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What Is Results-Based Intelligence?

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This article gives an overview of three perspectives on the origins of human life and the universe. You'll learn about evolutionary biology, creationism, and results-based intelligence. What is results-based intelligence? Read on to find out.

This article gives an overview of three perspectives on the origins of human life and the universe. You'll learn about evolutionary biology, creationism, and results-based intelligence. What is results-based intelligence? Read on to find out.

The Origins of Life

The origins of life can be seen through various prisms. The more scientific evolutionary biology and the biblical concept of creationism have their supporters and detractors. Some have attempted to reconcile the two.

They assert that the involvement of a Supreme Being in the creation of life does not exclude the possibility that this may have followed the path proposed by the biologists. But for the most part, the two camps continue to adamantly uphold their fundamental theories and operate in irreconcilable silos.

Results-based intelligence offers a different interpretation of the origins of life. Although it tends to lean somewhat closer to creationism it dispenses with the biblical concept of deities and instead replaces them with a form of intelligent energy that underpins all reality.

In this article, we'll look at an overview of both the evolutionary biology and creationist perspectives, and then discuss results-based intelligence in further detail.

The Evolutionary Biology Perspective

We can define biological evolution in a population as inherited genetic change that takes place over multiple generations. These changes may be small or large and at times not readily discernible.

In order to call it an evolutionary transformation, the changes that occur in a population have to endure over many generations. This requires a change and transfer of genes. These transformations should be clearly observable in the physical traits of a given population.

Also, genetic changes can occur on a smaller or larger scale. In the larger scheme of things, it is thought that all life is connected to a single common ancestor. Small changes take place on a micro-level that may not be easily picked up or understood.

Evolutionary biologists claim that changes happen through a process that is called natural selection. The environment plays a major deterministic role in the selection of variations that are more favorable to survival. Individuals that possess these advantageous genetic traits will survive better and be able to produce more offspring. These traits are then transferred to the population as a whole.

The Creationist Perspective

Creationists believe that all life was specifically created by a supreme being or through other forms of supernatural intervention. This stems from a literal interpretation of religious works such as Genesis, which refer to God creating the universe.

It is mainly attributed to the Abrahamic faiths such s Christianity and Judaism. It can also be found in other faiths such as Hinduism and other theistic religions.

From the creationist perspective, the act of creation by a supreme being can be viewed as starting from nothing or as the emanation of order from pre-existing chaos. Creationism is more of a belief than a scientific description of nature.

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From a modern perspective, creationism is often associated with conservative Christian fundamentalism, which is opposed to various aspects of evolution and natural sciences dealing with the origins of the world. People who adhere to the creationist mindset tend to fiercely defend their beliefs and campaign to include them in educational programs.

Creationism is sometimes associated with a socio-religious movement that asserts a spiritual view of nature and the place of humans in it. This perspective directly opposes the more scientific interpretations of biological evolutionists.

One of the most adamantly contested areas is the theory of common descent. From the creationist perspective, it is blasphemous to assert that humans could have ascended from lesser creatures such as animals. The creationists often reject the scientific consensus, not only on the origins of the human species but also on the geological history of the Earth, the origin of the universe and the solar system.

The Results-Based Intelligence Perspective

From the Eternal Light perspective, the genome for all species is the result of a programmed motion of Eternal Light particles. All known biological, organic and inorganic forms are the result of this motion.

Evolution, from this perspective, is more aligned with the creationist theories than with the Darwinian principles on the development of species through natural selection. The big difference is that this is not attributed to some anthropomorphically projected supreme entity merely willing the creation.

The results are pre-planned and attained through the purposeful action of intelligent energy fields expressing Eternal Light’s loving nature through all creation in the universe. It equips all the biological species with the anatomic tools to survive and thrive in their environment. If there are adverse changes in the environment then the genealogy of the species that are affected is also adjusted accordingly through the same motion of Eternal Light particles.

From this perspective, the universe has an intelligent plan and destiny that cannot be described by chance occurrences. Eternal Light is defined in terms that are more aligned with quantum physics than with some ineffable supreme creator. Its essence and the purpose of its results-based intelligence is to express love through an almost infinite array of biological life throughout the entire universe.

What is measured by us as billions of years is happening in the eternal, timeless dimension following an intelligent plan based on the development of cogent and sentient beings capable of expressing love in physical and emotional planetary environments. What appears in the time-space relativistic view as a series of cosmic or planetary events lasting over billions or millions of years is one continuous event in the eternal dimension, with no present, past or future.

The quest for answers to the cosmic puzzle and our part in it has perplexed mankind through the ages. Scientists were persuaded that getting to the original particle from the moment of the universe's creation will give us pertinent answers. The multi-billion-dollar Large Hadron Collider was supposed to uncover the theoretically defined Higgs Boson and its carrier the Higgs field, which is referred to as the “God” particle—the original particle from the Big Bang.

However, this only attempts to answer how and when the universe came into being, without addressing why. The response from the results-based intelligence perspective is that Eternal Light deployed its energy fields to produce the results that it sought. This resulted in the creation of the universe. Our planet became a small part of this enormous creative canvas.

The human species were designed to play a significant role in being capable of expressing Eternal Light’s love. By the progressive development of love-driven morality and practical wisdom over multiple lifetimes, our love is ultimately synchronized with Eternal Light. This cycle of progressive wisdom applies throughout the universe.

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