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SDA Church Is Celebrating 8th Anniversary

Roger Condez, a recent author from Bacolod City, In addition to writing, he likes to read Bible stories and Lesson reviews for discussion.

SDA Church is Celebrating the 8th Anniversary at Kabugwason, Mansilingan June 12, 2022 by Looking Back the Sacrifices

Theme: Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength”

Kabugwason Church has seen both strength and weakness, but we are aware that there is still time to make a change, no matter where you are in life. God is only patiently waiting for us to let him in. Embrace a fresh sense of optimism. Rejoin Us. The Word of God can be studied in greater depth at our church.

Looking back on our sacrifices and praising God for all we have accomplished as a church and as a family collectively, Kabugwason SDA Church is commemorating the church's eighth anniversary and the start of the new year.

Seventh Day Adventist Church of Kabugwason (Actual Shot)


Sda Church Timeline Photos from 2013–2021 (Building a foundation)

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Luke 1:37

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Through the years, still standing

A year of sacrifice has passed. It's been a year filled with empathy and love. A year has passed since we began sharing God's words. Since we graduated a year ago, God has abundantly blessed us. It was only a dream before, but now it's a chance to share the happiness that God has given us.

As we continue to serve God, may His grace abound in the years to come. All praise be to God!

© 2022 Roger Condez

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