evil spirits are the spirits of the human beings that had interbred before the flood. They were all destroyed and they are not redeemable. So they hate the fact that Jesus came back in the flesh.

The evil spirits lost because the evil spirits are the spirits of the human beings that had interbred before the flood. They were all destroyed and they are not redeemable. So they hate the fact that Jesus came back in the flesh.

Have you Counted the Cost for Knowing the Truth?

There are some mysteries in the Bible that we want to know even though we are not ready for it. We think we are ready to know, but it is just like you want to go for skydiving. I wanted to go skydiving so badly. I had built it up in my mind as being something that was going to be really fun and exhilarating. I watched films about it. I thought this was really going to be fun. So I went to class and thought well, how hard can it be.

You just at a certain altitude on your own. The altimeter that you have such a big watch. They throw you out of the airplane. They throw you out at 14,000 feet and then the magic number is 5,500. So you watch this dial as you’re falling. When it goes past six you know it’s going down and five and a half is coming. At five and a half, all you do is you take this hand. You’re looking at this, and you take this hand and you just pull this silver handle. That’s really big and even a monkey could pull it. But it’s amazing.

When you get up there and you’re sitting there on the airplane. You’re up at 14,000 feet and are about to not be a passenger anymore. Then all of a sudden the desire to skydive went away. That’s awesome. I thought about what it was like to just go to the Wendy’s drive-through and have a burger and some biggie fry and dip it in. I just wanted normal and then normal is not so bad. But what it is we build up in our minds. What we expect something is. Subsequently when we find out the reality of it. We find it very difficult to face. That’s what’s going to happen after you read this article.

I'm telling you, when we go deep into the truth what happens is that it starts to tear at the fabric of what people believe. If they don't believe the right thing for whatever reason. I was misinformed. Once I was told the truth. I realized it was tearing at the fabric of what my belief system was, which was wrong. So I didn’t value what was important until I found out what the Lord was telling me. Which was not what I thought. It’s the same with skydiving. So I'm screaming like a little girl, you know halfway down until I realized that I just needed to remember the two things now. They put you through a class that’s five hours long just to do two things. Call out 5,500 feet and pull a silver handle. You think it’d be easy. It is the hardest thing to do when you’re going 180 miles an hour toward the earth and you’re not on the airplane you took off with.

This is the reality of some of the things that God might not want to show you. He might not want you to know because he knows you can’t handle it. But in this case, we are going to unmask Satan. We’re going to reveal him. He does not want that to happen. He does not want you to know his mode of operation. The way that he has power is his secrecy, his cloaking. He’s cloaked now. What has happened is that these evil spirits and Satan they have put out disinformation to cloak themselves. Just like the intelligence field, they can put out disinformation or they can put out part truths to send you in another direction. It’s not the wrong direction. It has some truth in it. But they take you off in a way so that eventually you’re far away from what the truth is. It doesn’t start that way. You are about to hit a hornet’s nest. You’re about to see a hornet’s nest get struck. When you strike the hornet’s nest, it’s not over. It’s just actually begun because if you’re not ready for it you’re going to encounter the wrath of these evil spirits.

In other words, like if you see a big nest of hornets you got to be ready for what’s going to happen next. But if you don’t know what’s going to happen next then you think you’re going to take out the hornet’s nest and that’s going to be the end of it. That is not the truth. That is picking a fight. The next step is you got to be ready. Are you mature enough and ready enough to handle what is about to happen? All of those hornets that you just hit their house. You hit their hotel and now they’re revealed.

They’re exposed and now they’re going to all come out and you’re going to have something to defend and to destroy. Just like Jesus said. He unmasked Satan and revealed him and then he destroyed him. He destroyed the works of the devil. That’s what he did. He came and destroyed the works of the devil. What he did was he exposed them. Here’s the thing Satan didn’t come in an obvious way at Jesus. He came at Jesus through the religious leaders; through the main denomination of the country. These evil spirits do not come in a way where you can figure out what’s going on; unless you have spiritual eyes that understand.

Let me ask you, if you are ready or when you want to do something when you want to know something, or encounter something do you count the cost of the accountability of knowing that? Because once you know it you’re going to be treated as a threat to the enemy. There is no fear here. I mean I'm not worried at all. I mean there is no repercussion at all with what I'm doing. Because I do this all the time. However, I've held back on certain things because people have to be ready for what’s going to happen next. Because Satan wants to cause division so I'm not going to tolerate any division.

I'm just telling you, I would rather keep people in unity to a point where we can agree on something. Is it right to tell these things? I'm going to leave that up to you, and I will just be led by the spirit. But I just tell you right now I'm not going to tell you everything I know because I will have to hear from God to know that we are mature saints; not babies in diapers and with bottles in our mouth. Because babies aren’t ready for some thing heavy or hard to digest. Paul knew a lot of things, and he was not allowed to speak them. He knew many things about warfare. He spoke to the Ephesians, but he didn’t speak very much from what he knew.

I knew he had held back. I knew a lot of people had held back. I know men of God that talked to them they said I’ll never tell this. I've had many people tell me that not just a few. But what we can talk about, we’re going to talk about here.

We’re going to allow the spirit of God to minister to you. What I'm going to reveal to you right now is like a timeline. But you know, someone has to stand up and say some things. I'm telling you, what we believe sometimes may not be correct. I understand we’re tearing at the fabric of what people believe.

Jesus said, listen there’s deception coming. He said it’s so bad that even the very elect could be deceived now. What he was saying in that way is that something so diabolical was coming at the end. Such a deception that even those who were chosen as the very elect of God. Who prophesy, prophets had prophesied about Israel and the end-time events. Even those people could be deceived. That was even possible. He was trying to show that there was something that deceiving and that is why I'm saying these things.

So we’re going to get right into it now there’s a lot of questions here and we’ve had to whittle it down and I'm going to whittle it down even more. Because there’s a lot of questions here that I don’t know that I should answer right now. It’s like I said you hit the hornet’s nest and it’s not over. You’ve just hit the hornet's nest. Now you’ve started a fight. I will be as gracious as I can but I want you to be as gracious as you can too as well. Honor each other and just walk in love.

God Never Meant For A Human Being To Know Evil.

The bottom line is that revelation and knowledge are given to us so that we can be partakers of the divine nature. If you want to be a partaker of the divine nature, Peter said in 2nd Peter chapter 1 that we have precious promises that have been given to us. So that through these promises we can be partakers of the divine nature and escape the corruption that’s in the world through lust.

When the Lord had to take Adam and Eve and take them out of the garden, it was because they had chosen. Not God. They had chosen with their own free will to disobey a simple command. A command that was not restricting them like they thought it was a command; where God had made a choice that they could not handle knowing good and evil. This is what I do know, and I'm sure of it is that God never meant for a human being to know evil.

That’s the bottom line. If you can’t agree with that then you’re not going to be able to go with me and build from there. Because God himself is the only one who told me this. Jesus said that we are the only ones that can know good and evil and still choose good. A human being was made in the image of God. Which means he’s a replica. He’s an image. He’s not the original, so you have to get this in your mind. If you want me to talk about the Nephilim and the giants then you’ve got to follow me through this. I'm not going to talk about it because you’ve got to establish these truths. The reason why the tree was in the garden was that; that was God’s tree. He put it there. Jesus told me that the tree was in the garden because the man was so close to God. He would start to think he was God. Because he was so much like him.

God had to put a barrier to remind them that they were not God. He had to put one thing in the garden. It was his tree it was his tithe. It was his. It was never man's. He put it there, and he ate from that tree in front of them. Every day he ate from that tree. He comes down, and he ate from that tree to show Adam and eve that he was God. And they were not. Why? Because the man was made so much like God. And lived forever and had dominion over everything.

After a while, you would start to think that you were God. That you were equal with God. See an image will never be the original ever. This was why the problem started. It started because God gave man free will, which is part of being in the image of God. Part of the image of God is that we were given the ability to choose. To make man in his image, he had to give them the ability to choose.

However, man like to himself cannot choose correctly. So he eliminated the ability for man to know evil. We were not made to know evil. It is not even in the equation. Did you know that there was no place in the equation to place that into it mathematically? It’s not even part of it, so it’s not part of our DNA. Even our blood, our DNA everything about us there is no place to put that in. The original stock of the atom, the original that was made, it was never meant for a man and a woman to know evil.

They had eyes that saw and discern between good and evil. The problem is, because they weren’t God they could not. They could be tempted, they could be seduced where God cannot be. Why because they’re a copy. They’re not the original. There is this little barrier that God made between him and man. That we would always be submissive to him. Even though we were like him, we would never dishonor him and mistreat the relationship by taking advantage of him. But we had free will. It became the biggest liability, and God knew that. He had a conversation with Jesus, and they decided to do this before they made man. I'm telling you the truth now. You’ve got to see this. Jesus was slain from the foundation of the world according to the book of Revelation. This was already planned before he made man.

He knew what the liability would be if he made man. He would have to give them free will. He knew that they would not do the correct thing. What he did is he made it possible for redemption to happen. Jesus agreed if you make the man I will come back and buy him back and that is the whole story of the gospel right.

When this happened, God knew that part of the redemption process would be the fact that man became mere flesh. He became just a mere man, and he was losing his status as a Son of God. Not, the Son of God but as a Son of God. Because of the deterioration that was going to happen. You can see this in the length people lived. They went from 930 years. Methuselah was 969 years Adam 930 years. We were talking about Seth, and he lived 912. And we start backing down to 600 years at the time of Noah. Then we have 180 years and then we’re at 120 years. This happened in Genesis chapter 6.

Nephilim On The Earth

Now the problem is that with this fall, the separation that happened was that we were divided within ourselves. We used to function just as one unit inside of ourselves. Paul said this. He goes, there are people that oppose themselves within themselves. Well, what would that be? That would be your soul. The psyche part of you, the psychology. The word psyche came from the Greek word which is the soul and there is a body. There’s a word in Greek for the body. There’s a word for in Greek for the soul and then there’s a word for the spirit. A man according to first Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 23 was in three parts. At the beginning with Adam and Eve, I saw that was not discernible.

I saw now that we’re so complicated and we’re so intricately made. Let’s put it that way that even now it takes the sword of the spirit to divide between the soul and the spirit. That’s how intricately made we are. This the word of God. The spirit of God has to come in to even show us what’s the spirit and what’s the soul. That’s why you’re so complicated. That’s why you don’t even understand yourself sometimes. We were never made to function in a broken world. We were never meant to function with a discrepancy or a disappointment or death. We have to deal with death. We have to deal with all these things that happen, and we wonder what we did to make this happen. You might have not done anything. It’s a broken world. You get sick, that’s because you’re in a broken world. It’s not always your fault. It’s that we’re dealing with things that happened because Adam and Eve disobeyed God. You could see through the different chapters of Genesis. Adam and Eve get pushed out. We see Cain and Abel. We see the first murder. We see little people lying and stealing.

We see Jacob, the way that he worked things. We see the manipulation that happened and then God has to wrestle with him and change his name. Because things need to develop to a place where God can deal with a person. The prophecy that God gave Adam and Eve was that the seed of the serpent, which I didn’t know that the serpent had seed, was going to somehow come against the seed of the woman.

When God said that it was like what do you mean. And all of a sudden we see Cain kill the firstborn who was his brother Abel. Right away Satan is going after the messiah the deliverer. Because God said that there will be a seed come through the woman. That will crush the skull of the seed of the serpent. It’s a big mystery right. It is a mystery until we get into the first couple of chapters of Genesis and then we start to see things are getting messed up really fast. We have the Godly line that was through Adam and his sons. We have the Godly line, and we have a son named Seth. If you look at these men that lived, they lived a very long time. They all had children and yet the father kept living for a long time. I mean a long time.

Every hundred years it was just like a few years like 10 years. But it was hundreds of years would go by and thousands of people are being born in these lineages going down. But see that’s the Godly line of Seth. You got Adam and then you’ve got the Godly line and you’ve got their sons. They extend way out into Genesis chapter 6. Then you have Noah being a descendant of that Godly line. He was the only one left at that point that could be preserved. All flesh had been contaminated and we can go through those scriptures. I can read these scriptures to you, but it says that Noah was perfect in his generations. He and his family. There were only eight people left on the earth that had not been corrupted in their flesh.

The seed of the serpent had started to work into the seed of the woman. A messiah was coming. You have to remember that this was planned. If you look, God keeps a pure stalk through the ages and he did this through Seth. There was a time when the sons of God were not allowed. This Godly line was not allowed to go into the daughters of men, and this is the way I see it.

This is what I know but see most people don’t understand that. The angels I saw that left their abode they came down and influence; say the Nephilim was on the earth in those days. Conjunction separating what was about to be said. The sons of God went in to the daughters of men. They looked and saw that the daughters of men were attractive and took as many as they chose. We have the Nephilim, the fallen ones coming down on the earth. Then you have them influencing the sons of God to do something that they were not supposed to do. You have Nephilim. If you read the scripture correctly, you have Nephilim, you have sons of God, and you have daughters of men. There are three different parties, three different entities.

The Evil Spirits Are The Spirits Of The Human Beings That Had Interbred Before The Flood.

You cannot jump and say that an angel can do what people say they do. They cannot. When we go to heaven, we are like the angels who are not given in marriage. There is no marriage in heaven. Jesus said you would be like the angels. You won’t be married. You won’t be given in marriage. There’s no reproduction. You’re going to be just like the angels. Jesus has already said this. How can you jump across the grand canyon and call it a step by saying that an angel can do this? This is not something that I want to argue about. I'm just telling you that the angels that left their abode are chained now. Peter says they’re chained right now. They were incarcerated right now. They are not demons. The demons are a part of the hybrid race that God destroyed through the flood. Because he said all flesh is corrupted. He said all flesh, he said so. He even destroyed the animals. He destroyed all wildlife. He repented that he had made man and said my spirit cannot strive. He cannot indwell man any longer.

I'm going to limit how long they live because I can’t take it anymore now. This language is the same language that he told Moses on the mountain. He said I can’t be among them anymore. He said so me and you Moses, we’re fine. And I'm going to be with you and Moses said, oh no if you’re not going with us we’re not going. Because Moses understood what happened in Genesis 6. When God starts talking like that. We’re in trouble because he knows what’s going to happen next.

That’s what happened. Did you know he said I'm going to destroy them and kill them? I'm going to make a nation out of you. God was going to take Moses and do what he did with Noah. Because what God is thinking is I've got to succeed against Satan and preserve this godly line so that the messiah can be born through a virgin. That’s what this is all about.

It’s not just talking about dinosaurs and Nephilim and giants and UFOs. It’s about God’s heart for the man that he wants to preserve them and bring them back as a family. It’s all about love. It’s all about God in his love and his mercy to redeem man. Satan is trying to put him in checkmate constantly. All the bloodlines throughout the bible proves that God won. Because when Jesus came in the flesh it was through the lineage that was not infiltrated by a hybrid race or the tainted blood. The life is in the blood. Satan could not say that because I know what he was going to do. I was told Satan was going to appear before God after Jesus was crucified and say I got you because he’s not fully human. His whole idea was to taint the lineage of Mary so that when Mary was impregnated, she would not be fully human and then Satan could say he’s not spotless. That was the whole idea. I'm believing that you all are listening to this. It’s all about God is buying back a family with a pure stock of Adam. The second Adam was Jesus Christ. But he had to come in a perfectly human body, 100 percent human without any spot, no blemish because he was the spotless lamb.

That’s why in the law you couldn’t sacrifice a lamb that was blemished. Even when you went to Jerusalem to offer your sacrifice, they inspected your sacrifice to make sure that it was perfect. If it wasn’t then, it wouldn't be acceptable. It was preparing people. This is what the serpent seed was trying to do, is to infiltrate human blood. Trying to get the pure stock of a human being to be tainted. So that when Jesus came he would not be a perfect lamb. Well, Satan lost and see when you talk; I've heard the demons say that the blood, it was the blood that defeated us. I've heard demons say don’t talk about the blood of Jesus, it destroyed us. I've had demons as they’re coming out say don’t talk about the blood it destroyed us. I've had demons say don’t mention the name of Jesus. That’s why it says that no one that confesses that Jesus didn’t come in the flesh that’s an evil spirit speaking to a person.

The apostle John and all of them are talking about the fact that an evil spirit will not acknowledge that Jesus came in the flesh. That’s the antichrist spirit. Why would not an evil spirit acknowledge that Jesus came in the flesh? That’s what destroyed him. The evil spirits lost because the evil spirits are the spirits of the human beings that had interbred before the flood. They were all destroyed and they are not redeemable. So they hate the fact that Jesus came back in the flesh. Because he came back in perfect flesh.

None of these evil spirits didn’t have that status, or they wouldn’t have been destroyed. That being said and I've hit the hornet’s nest. This whole earth was full of people and they were all destroyed. But they are not fully human and are not fully what anything else, they were a hybrid.

However, angels can’t inhabit people. They have a different type of body. But evil spirits are not angels. The angels that left their abode are chained up. So why are you having devil problems? Why do you have evil spirit problems? Why do people have evil spirits bothering them if they’re all chained up? I'm glad you answered me. I can hear you because see you know this is very simple math. You can just use one hand. You don’t need a sliding roll or an abacus or a calculator or your toes to count. You just use one hand. You can do this very simply. What the scripture reveals is Jesus said that hell was not made for the man. It was made for the devil and his angels. That’s what it says. What do you do with hybrids that are not an angel? But they’re not all fully human either. Well, the problem is that when Jesus started to minister he was driving out demons. He was driving out evil spirits which are not angels. These evil spirits are the spirits of the disembodied people. They lost their body. They were judged by the flood. But they have no redemption. They have no way of ever getting back.

What do you do with those? Where in the scripture does it say that they go to hell? I just hit the hornet's nest again. Why do you believe what you believe? If you look at the scripture, it’s just as true when the scripture doesn’t say something as it is when it does say something. It’s better to leave things alone if you don’t know. But I'm telling you that we’re dealing with demons. We’re dealing with ferocious devils that are predominantly wanting to kill steal and destroy. They are emphasizing corruption in sexual perversion, in every way. Why are evil spirits promoting sexual perversion? Why is everything that’s going on has to do with perversion? I’ll tell you why. Because this was part of that hybrid race that was formed. Because of sexual misconduct.

Peter says that through these promises we can escape, we can be a partaker of the divine nature. Well, what does that mean? That means we’re children of God. What does that mean? Well, then we’re sons of God, which means we took the place and we are redeemed back to the status that Adam and Eve had. Which means we are sons of God. This is what John chapter 1 verse 12 talks about. It says that we beheld him. It says that those who loved him and adhered to what he said he gave them the power to become sons of God.

We’ve been given the authority. There is the word for authority. That power is authority. We have been given back the authority that Adam and Eve had. What does that mean? That means that now these evil spirits are subservient to the sons of God. If that is the case then everything matches with what Jesus said. You’re going to trample on serpents and scorpions. You’re going to have power and authority over all the devils. So you’re going to drive devils out. These spirits, evil spirits they’re unclean. We have this problem with flesh. God solves it by having to preserve the bloodline. As you go through history, he had to curb sin all the time. Why? Because as it goes on, there was always going to be another unseen realm working parallel against human beings. That was alive in the flesh. If you look at what Paul is saying in second Corinthians chapter 10 he is saying that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal or fleshy but they’re mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. But then he says, bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. He said anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God, that's already needed to be brought down.

He goes from what you think is spiritual warfare to saying that it has to do with our thought process. Any thought to the obedience of Christ. He’s showing that there is an influence of evil spirits around us. But their mode of operation is through the thought process. Because we have the authority on the earth. Because we’re in the flesh. We’re redeemable human beings. These evil spirits don’t have a body. What they want is they want to get a body. They want to get the will of a human being to yield to them so that they can manifest. Because they can’t manifest.

Well, they have to start with a thought. They have to get a person to think something that’s wrong. If you don’t pull it down then, it starts to exalt itself and then you have people like there were in the old testament. Like Nimrod, who just knew how to circumvent God. That we have all these different kinds of forbidden things like inquiring of witches. And gay that using the stars for guidance. These were ancient arts that these fallen ones taught men. So God says you don’t inquire about witches. You don’t use the stars for guidance. You don’t let familiar spirits lead and guide your life. You have to submit to what God has called correct or right. It’s righteous.

God has established his laws to curb sin so that even today we live by the perfect law of love. So we love God with all our hearts, and we love our neighbor as ourselves. That second part is two things. See, we love neighbors but we love ourselves. It says love your neighbor as you love yourself. So we love ourselves, but we love our neighbor as ourselves. In other words, we consider others even more important than ourselves. If we do, that Jesus said you fulfilled all the law. It’s the law of love. What will shut down a devil? Love because love conquers all and I saw this when I was in heaven. I saw that if you act in love towards someone that it disarms the enemy. That’s working every single time. Because if you love someone they’re not defensive anymore and the devil loses his grip on that person.

You can love people and love conquers all and it really literally does and that’s why Paul stuck chapter 13 in first Corinthians between two chapters to talk about the gifts of the spirit. Because he said if you don’t have love, he said none of this stuff matters. Why? Because the devil will beat us even if you’re used to the gifts of the spirit.

The Days of Noah Coming Again

When human beings fell, they experienced what we would call the flesh and the carnal nature. We’re kind of trapped in our bodies. You can see this in Romans chapter 7. Where Paul wanted to do things but he couldn’t do them. And then the things that he didn’t want to do he did. The things he wanted to do he couldn’t do. He says, what a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? He’s talking about what happened to Adam and Eve once they fell. They were outside the garden. They were trapped in what we see here as flesh. Now the flesh has power over us. That it didn’t have. It’s because our eyes were open to evil. We’re always struggling with doing right. Whereas normally we wouldn’t have to do that.

The basic theme is going to be what we have in spirit. In our fallen state we deal with the flesh. But in our redeemed state we still have to deal with the flesh. But we deal with it by the spirit. And that’s why Romans 8 says that if we live by the spirit we please God. But if we live by the flesh, we cannot please God. In fact, it says the flesh is hostile toward God. It actually works against God. That’s what we see in the manifestation of people that were in rebellion. They did things that they were not supposed to do. Because they broke rules continually. It continued to corrupt flesh to where God had to curb the sin. At one point he just had to destroy the earth.

I feel like people need to focus not on just the giants and the Nephilim but on what was really going on here. Here’s how I got involved in all this. The things that have always bothered me getting back to genesis. Getting back to the lines of Cain. For instance, it always bugged me that when you go into the bible and read the line of Cain it stops after seven generations. Interesting and if you go through the line of Seth, it goes all the way to the flood which is 10 generations. Why does Cain stop at seven generations? Then I read in Jude verses 14 and 15. It was also about these men. Enoch is the seventh generation in the line of Seth. So he’s lining up with Tubal Cain on the other side. The line of Cain right. Which is the last line. It says behold the Lord came with many thousands of his holy ones to execute judgment upon all and to convict all the ungodly of all their ungodly deeds which they have done in an ungodly way. Of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against him. There’s a lot of ungodly in there. So it appears anyway, that there was this extreme judgment that was laid out in this seventh generation from Adam. Which would have been the line of Cain, but it doesn’t stop there then it goes all the way to the flood and Noah.

Then I read in the bible where it says I can’t indwell them anymore. I can’t strive with them. I can’t indwell it. What do you mean you can’t? You’re God. I'm not going to do that because he is flesh. That’s what he says. That’s the reason. What’s going on here? God is gonna wipe everything out and keep just one family and start over with them.

Then as we go through the line and we get to what you just talked about with Moses. He’s talking about doing it again, and Moses knew what was about to happen. But Moses talks him out of it this time. He still wasn’t happy. He said okay well, I'm just going to wipe them all out and start with their prodigy. Their sons and daughters.

Then, after Noah has these three sons. Of course Shem, Ham and Japheth. It says multiple times and Ham was the father of Canaan. I get it. There must be something going on here and so Ham does something to his father. Because it even says in the scripture that he knew what his son had done to him. It’s not just that he looked at his nakedness. No, it says he knew what his son had done to him, and he said I'm going to curse Ham. He doesn’t even mess with Ham, he says I'm cursing Canaan this was Noah.

Noah made sure that Canan’s line was not going to rule over the other lines. I have it here. He said this in Genesis 9. So he said cursed be Canaan a servant. Servants, he shall be to his brothers. He also said blessed be the Lord the God of Shem and let Canaan be his servant. May God enlarge Japheth and let him dwell in the Shem. Let Canaan be his servant. When Israel came into the promised land what ended up happening? Well, all those ites were there waiting for and they were killed. And the people that they didn’t kill when the sons of Israel became strong they put the Canaanites into forced labor. But they did not drive them out completely. They did what Noah prophesied they were going to do. It was a prophecy to make sure that they didn’t take over right.

But see, it was preemptive that Lucifer made sure that his offspring was there in the promised land waiting and they had strategically placed themselves all these ites. All these hybrids and the ites were the descendants of Canaan. But he understood and just so you know this is what we’re showing you how it pops up again. It ends up that they preemptively went to the land of Canaan the promised land and stationed himself there. When Joshua brought Israel in, they had to go up the whole way north destroying city after city taking them over and killing all the giants. That was the command of God. They weren’t doing it on their own. God told them don’t marry them. Don’t intermingle with them. Wipe them all out, take them outright.

He was trying to ask the question of what was going on? Why would he be so heavy-handed, he just didn’t want them around anymore? He was protecting the bloodline. So that’s when I came to you, and I said. I suspect. I don’t know how much you want to kick your horn’s nest here.

The feeling here is that when it says as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be from the son of man. I think what would be helpful to know what’s going on now. If we are close to the second coming of the Lord. If that is going on then what is happening today. That would parallel to what would have been happening during the days of Noah. That would have gotten God so upset. In Revelation 19 the Lord is going to come back again with an army and wreak judgment over the earth again. That’s right. It’s going to happen again. So we’re going to get him to the point again that he’s going to do the same thing that he’s done back in the days of Noah.

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We’re at a place where these evil spirits have stayed hidden, and they’re cloaked in disinformation. So nobody understands what’s going on. They don’t understand that evil spirits are empowered by their secrecy. They have got that cloak so that we cannot always identify their mode of operation. Because we don’t understand their origin. Wouldn’t understand the mentality and what is going on. These are disembodied spirits that have no expression unless they embody someone.

They are looking to usurp authority over a human being and rule over them and then use them like a guided missile. They’re using a live human being to do their work. That’s why I am against evil spirits.

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Jack Jenn from Living in hope on planet earth. on October 14, 2020:

Hi Binoy,

Firstly, thank you for directing me to this article - appreciated.

A lot of good food here for those mature enough to understand it - but of course, there are so many 'Babes in Christ' who won't have any idea of what you are trying to impart. And you've covered a lot of ground here. And that's OK too, there are some things here that even they can understand if they digest it slowly.

However, sad as it is, so many are running away from Him instead of toward Him, which, in the short time we have left will only get worse.

So many are completely unaware that we are now standing on the very edge of the Tribulation precipice that is going to take so many by total surprise. Even those who don't believe know and understand by the fallen state of the world at this present time, that something bad is coming and will soon happen. They just don't know what it is or how soon it will come.

I once met a man who told me about his school-age daughter and he asked her what she knew of Jesus. She replied, "That's the T man isn't it"?

It took a few seconds to sink in that she was referring to illustrations she had seen of Jesus on the cross. Needless to say it stunned me but I wasn't surprised.

I understand your desire to help a 'lost sheep' which is the given responsibility of all of us and you never know when God will bring a lost sheep across our path. If we plant the seed God will do the watering.

My best regards,


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