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My Experience With Remote Viewing Training

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.


I am currently training on remote viewing with David Morehouse. The format of the training is virtual via zoom spread on three weekends in a row. There are thirty-five participants from all walks of life with several trainers.

I became interested in learning more about remote viewing after reading Paul H. Smith’s book, “Reading the Enemy's Mind: Inside Star Gate, America's Psychic Espionage Program”. I had borrowed this book from the public library and read it in two days on a weekend.

Star Gate was a psychic spying program sponsored by an agency of the US Army. This program ran for 25 years and was in charge of training American soldiers and civilian spies in extra-sensory perception. Their role was to uncover the secrets of America's enemies using skills for ‘remote viewing’.

Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a remote or hidden target site, sensing it with the mind.

Practical Benefits

Entrepreneurs, CEOs of major corporations, medical doctors, scientists, teachers, realtors, parents, psychologists, archaeologists, engineers, and authors use RV. They find it useful in their day-to-day lives.

The police sometimes have recourse to remote Viewers to help them solve a murder or find a missing person.

You can apply it in many situations and use it as a toolbox. I heard a woman who completed the training say that she feels less worried about unknown situations and less nervous about new situations.

Genuine or Pseudoscience?

Opinions are split between skeptics and believers.

Some people believe that there is no scientific evidence that RV really works, and the topic of remote viewing is considered pseudoscience. RV experiments have in the past been criticized because they lacked proper controls and repeatability.

Paul H. Smith published his book in 2005, decades after the cancellation of the Star Gate program due to lack of funding and shortly after it was declassified. A US Army Major, he was one of the viewers assigned to the remote viewing unit in 1983. He served ten years taking part in several American national-security crises of the twentieth century.

Paul H. Smith refuted claims about the lack of proper controls and repeatability, and presented in his book facts and examples of what his spying unit had accomplished. He talked about this top-secret program in details and presented a thought-provoking argument on the power of the human mind to go beyond time and space limitations.

The true mind is able to penetrate the veil of Maya, the illusion of mind above matter that clouds knowledge of knowledge.

— Swami Sivananda

Professional Trainers

Dr. David Morehouse, international best-selling author and a leading teacher of Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) and Spiritual Transformation. I recently trained with one of his students. The training is empowering.

Lyn Buchanan was one of the professional remote viewers in the Stargate program. These days, he teaches online basic and advanced remote viewing courses. He is the author of the book, “The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a Psychi”. I found his book interesting and thorough. Some of his students and their students call him teasingly “Pope Lyn”.

Lori Williams studied with Lyn Buchanan. She became a professional remote viewer and currently teaches various aspects of remote viewing such as controlled remote viewing, practical remote viewing, and CRV Healing. She tells how she used to drive six hours one-way, every other weekend for six months, to get to Buchanan’s house for her rigorous training.

RV is a well-defined, step-by-step protocol with a precise structure that teaches to separate imagination from real intuitive perceptions. This process allows anyone to access hidden or distant information using only the mind.

This means the remote Viewers sit quietly, become still, and find strength inside themselves to access the small inner voice that guides.

“To reach deep levels of profound wisdom and knowledge requires going into a place within you that few want to access.”


Free Masterclass

As a novelty, I attended Lori Williams’ four-part masterclass on controlled remote viewing in March 2021. The virtual basic course was packed with useful information. We did a couple of exercises that convinced me that I should get deeper into this training.

Training With Jason Appleby

In July 2021, I enrolled in an online training course on Coordinate Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing with the David Morehouse Foundations. For four straight weeks, I immersed myself in this training doing nothing else after working hours other than my yoga session.

I listened to audio lessons and studied the “Remote Viewing: The Complete User’s Manual for Remote Viewing” book, course manual, and handouts. I submitted a few assignments and checked my work.

Based on my short experience, I can say that RV works and opens a world full of possibilities and potentialities. My yoga and meditation training had prepared me and made it easy for me to accept the principles of this training.

I am focusing on deepening my experiential knowledge of remote viewing and keep training with the David Morehouse Foundations. I join ClubHouse on Friday evenings to listen to him and am amazed that he can speak and answer questions for 12 hours in a row.

Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann, artist and psychic who passed away in 2013 at the age of 80, was the inventor of the remote viewing method and its vocabulary. He wrote several books on the subject of extrasensory perception (ESP).

Ingo Swann was a pioneer in the remote viewing project in the US military. He was part of thousands of scientific experiments that were used in proving that remote viewing experiments are repeatable and valid.

I found his book, Everybody’s Guide to Natural ESP that was published in 1991, interesting. I especially liked the part where he talked about the sketches produced by remote viewers.


According to Dr. David Morehouse, remote viewing is ““the learned ability to use two inherent kinesthetic human activities to detect and decode eight-dimensional waveform expressions of target data into four-dimensional thought form, and to further objectify this data into two-dimensional media.”

Remote Viewing is a fascinating ability. People from all walks of life can learn it and become Viewers. Some people become better at it than others but everyone can learn it and learn from it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Liliane Najm


John Coviello from New Jersey on April 21, 2021:

That's a good idea for an article. I'm just not sure if I want to put it out there in the public realm.

Liliane Najm (author) from Toronto, Canada on April 21, 2021:

I’d like one day to read about your convincing interactions.

John Coviello from New Jersey on April 20, 2021:

I hosted a seminar on remote viewing 25 years ago with Lyn Buchanan as the key speaker. I have to be honest that I was never totally convinced it was real despite his strong presentation. Since then, I've had a lot of convincing interactions with psychics, which has opened my mind up to the possibility that remote viewing is a real thing. Certainly, the U.S. military took it seriously.

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