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Runes for Opening Financial Channels

Getting a job you love Rune



Mannaz - Inguz - Raido - Peort - Kano - Gebo - Evaz - Laguz - Fehu - Soulu
Mannaz - This is our goal!!! - It's me. Enhances charisma.
Inguz together with Odal. Odal will help establish himself in the workplace, Inguz will provide an opportunity for career growth
Peort + Raidho - opening all possible options for finding the right job
Kenaz - He reveals creative thinking and hidden potential.
Evaz - Cooperation, increase in income through cooperation + Vunyo for harmonious communication.
Laguz + Fehu is a cash flow .... which is actually necessary ...
Soulu - This is our result ... to succeed in our work !!!

Affirmation to be said out loud during activation (sample):

“This rune opens up all possible options for me and helps me find a job that brings me joy, a good stable income, the opportunity to realize myself and allows me to achieve my goal in the most favorable way, finds a mutually beneficial partnership built on easy positive communication
This rune acts without harm to my mental and physical health, without harm to my well-being, without harm to other staves activated by me, and skips the magic and effects created by me!
May it be so! So it is done!


Opening Financial Channels Rune

This rune opens your financial channel and consists of:

Fehu + Soulo - fill the financial channel with monetary energy.

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Nautiz - forcibly.

Becoming aimed at filling and recharging the financial channel with monetary energy. To be drawn on a photo or made into an amulet. Activation as you are comfortable.


"Quick Money Rune"

This rune attracts the amount of money you need in the shortest possible time.
Apply with a green marker on the left forearm.
Activation with your breath and liquids.

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