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Sagittarius Man and Libra Woman

Isabella shares dating tips and advice from the perspective of an American woman.

Are Sagittarius Men and Libra Women Compatible?

Sagittarius man and Libra woman could be a great match. And I mean that most sincerely. But if they are going to be such, they will both need to be equal in intelligence, or things could go downhill pretty quickly. Oh, there will be loads of physical attraction going on and plenty of interest on both side, but whether or not the fire can keep burning will depend greatly on whether or not they can keep each other interested on an intellectual level, because Libra woman is a bit different to most women in that she has the ability to think like a man and she'll need her Sagittarius to be equal to the task. To learn more about the astrological compatibility between the Sagittarius man and the Libra woman, keep reading!

Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius male is going to be wowed by the Libra woman for the simple reason that she looks like a woman but can think like a man. She's fascinating to him and he loves to be fascinated. However, she should not let practicality interfere overmuch with the relationship. For example, just because he wants a longer leash doesn't mean she should cut the chain altogether and see what he does. If that happens he might lose all interest! He wants to feel like he has his freedom, but at the same time he still wants to know you want him. Libra woman may think the reverse psychology aspect will benefit their relationship but that sort of thing tends to make people feel less wanted and that's never a good feeling.

Libra Woman

This woman is practical and levelheaded and intellectual. She will need her man to be equally intelligent, though she's one of the rare women who would be comfortable leading the relationship as long as her man pulled his own weight when need be. What makes her so attractive to men is she's uber feminine despite having all these "masculine" characteristics. To the Sagittarius man, this is one of the most perfect women he could dream of. But in order to sweep her of her feet, Sagittarius man will need to prove himself logical, patience, able to compromise and capable of flexibility in areas he's not used to flexing in. If he can do this, he will have a much better chance with this highly dynamic woman.

copyright Tavmjong

copyright Tavmjong

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