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Salvation Story for Children

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Romans 5:8 "but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

(You can change the ages of the bullies and Paul to match your students' age group. If you are telling the story to one particular child, its very effective to use them in the place of Paul. For the older age groups, You can also make the little boys a little bit older so it is more fitting. This was written for ages 8 and under, please feel free to make it older sounding for the older age groups, but please don't stray from the passion of the story. It has been proven to bring children to Jesus.)

One day there was a group of 8 year old bullies on the playground. They had surrounded 2 little 4 year old boys, Tyler and Kace, who had made a faces at them and said some mean things to them earlier. They began pushing the little boys, and kicking them, and hitting them, and laughing about it. But there was another 8 year old boy, named Paul, who saw what was happening and went over to stop the bullies. He pushed his way through the crowd, grabbed Tyler and Kace, and started to walk them away quickly. The bullies were close behind and started pushing Paul. He looked at the bullies and said "you need to leave them alone, right now!" The bullies replied, "We're only going to wait and beat them up again later. Those little brats made faces at us, and they are going to pay for it." Paul took a deep breath, held his chin up high, and said, "if u promise to leave them alone forever... I will let y'all beat me up instead." The bullies thought about it for a second, then with evil smiles, they accepted Paul's deal. Tyler and Kace stood in the background watching as Paul was grabbed by the bullies. They began punching him, spitting on him, and calling him awful names. After a little while, Paul had fallen to the ground. Even though he had black eyes, blood dripping down his face and arms, his shirt all torn up, bruises all over, and most likely a broken nose... the bullies kept on kicking him and hitting him with sticks. When Paul was laying on the ground, he could just barely see little Tyler and Kace outside the circle. They were smiling and laughing as they were pointing at Paul who was getting beat up. When the bullies had finally had enough, they left Paul bruised, bloody, and lying on the ground. The only boys left were little Tyler and Kace, who were still laughing with big smiles on their face. (say very seriously) With saddened eyes, Paul looked at the two boys and said, "I did this for you." (pause for a few seconds to let that sink in) Once Paul could stand up, he took the little boys by the hand, and walked them safely home. Kace giggled and smiled the whole way home, but Tyler was quiet. when Paul began to walk away, Kace whispered, "Loser." But Tyler shouted to Paul, "Why did you do that?" Paul turned around and simply said, "Because I love you." Kace went inside, but Tyler ran up to Paul and gave him a big hug and said, "thank you so much. I'm sorry for laughing at you."

This might sound like a made up story, but really... it is based on a true story. THIS IS THE STORY OF OUR LIVES! MY LIFE AND YOUR LIFE! Tyler and Kace represent us, the bullies represent sin and the people who killed Jesus, Paul represents Jesus, and getting beat up represents death. Tyler and Kace were sinning when they were making faces and saying mean things to the other boys. That's just like when we do things that we know is wrong, we are sinning. The bullies started attacking them the way sin attacks us, because once we have sinned, God can no longer let us into heaven. But then Paul, who did nothing wrong, came to save the boys from the bullies. When Jesus came to earth, He never sinned or did anything wrong. He actually earned His way to heaven. That's something no other human has ever done ro can do. But because Jesus knew how much God loves me and you, Jesus took our place for us. He let sin beat Him up on purpose. He let sin kill Him. Jesus asked God to punish Him for my sin and your sin, so we wouldn't have to be punished for it. If Paul hadn't gotten beat up, those little boys would've been beat up really bad. Well, Jesus had never been mean to anyone His whole life, and He was beat up really bad. While Jesus was getting beat and when He was hanging from the cross dying, people were laughing at Him and spitting on Him and making fun of Him. Even when everyone was being mean and killing Him, Jesus was looking out at all of them and He asked God to forgive them, because He loved them... no matter what.Jesus paid the price for every person's sin in the whole world, but that doesn't mean everyone gets to go live with God and Jesus in heaven after we leave earth.

You can chose to either be like Kace or Tyler. Kace didn't believe he needed to be saved from the bullies, and he didn't care what Paul had done for him. But Tyler realized that he had sinned and that's why the bullies were beating him up. Tyler understood that he did need to be saved and didn't deserve what Paul had done by taking his place and getting beat up for him. Once Tyler understood he was a sinner, and Paul had truly saved him, he ran and thanked Paul and apologized for being wrong. Now, we can be like Kace, and refuse to admit that we sin or that we need Jesus to save us from our sin. We can go on with our lives not caring that Jesus was beat up and killed all so we wouldn't have to pay for our sin and go to hell forever without God. Or, we can be like Tyler. We can understand that we sin in our life, and because of that sin, we can't be with God. We can believe that Jesus really did get beat up and killed all because He loves us soooo much, and because He doesn't want to see us go to hell forever after we leave earth. Just like Tyler did, if you truly are sorry for your sin, you can tell God how sorry you are for all the sin and wrong things that you've done that would lead to Jesus having to die for it, and tell Jesus how thankful you are that He came to earth, just to take your punishment so you wouldn't have to be punished. If you believe in you heart that Jesus died for your sin and that Jesus was the only one in the whole world who could take your place, then God promises that He will love you as if you were His own child, and you get to live with God and Jesus forever and ever in heaven after you leave this earth.

So... God loves us so much, that even though everyone was sinning everywhere, Jesus still died for us in the hope that we will accept Him and love Him back so He can save our lives.

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Jeannine on July 22, 2015:

Loved the story. I teach children's bible study at my church and I will definitely be using this in my class. Thank you!

Patty on June 24, 2014:

Very applicable. I like how it follows along the line of school bullying, and puts it into perspective for young ones.

jeremycolombo on June 23, 2014:

How wonderful and easy to understand for all ages! Thank you sharing!!

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