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Runic Combinations for Attracting Steamy Romance


Those runes are made as an honoring to the goddess Sjöfn - the goddess who inclines hearts to love. Her power extends far beyond passion or romantic love. If one reflects on her functions, it becomes clear that she governs the whole complex of tender relationships in which women keep the family together, including the love for siblings, parents and children, and the affection that grows between those who work together. Her symbol is a pink stone heart on a golden chain.

This Rune is best applied to crystals (rose quartz), pictures of you and the person, or skin (any natural carrier). The rune causes a partner (male, female) feel a need for a relationship and seek joy in these relationships. It also removes all sorts of influences that can negatively affect relationships.

A letter from a number of runes Riftu Letur, (protects from quarrels, lapels and strife. Inguz helps foster ordinary daily interactions. The forces of the Rune connects the lives of these two, into a strong family that grows and becomes one.
Rune of Moroka, which induces a love haze and creates the illusion of charm, it enhances the love spell of the stav.

Yera - Kano- Soulo - An extinguished flame of love, which is fixated on itself and does not allow any negative influences to break in. The secondary Uruz supports passion in sexual relations. Where Gebo is the relationship itself.

Laguz - Vunye - a stream of joy and pleasure in a relationship.
Eyvaz - Nautiz - Vunye - Ansuz - unconditional obedience to the directed action of the stave, by doing this you force magic to work with guaranteed success, at 100%.
Teivaz, as a cruel coercion, is the goal itself, and Stunginn íss - the work of the stave is undefined and the object is sure that these are his own desires.

Æsínger - will help by any means to achieve the goal, using it to remove obstacles and give strength, it is worth considering the fact that the rune has no moral restrictions on action, therefore it is better to stipulate it as an influence on the moral settings of the object, turning them off for the time it takes to overcome obstacles.
sól - will not only reinforce by becoming the energy of love and passion, but will give soft protection.

The first letter (it is located in the upper left corner) - is intended to prevent the negative associated with the destruction of the family, the letter works for both magical and ordinary actions, it can work as a punishment letter for a sorcerer for a quarrel, or it can work as a punishment letter for neighbors who gossip about you.

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The second letter (lower right corner) - is intended to prevent various kinds of negativity aimed at relationships between two people, here we are not talking about love relationships, we mean any relationship between two specific objects - gossip, slander and so on, and magical - squabbles, colds, etc.

For a better result, biobindings can be added to the rune (saliva, blood - desired). Activate with fire.

Call and present gifts and offerings - Freya, Sjöfn for women, for a man you can call to Odin.
The results of the action will not keep you waiting

Here is another rune that a fellow witch made that targets some steamy attractions

Here is another rune that a fellow witch made that targets some steamy attractions

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