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Revelation Symbolism Pt 3 The Trumpet woes


The Three Woes Revelation 9.9 - 15


Revelation Trumpets the 3 Woes

It was suggested I change the style. So instead of a commentary-type study, I going to do it in a story style. Its perspective is still a dual Spiritual/Physical view but focused on the Spiritual message and leaving the physical interpretation to others. Both are valid, a parallel pair, but I feel the spiritual symbolism is worthy of looking at more closely.

I felt like I was dreaming about these Revelation Woes. Someone came up to me and said he was going to be my helper. I asked if he was an angel? He told me he could be either and noted that the Greek word translated angel only means messenger, and he left it there. Then added, when needed he would help me to self-discovery. In other words, he was not going to give the answer only helps.

The First Woe

The first thing I saw was Satan falling. My helper pointed out that although I saw Satan falling, it was a replay of his "having fallen". But in his fallen state, Satan still sometimes given was given access to the Heavenly realm, like in the Bible book of Job, Satan was at a Heavenly Council.

Next, I saw him being given a key, and he used it to open the bottomless pit. When he opened it, and out came what seemed like dark smoke but looked like a cloud of locusts, and these locusts had the nature of scorpions, small creatures whose sting hurts but doesn't kill. There were so many of these locusts, and they had the faces of men, I asked my helper if these locusts were men, because they looked strangely like men to me. The helper just said one word, Nephilim. Then I thought about the Nephilim who were the offspring of fallen angels who were mentioned in the book of Genesis at the time of Noah's flood. It says in Genesis 6.4 "there were Nephilim in those days and afterward". Then I thought about what Jesus said: "as in the days of Noah, so will it be at his return". There were so many of them that they seemed to darken God's celestial light, the sun, I saw the believers as green grass, and also like trees, which are metaphors for believers. Messenger told me that these locusts were bad Nephilim who were only able to torment the unsaved. In the spiritual realm, The torment was to last five months, 5 is the number of grace, so the five months refers to God's grace in withholding judgment to give these people time to repent. God wants all to come to repentance, so the pain and torment they getting is meant to drive them to repentance. I asked why it says that they would 'seek death and not find it". He said there would be a 5 months period where no one is saved, this is the death to sin that is pictured in Baptism, death to the old life. He did not want to speak further about it, but he said there seem to be Heavenly reasons for it. I was thinking about fact that Five months is 150 days and that links back to the first worldwide destruction, and Noah's family being above the affliction. After the waters reached their peak there were 150 days of "the waters prevailing" Genesis 7.44, and then there were 150 days of "abating" or receding. Another thought to ponder is, they say, that a baby in the womb starts to respond to stimuli after 5 months. Interestingly, when Mary the mother of Jesus, was pregnant and in "Sixth Month" she went to visit Elizabeth the pregnant mother of John the Baptist, and Elizabeth's, " baby lept within her womb". It's like saying now, after five months we are mature enough to respond to His presence.

These "locusts" were coming like horses rushing to battle. and like wolves in sheep clothing, they had fake crowns, and their fake hair was like that of the "brides" but they had teeth like lions, these "locusts" were like ravenous wolves. And they had an evil king, but like Goliath, they are no match for God. Their defense was iron breastplates which can be shattered. They also make a lot of noise, but it's all lies.

The second Woe

i call this the believers "Joy Time". From Heaven, I saw the Golden Altar, also called the Incense Altar, with its four horns, which represent the protecting power of God. And God was saying to the four messengers who were "bound" in "the great river Euphrates", but they are now loosed. Interestingly the Euphrates River is the name of one of the rivers that flowed from Eden. The Euphrates River also one of the boundaries in the Promised Land.

These Tribulation Saints were prepared for this "self-same day". This time is called, an hour, a day, a month, and a year. I asked messenger for what? His reply "they were, "released", saved to save, Their mission was to kill the (Sin death) in people. There were thousands of them, these were rushing to declare salvation, But and not with iron breastplates but "breastplates of the "refiners fire", God refining work.

The Breastplate

I asked the messenger about the deeper meaning of the Breastplate. He said sit down for a quick study. He said many people think of this as a warrior's body shield, but it is actually, Aaron The High Priest's Breastplate or Ephod, is also called The "Breastplate of Judgment" The Ephod was a part of his Priestly Clothes. It was an upper-body covering with 12 gemstones, thought to represent the 12 tribes of Israel, it also had attached to it the "Urim and the Thummim" the two stones with the names of the 12 Tribes engraved on them, which were used to determine God's will. Of the twelve precious stones, one of them was the Jacinth stone. An interesting wordplay of the word Jacinth is that in Hebrew word it is "Lesem". Lesem is a Hebrew word but in Hebrew words like "to" or "for" are prefixes attached to a root word, using that thought the Hebrew letters of the word "lesem", could also be read as "for-name" and when Jewish people want to honor the Sacred name of God they will only say "the Name", Also the only other time "Lesem" is used in the Bible is in The Bible book of Joshua chapter 19.47, Isreal defeated the city of "Leshem" and possessed it, They won it for God.

The brimstone is like the warning before the flood, "Come out now". Another little thought is, in Revelation 21.20 Jacinth is one of the foundations of the walls of the New Jerusalem, and it is mentioned as the eleventh, which links back to the "parable of the workers", in the book of Mathew and we are told that at the eleventh hour, the last of workers are sent out. These Tribulation Saints are definitely sent out at the "last hour".

By these saved messengers, the third part, (Zechariah 13.9), of the people were saved by the message that they gave, the rest of the men "repented not".

The Third Woe

I saw in heaven a Great Rejoicing with many elders falling upon their faces and worshiping God because Jesus has taken "His Great Power". This is a wow for the believers, but the final Woe for the unbelievers for "they shall be judged". And Jesus Christ shall reign for "Ever and Ever".

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