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Return of the Goddess

One Billion Rising

Goddess of the North

love the land

love the land

Female Energy

I feel it so an excitement at the pit of my stomache. Like the anticipation of something unknown. Or like the feeling you get if you've ever been in a competition of any kind...the nervous energy you feel right before it starts.

What is going to happen? This we don't know, but I do know this: It will be magnificent!

There's no way to explain it scientifically, no way to graph it on a chart, no way to prove it at is pure feeling, pure emotion, pure intuition. Consider it more like Nostradamus, who saw things, saw signs that pointed to things. Saw into the possible.

The signs of this world are pointing to a real change in dynamics. It is the end of an aeon. The end of time as the Mayans recorded. The end of the Piscean Age and into Aquarius.

And Aquarius means female energy. We are experiencing a return to female energy...felt long ago in ancient times, when Stonehenge was built. There were no wars, no battles over domain. It was a peaceful time ruled over by the Goddess; The all encompassing Mother... our Mother, the Earth. As prophet Stalking Wolf says, "They once understood how to live with Earth, and their wealth was measured in happiness, love, and peace."

Tuatha De Danann or the People of Goddess Danu.

lady diana

lady diana

Yin Yang

Time goes in cycles. This cycle of peaceful living within female-dominated energy changed into a phase of male energy domination. It is my view that we evolved into a species focused on the quest for power. Nothing wrong with it, it is simply another phase of our being, another side of the cosmic coin. But in this shifting, we suppressed the feminine. Our compassion and caring took a back-seat to this quest for power. We became a warring, hoarding people. There is an interesting document I came across years back called The Pistis Sophia. Pistis Sophia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In it, there is a story about this recalcitrant son god and his mother. This young, head-strong god broke off from his mother and told her he was going to rule over a new planet....Earth. He was determined to strike out on his own, be a god in is own right. The only problem was that he, as his mother warned, came to rule without his consort; his female side. In his haste and pride, he left his "better half" behind, resulting in the world we have created today: A world consumed with power and wealth ahead of all else. The quest for the Holy Grail without the Holy Nectar of Sophia Wisdom to guide us.

Without and Within



Lost Our Way

I believe this also has a lot to do with the Catholic Church and its inner turmoil. I believe the Church has been under attack from within by this same power-hungry energy. For the Church also is looked on as female in nature...The Mother Church, the consort of Christ, a protector and guide of little children and believers of the flock.

Nothing has been immune from this strong and mighty energy of the masculine! Not that the energy itself is bad, but it is focused on the outgoing; reaching outside itself for recognition. While the Feminine is focused on the inner workings of things. Both are necessary and both can be used at cross purposes, it's just that now we are switching once again. We are evolving back/forward to another cycle of feminine-energy domination. Maybe one day we will learn to balance the two, in perfect symmetry, the balance of Yin and Yang. That state of energy balance would be more powerful than any atomic bomb, if you ask me.

We are in for some rough weather, as you can already see, but as Jesus said, "Fear not, little flock, for I am always with you." We are never separated from our Wakan-Taka, no matter how hard we try!

Cradle of Love




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