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Encounters With Robert the Haunted Doll

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Have you had the privilege of meeting Robert The Doll?

Have you had the pleasure of meeting the legendary Robert the haunted doll? It's not that unusual for a young child to have an imaginary friend or two. Often times we as parents think it cute? A mischievous little friend afoot to take the blame for some minor wrongdoing. But what happens when the child begins to be tormented by the imaginary friend? To the point that the child cannot sleep the night through without the friend waking them to play? What happens when the play becomes rough and frightening.


So the story goes ...

The year 1896. It was well known the Otto's mistreated their servants and were not the kindest of people one would want to associate with. One servant, that aided in the care of the couple's son, Robert Eugene (Gene ) was said to be versed in the ways of voodoo. She for one reason or the other became very displeased with the Otto family, and decided to do something about it! As the story goes the servant gave Gene a doll. A doll she had made herself. The doll standing three feet tall, and stuffed with straw. With lifelike features, that was at first very endearing to Gene. He decided to name the doll " Robert, " after himself. The doll was a constant companion to Gene. Gene could be heard frequently talking to the doll. This in itself might not have been so bad? The Otto's were puzzled to hear the boy answering himself, in an entirely different voice than his own?

Robert Did It !

Strange things began to occur to the Otto household. Neighbors claimed to see Robert move about from window to window when the family was not at home. The citizens of Key West heard about Robert and his evil doings. Many people walking by the home reported that the doll watched from the turret room, and mocked them as they passed. School children feared walking by the Otto home, in fear of Robert's mean glare. Gene began to blame Robert for mishaps that would occur. The Otto's themselves claimed to hear the doll giggle, and swear they caught glimpses of the doll running about the house. Gene had frequent nightmares and scream out in the night when his parents would enter the room, they would find furniture overturned, their child in a fright, and Robert at the foot of the bed, with his glaring gaze! " Robert Did It.". The doll was eventually put up into the attic. Where he resided in man

After many years Robert took his place in the turret room... But he was soon returned to the attic

When Gene's parents died the Otto home came to Gene. Robert was rediscovered and welcomed back into the lower rooms of the home. Robert's influence could be quickly felt again. Well, Gene's wife found Robert unsettling. One day she decided she had enough of Robert's glare . and returned him to his attic sanctuary. Gene was displeased and demanding that Robert needed a room of his own where he could see out of the window. He put Robert in the turret room, by a window. It wasn't long after that Gene's sanity was questioned? Gene began to visit the turret room more frequently, he claimed he would find Robert rocking in his chair by the turret room window, displeased with his accommodations. Finally, Gene himself had enough! Robert was returned to the attic. Robert went on to wreak havoc in the attic. Visitors that entered the house could hear Robert walking back and forth in the attic, and giggling profusely. Guests no longer wanted to visit the Otto home. Gene Otto decided Robert must return to the attic.


Robert Now Lives In A Museum Under Lock And Key

Robert, know resides in Martello Museum in Key West Florida, still dressed in his white sailor's suit and clutching his little-stuffed lion. He lives quite comfortably, though well guarded at his museum home. Employ at the museum continue to give numerous accounts of Robert being up to his old tricks still today. Robert does not seem to be able to curtail his pranks, and many visitors that come to that contact with Robert The Doll, have a claim to have been deeply affected by Robert . Having their own sometimes terrifying stories to tell. Stories of paranormal experiences that are believed to be direct to Robert.

Robert continues to make trouble even from his plexiglass home

Visitors that have had the pleasure of meeting Robert the doll at his museum home claim they have regrets of becoming acquainted with Robert. Below are some accounts from accrual people that share their haunting experiences, due to their meeting this haunted doll.

Have You Had The Pleasure Of Meeting Robert ? New YouTube

Honeymooners Encounter With Robert The Doll. Be careful what you say to Robert The Doll, he might just take you up on your invitation.


All Stories Start At The Martello Museums - The Honeymooners

My story starts with my visit to the Martello Museum. My husband and I were on our honeymoon in Key West and thought it would be fun to take a haunted tour. One of the stops was the Martello Museum. When we first saw Robert the doll, he just looked like a worn-out doll that sat in an enclosed exhibit. My husband and I stood and looked at Robert for a few minutes, we both had a bit of a laugh about the doll. We agreed that Robert the doll did not appear so menacing. When we turned to leave, my husband turned and asked Robert, "Hey Robert want to see our honeymoon suite?"

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That night we turned in pretty late, I was sound asleep, and all of a sudden I was awakened by what sounded like a person laughing in our room. I laid there awake for a while thinking I must have been dreaming. Shortly I got up and got a drink of water, and returned to bed, I could not get back to sleep. Then I heard what sounded like footsteps run across the floor. I woke my husband, and it was not long before we heard the footsteps again, this time the footsteps were accompanied by a shrill laugh!

To make a long story short. We got little sleep that night. Were these noises made by Robert the haunted doll? We can't prove it, but let's just say you couldn't convince my husband or me that the noises were not made by Robert the doll. I think the doll is possessed, and can defiantly follow one home.

Max and Haley


Is Robert The Doll Really Haunted...

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Jim on May 31, 2015:

I met Robert the doll back in 1978. I went to the 1st Baptist Church in Key West on Eaton Street and his house was next to the church. our youth group had a sleep over at church and early Saturday morning (around 5am) the Minister of Music and I came back from Mister Donut and he parked his car in the Pastors parking space. We heard a rustling of leaves behind the church and we went to look and I saw Robert pull himself up on the wall. He looked at us and then he dropped down and walked away. Scared the daylights out me.

JACKIE on October 01, 2014:

Adld Your Comment...l believe robert the doll is real.So you better be nice to him don't say anything mean to him. I would like to go to. Key West Fl and visit him. Robert looks kool with that outfit. Also l like to visit Key West Fl.Anyway l well visit for sûre

anonymous on April 30, 2013:

I have read about Robert the doll before, I think your lens is very interesting great read

anonymous on February 23, 2013:

i just went to the Robert the doll museum and i asked him if i could take a picture of him and i said please and thank you at first the picture turned black just BLACK!So i asked again and finally i got an awesome picture.i still feel like he is following me.i am a true believer of Robert the doll coming to life!

love Destiny age 10

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