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You can have anything you wish in your life - but if your sense of self-worth or your happiness depends on having it, then you are ‘attached’ to it.

Whoever or whatever you are attached to, can manipulate and control you.

Cords are formed between people who have unresolved issues between them. Every time you send thoughts or words of anger, jealousy, hurt, envy or need to someone, you manifest a tiny thread which attaches to them. An occasional thought may dissolve it, but if you consistently send negative feelings out, the threads will form ropes or cords. These will remain and bind you together, until they are released.

In subsequence lifetimes the cords will reactivate and draw you inevitably towards those with whom you have unresolved issues. This is to enable the soul the opportunity to do things differently. We can be attached to things or objects. Negative energies such as greed, pride, envy and need can send huge cords to objects like houses, cars, bank balances and jobs. This is why it is called ‘the trappings of wealth’.

You can, of course, have a beautiful home, a great job and a lovely car to drive - but, if you need to live in that beautiful home and you need to drive that fancy car to give you status or security, it then becomes a ‘trapping’.

In regards to relationships, you are entitled to enjoy a wonderful, loving relationship with a suitable partner.

Neediness though, cords you to your partner with the result that you are pulled to and fro emotionally (and psychically). Co-dependant relationships enmesh you in cords so that it is difficult to feel objective about the relationship, or to leave your partner. You are bound.

When a parent becomes bound to their child it becomes difficult to release them into adulthood. A child may be so attached to a parent that it is difficult to form and maintain mature, adult relationships with a partner.

Attachment is ‘conditional’ love. Unconditional love dissolves the cords that bind. If you need someone to behave in a certain way in order to love them, then that is NOT love – it is attachment.

We hold (and cling) onto others for our sake, not theirs.

When we put our hopes, desires and expectations on people, they react from their own patterns. When we accept them as they are, this is Love.

It is very common for a whole family to be entangled in cords of co-dependency. Shame and guilt bind you to memories and hold you back. When you are ready to forgive yourself for your past actions, you dissolve these restricting cords and the memory looses its energy.

Forgiveness dissolves cords for all time. Our souls wish for us to face and release all our unresolved issues and life lessons so that we are free to move forward. When you forgive someone and totally let go of what has happened in the past, you free both that person and yourself.

The most powerful way of releasing attachment is by intention, visualization and unconditional love for the self and others.




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    You can have anything you wish in your life - but if your sense of self-worth or your happiness depends on having it, then you are attached to it. Whoever or whatever you are attached to, can...
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