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Robert Taylor Ufo Incident - a Very Strange Alien Encounter


This case, has to be one of the strangest UFO cases ever recorded. It truly is terrifying and bizarre, and shows that sometimes, it can be more than just a sighting, but something that makes you fear for your life. People see UFOs everyday, but how many of these witnesses have actually been attacked by a UFO?

On the 9 November 1979, Robert Taylor woke up and got ready for work. Taylor was a forestry worker, and someone who took pride in his job. He got into his truck and made his way to Dechmont woods in Livingston, Scotland. With him was his trusted dog, who he often took with him when he worked in the woods. While he was working, he suddenly noticed a UFO hovering just above the ground. He described the object as being dark grey and about 20 feet in diameter and about 12 feet tall. He also said that the object looked like it was trying to turn invisible, or cloak itself. I guess it's a bit like when you try and hide after you have been seen. A bit pointless, but you still try. I guess UFOs are no different :)


Now, if this sighting wasn't strange enough, it was about to get a lot stranger. While Taylor was standing there in utter disbelief, two smaller spheres came out of the UFO. These two spheres looked a lot like navy mines. They were coming towards him, and before he knew it, the objects grabbed his trousers and started to pull him towards the UFO. At this point, he was terrified, and he did not know if he was going to die, or be taken by the UFO. At this point, he noticed a horrible smell that made him feel very sick, and then he lost consciousness. I believe the whole experience, took a toll on Taylor's body and mind, and that was the reason he lost consciousness. You can only imagine the fear he must have felt when the two spheres were dragging him towards the UFO.

Taylor At The Scene of the UFO Incounter


When he regained consciousness , the UFO was no longer there. His dog was still there though. His dog was distressed, but apart from that, he was fine. But Taylor was not fine. He had lost his voice and was very weak. He tried to walk to his truck but could not. He ended up crawling until he had the energy to walk again. After what seemed like forever, he managed to get back to his truck. He tried to drive, but ended up getting the truck stuck in mud, so he walked the rest of the way home. As bad days go, you could say that this was a very bad day!

When he got home, the first thing he wanted was a drink. He had never felt so thirsty, so he drank a lot of water. He still felt sick, and maybe this was because he could still smell that horrible odor that came from the UFO. When his wife saw him, she was shocked because he had mud all over him, and his trousers were ripped. He told his wife what happened in the forest. She told him to phone the police, but he did not want to do that, and you can understand why. If he told the police what he saw, they would never take him seriously. He was scared he would become the joke of the town, and he was very well liked and respected by a lot of people in the area. He had to tell someone, so he called Malcom Drummond, who was his supervisor at work. Taylor told Drummond everything that happened in the forest. Straight away, Drummond rang the doctor and told the doctor to go to Taylor's home. Before Drummond went to see Taylor, he decided to go to the forest to see if he could find any evidence, but could not find the right location. When the doctor examined Taylor, he did notice a couple of scrapes, one on his leg, and one just under the chin. He told Taylor to go to the hospital to get a full check, just to be on the safe side. He went to the hospital, but after waiting a while, he decided to go back home because he felt so drained and tired.

A Drawing Of The UFO And The Spheres

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With a story like this, it was only a matter of time until it hit the media. When it did, it spread like a wild fire. First it was local news, then UK news, and finally, world news. The case was so odd, that everyone was interested in the story and wanted to find out more. Of course, being the person he was, this made Taylor very uncomfortable with all the attention, but it was out of his hands now. While the police were not experienced with such cases, they had to investigate because at the end of the day, it did involve assault. The police did examine the area where the incident took place, and did find strange ground markings that could not be explained.

Taylor was known by many people in the area, and they all viewed him as very honest, and not the sort of person to make up something like this. Nothing in this case makes me think that this was a hoax. I believe that he believed what he saw. In the past, he did suffer with mental illness, but there is nothing that suggests that anything in his medical records could lead to what he saw. It truly is a fascinating case, and one I believe no one would ever want to experience, no matter how much they would love to see a UFO.


Now, just like most cases, it did not take long for the skeptics to give their opinions on what they believe happened. Now, one thing the skeptics have in common when it comes to this case, is they do not believe that Taylor made this up. Skeptic Stewart Campbell believed that the ground markings could have been pipes stored in the same location as the UFO before being laid close by. Another skeptic Patricia Hannaford suggested that the whole experience was caused by a temporal lobe epilepsy, and said the objects were hallucinations. And of course, you can not have a UFO case without Venus being mentioned :) Skeptic Steve Donnelly said the experience was because of Taylor having an epileptic attack, but goes further by saying the attack may have been stimulated by a mirage of Venus.

No matter what you believe, this is a very strange and disturbing case, and shows that UFOs can be more than just a sighting, but something truly terrifying.


John Hansen from Gondwana Land on June 14, 2020:

This was an interesting case. There are so many sightings and reports of abductions. Who knows what to believe.

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