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Religious issues of today

The religious issues of today

Welcome to our article (83), Religious issues of today

May God guide and help me to write the right things?

Dear readers, there are events in the world linked to religion, so, we want to discuss about them. Anyhow, we have written about our religious theory; so, this article can explain better what we have said. I believe that these talks about religions will never end, because there is always something new to add. We have mentioned our religious theory, because there are several theories and religions in the world; check these links taken, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia to see what we mean.

Sociological and anthropological metatheories of religion attempting to answer at least two interrelated questions:

Now in this article, we want to explain, these religious issues that we have written; we want to point out that mankind needs God and religions, because we have this need of believing in God, since the beginning of the world, and this includes now.

We know that religions have been built in such a way, that they can guide and regulate the way of life of the believers, but there are other benefits as well, since religions gets people together, so, they can support each other in a friendly way within their religious community, therefore, religions are there for the benefit of mankind, but sometimes they don’t.

Today, some of the existing religions are not doing what they are supposed to do. We believe that religions have not been set up to deal with the religious problems of today, therefore, we need a new way for religions, where they canl do what they are supposed to do.

What we are saying here, seems a new religious approach; but it is not so, because there have been many attempts to change religions in the past, but until today they have not succeeded, because the existing religions have opposed it strongly. Some of these attempt about changing religious meanings, can be found in the works of philosophers, a couple of these that comes to our mind are; friar Giordano Bruno and Baruch Spinoza, see Philosophy of Spinoza. And other philosophers, that thought of God as pantheism, which in a way God is everything and is everywhere, instead of believing that God is a man and has created everything. We believe that they are right in thinking that God is everything. You see, it makes more sense to the intelligent minds, to think about God the philosopher’s way.


Humanity needs all the religions in the world

We are talking here about all religions of the world, which to us they seem to have one thing in common to control and guide mankind. to live a meaningful and happy life.

We are talking here about all religions of the world, which to us they seem to have one thing in common to control and guide mankind. to live a meaningful and happy life.

Why we are writing these religious articles

We are writing these religious articles, because today there are negative religious happenings, that are happening often, so, we start thinking that religions are not as good as we want them to be. For this reason, we start thinking that, Baruch Spinoza, Giordano Bruno and other philosophers are right, and God is not as described in the Bible, so, we must review and modify our religious beliefs coming from the Bible.

Now if you have read our religious articles, of Prayers for Reconciliation and other articles, you have seen that this is what we are trying to do, we are suggesting to modify religions in such a way, that they agree with each other, therefore, our views that God is the creator of everything is out, so, God is everything put together, and for this reason God is the creator, since God is everything and creation itself.

Anyhow, this is one of our ways, of seeing how religions can be changed, so, they can help humanity in the future. Now, our way is not the only way, how religions can be modified.

Today people start moving away from religions. So, we who believe in God and religions, want to stop them doing that, because we want to keep religions as they are, but it is not easy to do, because it is the fault of the religions themselves. Of course, we must admit that religions have done good things in the past, but every now and then they miss the point. We must admit that there have been events when religious leaders have led people through religions to do terrible deeds. We can compare these bad deeds with what is happening today, when people kill other people in the name of their God.


Map of the crusaders journey

The crusader journey map, the crusaders made several journey to the Holy Land in the hope of leberating it from the Saracenes.

The crusader journey map, the crusaders made several journey to the Holy Land in the hope of leberating it from the Saracenes.

The crusaders nights on horseback.

The crusaders nights on horseback.

The past harmful religious deeds

Let us see what people have done in the past. We will find that in the beginning, people used even human sacrifice to appease the gods or whatever they were afraid of. Then thanks to Yahweh God of the Israelite, this practice was substituted with animal sacrifice, so, we learned that human sacrifice is bad religious practice.

There have been terrible events that people have done in the name of God and religions, in the past, we need to mention them here, to see how wrong they were.

Take the crusade for instance, at the time when the crusade wars were going on, the Christian religions and their fellow believers, they were thinking that they were doing a great thing in the name of God, because they were going to Palestine to free the Holy Land from the Saracens. But the Saracens were believing in the same God, accept that they called their God Allah instead of Yahweh. Today we call this religion, the Muslim religion.

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Of course, there was a starting point to wage this Christian holy war, and this was started from the invasion of Jerusalem, and the killing of thousands of peregrines from the Turks; all this was followed by nine crusades, where many people died for this cause. But today we ask whether these crusades were necessary, or was it another mistake that religious people made in the name of God and religions?

One of the worst examples of religions was executing innocent people, it was the witch hunt that lasted for centuries; it is estimated that 40,000 to 100,000 people were executed, because these people seemed to do things, which religious people thought were contrary to religious beliefs, so, they labelled them as witches that worshipped the devil instead of God. The religious leaders of those days, to label people as witches, all they needed to do, was to prove that they were not following religions, once they had proved that, they labelled them as witches, and executed them; most times they were burned alive, which one can imagine how cruel it was.

One of the better-known people that suffered under those inquisitions, it was the burning at the stake of Giordano Bruno 1548-1600; a Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, astrologer and astronomer; his views of the universe were different from what the Bible says, therefore, the religious leader of the day believed that he was bad; also, his views of pantheism beliefs, which are different from the Catholic beliefs got him in trouble, so, he was burned at the stake. Check the, Roman Inquisition

Today, a better-known person than Giordano Bruno, was Galileo Galilei, 1564-1642 who was also a physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher; he was condemned from the inquisition but escaped the dead penalty, but he had to spend the rest of his life under house arrest, where he wrote most of his works that we know today.

When we look at history, we can find more examples that undermine the religious credibility of today, but this is not going to say that we should not follow religions, because religions have a useful role in guiding mankind, even though, they have made several mistakes. But let us see if we are any better off today.


Today’s religious problems

Today there are still religious problem going on, because the world has not found a better way to deal with them, there are at least three or four religious issues, that come to our mind, because of these religious issues, we believe that religions need to be modified, in such a way that they become more acceptable to the community.

One of the first issues that comes to our minds, it is that the religious system is failing to do what was designed for, in the case of the Catholic Church the clergy is corrupt in many ways. One of the worst things in this religion is paedophilia in the clergy. Our view on this issue is that whoever practices paedophilia should be severely punished, first by the church by excluding them from their clergy for good, and then by denouncing them to the authorities that can send them to prison, if they need to be punished. Now let us say what else can be done to prevent that; here our views are that if the clergy can get married, then this paedophilia problem can be less, because those physical needs are satisfied in a normal relationship. Here under are a couple of links, to check this out.

Pedophilia in clergy - crisis in the Church - Tradition In Action

Catholic sex abuse cases - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We can say more about these religious issues in the Catholic Church, and not only the Roman Catholic Church but also other religions fail to address these issues, it seems to me that religious leaders try to avoid these issues; so, instead of fixing them, they try to do something else to sway the attention of the people, from these bad issues, see what this new pope is doing these days.


Crowdes for Pope visit to Brazil

Copacabana beach crowd for the Pope mass estimated 3 millions pople

Copacabana beach crowd for the Pope mass estimated 3 millions pople

The pope mass

The pope mass

Today great religious event

Dear readers, it may seem to you that most times, we are talking about the church in a negative way, but we are not, since our aim is to point out what is wrong, so that something can be done to fix it. Now today we have good religious news, which we want to share with you, this is the visit of Pope Francis to Brazil.

We may say that this visit has been extremely popular, if we look at the crowds that have followed the Pope, and there is no doubt about it. Pope Francis can attract lots of people, especially the poor people that need religions to give them hope in life, because as we know, God is hope for those that need hope most.

Here-under is a small part of the news report about this event, if you want to read the report how the visit ended, click on the link below.

Pope leaves Brazil after giant beach mass

RIO DE JANEIRO, Rio de Janeiro — Pope Francis left Brazil after leading a giant beach mass for three million pilgrims, ending his historic trip to reignite Catholic passion with pleas for a humbler Church.

The first Latin American-born pontiff flew back to Rome hours after addressing a sea of faithful who waved flags, danced and chanted "long live the pope!" on the crescent-shaped shoreline of Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach.

Now that we have talked about the present news, let us go back and talk about other religious issues, like the atheists and the extremists.


The atheist and the extremist

Now, the atheists and the extremists, they are two groups of people that stand at the most opposite point of the religious spectrum, but at the same time, they attract a lot of attention to themselves, because both these groups are damaging religions. We know that the atheists want to destroy religions and God beliefs, because they do not believe God exists.

Then, at the opposite side, the religious extremists are using religions, with the beliefs that they are even helping their God and religions, while they are fighting for their own advantages, they have found ways, how to set everything in such a way, that it is the will of their God that they do these atrocious deeds, so, they kill people in the name of God and religions.

Therefore, when we look at these two groups of people, we feel the need that something needs to be done. So, what can be done is the question here? Well we must say that there is no easy answer, but there must be a way.

As you have seen from what we have written, we are suggesting a new supper religion, that can link all existing religions together, and at the same time, the existing religions can remain as they are, so, religious people are not upset. If this can be done, then, religious fanatics cannot use religions for their own advantages.

Our views are like this; if religions are modified, and then, made to work in such a way that the extremists cannot use religions to do their violent deeds, also the atheists cannot say that God does not exist, because God is the life forces energies of the universe, which make life possible on earth, and therefore, God exists in the form of these life-energies. Now because of these modifications if humanity accepts them. It is easier for the existing religions to modify, without upsetting the believer too much. Now if that can be done, then religions can exist mostly as they are today, and they can work in the future, for the benefit of all humanity.

We will stop writing this article now, because it is becoming too long, see you next time with another article called, Spiritual universe.

May God bless us all.


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