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Modern religious wars

Some picture of the crusader war

The crusaders was a war where the Christian believed that they wanted to rescue Jerusalem from the Saracens, because Jerusalem was the place where their religion came from.

The crusaders was a war where the Christian believed that they wanted to rescue Jerusalem from the Saracens, because Jerusalem was the place where their religion came from.

The crusader fought many battles and many people died, all this lasted for about two hundred years.

The crusader fought many battles and many people died, all this lasted for about two hundred years.

The crusader cavalry, ready for battle. All this came to nothing, it was just an idealistic religious dream of those times.

The crusader cavalry, ready for battle. All this came to nothing, it was just an idealistic religious dream of those times.

Religious wars are scary

Welcome to our article (86) Modern religious wars

Dear readers, today some people behave as if they live in the Middle Ages; so instead of talking peace they make war. I am writing about these wars in the Middle East, instead of a religious article, because what is happening involve religions.

Yes, it is always the same, when people want something, they rebel and in extreme cases they make war. Whether they are doing it for the right reason it is hard to say, because there are two sides to consider, so, it depends on the point of view of the side you are on. But one thing is for sure, there will always be a losing side and they will not be happy about it, things become even worse, when people believe that God is on their side, when God has nothing to do about it.

So, let us look what has happened in the past when religions are involved. The crusaders, lasted for about two hundred years and achieved nothing, but there were many deaths on both sides. Hereunder is a quote:

(The Crusades were military campaigns sanctioned by the Latin Roman Catholic Church during the High Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages. In 1095 Pope Urban II proclaimed the First Crusade with the stated goal of restoring Christian access to holy places in and near Jerusalem.)

So, we can say that, whenever there are wars that involves religions, lots of people are going to die for no fault of their own, because they belong to a religious group and become involved. History is full of these events, to mention a few: we can mention, the Martyrs in the Roman times, the Crusaders, and the Inquisition, they all had to do with religions, and today when we look at these events, we think that they were barbaric and carried out for the wrong reasons. So, when religion is involved, it is scary and complex, because people become confused through their beliefs. So, now let us see what is happening in the Middle East.


The American aircraft

This is the American aircraft that sends help to the refugees on Mount Sinjar Iraq

This is the American aircraft that sends help to the refugees on Mount Sinjar Iraq

The Iraq religious wars

Let us look at the Iraqi case, we need to say, that wars are bad for any society and should be avoided, but when wars involve religions, they are the worst wars of them all, and so, if a God exists, may God show his mercy to all humanity, and in its own ways put an end to these religious wars?

We who believe in God, need to pray God earnestly, in the hope that God puts an end to these wars; because these wars are cruel, and they threaten genocide to those people that don’t belong to their religions.

This must not be accepted, from the world religious communities, so, everybody must try to react, in the hope that our collective effort, could save those people that are in danger of losing everything including their lives. But what can the rest of the world do to minimise the loss of life?

As we were saying, today the world faces many problems, but the greatest problem is the loss of life of innocent people; so, the entire world should come together and help those people in need, especially when they are in danger of their lives. So, let us see what President Obama did.



Well-done America!

Well done America! This is how the western world likes to see you; we like to see you as the defender of the weak, and today you did just that!

Because, today finally a voice has been heard, that will take part and help those that are weak; the mighty America has spoken and will come to defend those religious minorities in danger, so, there is hope for those that are oppressed, and in danger of their lives.

What the American president had to say, here-under is how the internet news reported President Obama and I quote:

(Mr Obama rose to political prominence opposing the Iraq war and took the presidency vowing to end it. He also resisted intervening militarily as the Syrian conflict spun out of control, and into the hands of Islamist militants.

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The difference now, he suggested, was a looming “genocide” as members of the Kurdish Yazidi religious minority fled to Mount Sinjar amid threats from Islamic State militants to exterminate them. The president said:

“They’re without food, they’re without water,” he said. “People are starving, and children are dying of thirst. These innocent families are faced with a horrible choice: descend the mountain and be slaughtered, or stay and slowly die of thirst and hunger ...

“When we have the unique capabilities to help avert a massacre, then I believe the United States of America cannot turn a blind eye.

Read more:

(End of quotes)

President Obama explained many other things as well, including the urgent reasons for doing what he wants the American military to do. Anyhow, the American president is not alone, and other government leaders have expressed their concerns.

Of all these leaders, perhaps the most worried is Pope Francis, because there are Christian religions involved, and of course he is the pope, so, he has immense respect for humanity and for loss of life, including those people that belong to other religions. This link here-under will take you to see a few things about Iraq happenings today, the date is in August 2014, just to keep track of this happening.

Iraq: Pope Francis Urges World Action Against Islamic State

Having said that most religious leaders are concerned, so, let us say a prayer to God, in the hope that God hears our prayers and help us find a way to end these conflicts.


Mount Sinjar Iraq, where the refugees are now.

Some photos of the Iraq wars

One of the many photos of the Iraq war

One of the many photos of the Iraq war

Even if you are alive and victorious, war can only bring death and despair to people

Even if you are alive and victorious, war can only bring death and despair to people

About the mighty America

Now, I want to say, that we like that America helps those that need help and provide humanitarian aid.

Now to understand the situation and the war in Iraq, we need to look at history and what has happened previously, in America and in these parts of the Middle East; So, we are going to talk about the terrorist act of September 11-2001. We believe that that act has started the bad things that have happened in the world lately, you see, if the terrorist act didn’t happen, then the Iraqi wars would not have happened, this is how most of us see the situation.

The Iraqi people and Al-Qaeda may not agree with us, because they see everything in a different way, but this is how most of the western world sees it, and this is how the situation is today. We can blame each other, but the truth is that both sides have made mistakes, so, we need to see how we can prevent this happening again.

So, here I want to say my own views, and what can be the best way out for this situation. America and other nations that can afford to help those in need must help, and let the other side swear revenge, but there is nothing to revenge about, if one helps those people that are in need. Here we want to suggest that the world helps the people in need, then moves away from the religious issues that are causing it. Because some people use religious beliefs to wage war, and no one can change people beliefs easily.

Now let us look at another war that is going on; the war between Israel and Amass, the Gaza Strip war.


Israel Gaza strip wars

The way I see it, Israel to defend themselves are fighting the surrounding countries, these wars can be called religious wars, because they have gone on and off for thousands of years. For those that do not know the history of the Jews and Israel, I suggest reading the Bible, this war can be said that it is the continuation of the Promised Land wars, accept that is a modern war.

The modern wars started in 1948, as we can see from this article of the –BBC News, and I quote and paste a link to it here-under;

Establishment of Israel

The State of Israel, the first Jewish state for nearly 2,000 years, was proclaimed at 1600 on 14 May 1948 in Tel Aviv. The declaration came into effect the following day as the last British troops withdrew. Palestinians remember 15 May as "al-Nakba", or the Catastrophe.

Arab-Israeli conflict - BBC News

Anyhow, we will try to follow what is happening in this never-ending war that includes religions. We may argue that this is not a religious war, because it is two races of people fighting each other, but one must bear in mind that it is religions that divides these people. On one side there are the Jews with their Judaism, that use the Jews Bible or Torah, it is the old Bible that a certain point stops, and then adds a few things of their own long before the Christian Era; then on the other side there are the Islamic religions, with their religious book the Koran, these two religions are not flexible and don’t allow any changes; therefore, there is no much hope that they can be together one day. So, they fight each other on and off, because as we have said these wars will never end.


Pope Francis

Pope Francis is busy these days; he has visited a few countries in Asia, he has said a few things in the hope that common sense prevails, above all he sees that every man is worth saving, because they are God’s children, therefore, he is trying to help those that need help. Anyhow, this pope that in the beginning seemed a bit strange, because he was not like the other popes, I personally believe that with the help of God, he is doing his job well, some people say that he is mixing too much in politics, but if you want to be heard you have to say something. Here under is a link about his latest activities;

Pope backs military force to protect Iraq minorities

We needs to point out, that the pope must try to help his Roman Catholic followers, today some of these Catholic in Iraq are being driven out by the ISIS, so, the pope urges the world to do something to stop these aggressive people, so, I believe that we should pray God to help him and the people in need.

And we must pray God to give Pope Francis strength; because as I was writing this issue, on the news I heard this tragedy, here is a short quote of how the press reported the tragic event;

(Part of the human condition is experiencing profound tragedy and anguish. It’s inevitable. And yet at the same time it’s also impossible to understand how Pope Francis must be feeling today after learning that three of his relatives (two of whom were just babies) died in a traffic accident in his home country of Argentina. The Associated Press reports ;)

We feel sorry about this tragic event, I suggest that we say a prayer to God for the pope and his dead relatives, may them repose in peace.

I think that I have said enough in this article. See you soon, in our article, God is crying.

May God bless us all.


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