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Religious Experiences: Gift From My Spirit Animal

Sage has been a professional writer of 14 years and a Wiccan for 25 years. Her religious ideas and experiences often inspire her writing.

Spirit Guide Experiences

Spirit animal guides come into your life sometimes, and you never know what's going to happen-- just know that it's going to be an experience you'll remember.

It's hard to ignore a spirit animal; they just keep popping up until you notice them. They come into your meditations and your dreams, they'll even send live animal messengers to you. When you begin to notice them everywhere, it means your spirit animal guide is trying to tell you something.

Years ago, I had one of the most beautiful mystical experiences of my life with my spirit animal. It was one of those rare moments when all doubts and questions are set aside, and you experience the spiritual in a way that transforms you. It's a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

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What's Your Animal Spirit Guide?

Find your spirit guide.

Find your spirit guide.

What Is a Spirit Animal?

Usually when you think of spirit guides, you think of humans. There are also spirit animals who guide us. These animals have also been called animal guides, power animals and sometimes totem animals (though this would be a misuse of the indigenous culture concept of 'totem', which is entirely different).

They may be guardian spirits, tutelary spirits, or (often) both. A spirit animal may be with you for your entire life, or it may come to you for a certain time in your life until you complete a journey or a cycle.

It's the spiritual essence of a particular creature. It often comes through your subconscious; you may have dreams about your spirit animal, or experience it in meditation. You may suddenly find an animal popping up everywhere in your life-- you'll start seeing pictures of them, you'll hear their cry at night, they'll be on television. Your spirit animal may want your attention, and is directing you to notice it through your subconscious. Sometimes a real life animal may even come to you.

A spirit animal is not a specific living animal, a familiar or anything of the sort. It's not your pet, though your pet can be the same species as your spirit animal. Hence, if your spirit animal is a cat, and you have a pet cat, your cat may occasionally be employed by your spirit animal to deliver messages. So might other animals, both domestic and wild. You just never know.

The Exact Location of My Spirit Animal Encounter

A beautiful place for a spiritual encounter.

A beautiful place for a spiritual encounter.

Where My Spirit Animal Sent Me a Messenger

My Spirit Animal Experience

New York City was dark under storm clouds pelting the streets with snow, and the damp wind clutched the body with an icy grip. I was exhausted from the single mother’s daily grind, feeling like I had been running on fumes all winter. After spending all my energy trudging downtown to be met with an empty classroom and a “cancelled” sign displayed on the door, I was vexed.

With hours to kill, I decided to head for the nearby Botanic Gardens, where I often sat by the pond and fed the birds. I figured a bench in a warm greenhouse would make for a cozier study place than the dreary college cafeteria.

I entered the front gates and began making my way down the un-trodden white path. Not far in, among the snow-laden evergreens and the ice-sparkling branches, I felt I had been transported to another world. Within moments, the breeze softened and the clouds passed, leaving a clear blue sky.

I followed the path to the edge of a frozen pond. Just as I passed a tree, a blue jay landed on a bough level with my face, just a couple of feet away, and cawed at me. I stopped moving, and the shiny black eyes of the bird met mine.

My Spirit Animal

At this particular period of my life, I was going through a lot of changes. The blue jay was the spirit animal that saw me through them, challenged me, and gave me the most wonderful gift I've ever received.

At this particular period of my life, I was going through a lot of changes. The blue jay was the spirit animal that saw me through them, challenged me, and gave me the most wonderful gift I've ever received.

What My Spirit Guide Did For Me

Now, Blue Jay is my spirit animal, so I pay attention when I see one, especially when it so blatantly calls to me. The Blue Jay represents the connection between the Earth and the heavens, and that connection was definitely something I had been lacking in my busy life.

Another jay arrived and landed on the tree, and then another. Then some chickadees landed on the ground, just inches from my feet. Ducks began to waddle off the frozen pond toward me. I stood as still as possible while cardinals, ravens, pigeons, blackbirds, robins, mourning doves, sparrows and a host of other feathered friends I couldn’t identify flocked in a circle around me. Some perched on branches, some hopped along the ground, some even circled in the air overhead.

They chirped and cawed, quacked and cooed, and I was mesmerized by the rhythm of the chorus. My mind began to drift as I became lost in the moment. I felt some pricking on the back of my neck; then slowly my senses began to tingle. It felt as though I were standing in a field of static electricity, sort of like when you rub a balloon on your head and make your hair stand on end.

A surge of energy seemed to run up my spine with the crescendo of chatter. It reached a climax, and then in a thunderous burst of pounding wings, the birds dispersed into the four winds, leaving me there alone, renewed, with nothing but a few discarded feathers to reassure me that it really happened.

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Tell Me About Yourself

The Real Gift of My Spirit Animal

What my spirit animal gave me that day was precious; yes, I needed that energy to recharge my batteries. But it gave me something even more that I carry with me to this day: faith. It's these types of experiences that continue to reinforce my faith in the existence of the spiritual.

Nature’s blessings are abundant; sometimes we need only to stand still to receive them.

© 2014 Mackenzie Sage Wright


Rick on March 29, 2018:

Thank you for all the info

This is how I had my Spiritual Awakening so i very convinced this is my spirit animal

here is letter i sent to a scientist

Sorry it is so long

Dear Mr Tyson, I writing to you because of a set of incidents that recently happened to me. I was thinking of contacting some Scientist to relate my story to due to the Profound nature of it. For some reason I though of you first when I was thinking of contacting some Scientist. I remember your Cosmos show and liked it and you. I was very much a Cosmos fan and was the first to get all of my family hooked on the original series. God bless Carl Sagan's. I have always been so facsinated with Astronomy and Cosmology I wish I was smarter so I could be in your profession. In high school I aced every astronomy test as well as a few in college. I am 55 single male I do real estate photography and at night I do paper delivery. I live in San Luis Obispo, CA (great place to live). I have no physological issues that I am aware of but I am looking into seeing a therapist to check me out. Stated briefly Last Sat morn I hit my first dear. It was on a mountain pass where if I had swerved to miss it I probably would of have rolled my little car all the way down the side of the grade here. I have never hit a dear so my normal reaction would be to swerve. Here is why I did not swerve. It was a weds. or thurs. I almost hit a couple of dear on Creston Rd in Paso Robles ,CA. I had to swerve and go between two does. Also about weds or thurs I was driving down theatre drive in the same town. I try to go slow bc cat sometimes dart across the road. This time there was a brown long haired cat sitting in the middle of the road looking at me--so i swerved and almost rolled my car. I remember thinking next time I'll just hit it. Early Saturday I was driving Into the Courtyard to make my final delivery and had to swerve and go between a doe and two fawns. On my way home I have to go down a pass/ grade which is a bit treacherous. I saw the dear with plenty of time to swerve and normally i would but I just let it happen. What I want to relate to you is i do not believe that those encounters with those other dear and that darn cat was NOT a coincidence. I am more sure of that then anything in my LIFE ! I am just as sure as Einstein was about relativity before they proved it. Those two encounters with the dear was the closest I have ever come to hitting dear. The first time I end up hitting a dear is a very bad place to do it if you choose to swerve. I hope in the interest of Science you will read this and give your feedback.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on February 24, 2014:

Thanks Thanee, I appreciate your comments. I hope someone can help you, but please remember to beware of internet strangers.

Thanee on February 23, 2014:

I really like this blog. I often dream of snake but do not seems dangerous to me. I still looking for more info on the subject. If someone can Help me , I will be glad for the info. Thx a lot. You can sent me a mail on

Thx in advance.


Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on February 13, 2014:

Thanks so much, chelly-lynn. That is exactly how I feel; and the funny part is that my most difficult times in life are the times when I realize I've forgotten that for a while. Then I remember and everything works itself out again. Thank you so much for your comments! Glad you enjoyed reading about my experience.

chelley-lynn on February 13, 2014:

Love the post. It perfectly describes Spirit Animals :-) The description of your experience had me gasping, I could feel the essence of power in it.

Your last comment "Nature’s blessings are abundant; sometimes we need only to stand still to receive them." sung to my Spirit for it is so very true and yet it is something that many often forget.

People (All People) have gotten so caught up in the need to DO, to move, to act that they have filled their lives so full of activity they no longer have time to simply sit still and just BE.

One of my favorite quotes (in a way) mirrors your comment: "As a Pagan I have found that 99% of my Worship consists of going outside, sitting down, shutting up and listening" It's truly amazing what wonders, miracles, spiritual connects and magical experiences one can have if they just stop and listen with their whole being.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on February 06, 2014:

Thanks MG Singh; the concept of the spirit animal seems to cross over into different cultures/religious practices, so it doesn't surprise me if it correlates with Hinduism. Thanks for your comment.

MG Singh from UAE on February 06, 2014:

Very interesting post. What you have stated is part of Hindu thought

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on February 05, 2014:

Thanks CMH, meditation is how I started to encounter my spirit animal. I didn't expect a blue jay, either, lol. But I guess you go with it. I had a friend in my coven who had an aardvark come to her; she was kind of disappointed after all these people talking about wolves and tigers and dolphins, etc., lol. But she learned to embrace it and that's just how it works out I guess. Thanks for commenting!

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on February 05, 2014:

Thanks, Mystic. I agree, it's such an incredible rewarding experience working with these spirit animals, and I have the highest respect for them. They've taught me much. Thanks for commenting!

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on February 05, 2014:

Thanks, VVanNess. Much appreciated.

CMHypno from Other Side of the Sun on February 05, 2014:

What an interesting hub WiccanSage and what a beautiful experience you had. I have never encountered my spirit animal, except in a few guided meditations. For some reason I have been drawn to beavers during them, but there aren't a lot of them in southern England!

MysticMoonlight on February 05, 2014:

Beautiful, Sage. What an incredible experience and just in the knick of time for you as well, it sounds. It's always incredible to me how things seem to come to us when we need it the most. It's so reassuring and, for me, such experiences give that universal "nod" or "wink" to keep on keeping on. So awesome.

I have a few spirit guide animals that are around me almost on a constant and daily basis in some way. I treasure the animal medicine that they share with me and I try to learn as much about/from it as possible. They are dear to me and I respect them very much.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. As always, your Hubs are amazing. Voted and shared!

Victoria Van Ness from Fountain, CO on February 05, 2014:

Not only is the writing just amazing, but I always love your beautiful pictures! Another incredible article. Nice job!

Phyllis Doyle Burns from High desert of Nevada. on February 04, 2014:

You are most welcome, Sage. And thank you for explaining the difference in beliefs of New Agers and NeoPagans, and Native Americans. This is interesting to me. Many of my Native American friends and I often talk about our totem animals / spirit animals and I always love discussions on it. Thanks again.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on February 04, 2014:

Hi Phyllis, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I know totems are used by Native Americans-- but what they call 'totems' and what many New Agers and NeoPagans these days consider 'totems' are two entirely different things. I don't know your friend so I can't comment on anything she may have said.

In my own experience I've learned from Native Americans that they are often highly offended by the New Age uses of "totem" as a 'spirit animal' or 'spirit guide'. Totem is the English translation for "Odoodem" (originating with the Ojibwas), which is a non-human thing that represents a clan (it's not always an animal; it can be a plant or mineral). Not all clans had totems, and most that did would not have seen the animal as the equivalent to a personal spirit guide, which is more the New Age influences that has been brought in. It was the Native American version of European heraldry-- a totem pole is like a coat of arms, and thus non-Natives can't have 'totems', let alone ones they would discover for themselves.

Not that they care if other people feel they have an animal spirit guides; but many Natives object to the use of the word 'totem', which has been borrowed from their culture, twisted and misused. Out of respect for that I make the distinction, even though I note many people use the terms 'power animals', 'spirit animals' and 'totem animals' interchangeably.

Thank you very much for your comments! I appreciate it.

Phyllis Doyle Burns from High desert of Nevada. on February 04, 2014:

This is a good hub, Sage. I enjoyed reading it.

I have two spirit animal guides, and others that come in once in a while. I do disagree, though with what you say that "totem animals (though this would be a misuse of the indigenous culture concept of 'totem', which is entirely different)."

A totem pole, very popular in the Pacific Northwest, is called a totem pole because the animals carved on them are the totems of the tribal clan/family.

Totem animals are definitely referred to by many Native American tribes . A Lakhota (or other tribe) youth will go on a Vision Quest to find their totem animal -- this tradition has been carried on for generations. My totem animal is dependent upon the geographical area of a life I lived in the southwest. He comes to me when he knows I need help, then returns to the Grand Canyon area.

Totem animals are not chosen by an individual, the animal chooses the person then becomes an important part of the spiritual path and also represents understanding of a cultural heritage, as well as personality types.

These are things I have learned from my deep research on the subject and from my Lakhota Spiritual Mentor.

I do love reading your hubs -- they are always so interesting and spiritual.

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