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Religion: Necessary or Not

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Timi is a Pharmacology undergraduate. Joggling the hurdles of school and life itself in Nigeria, a country where religion is highly regarded

Necessary or not?

I don't think we will ever agree to an answer on this. I often avoid the question, is it? is it not?. I'd instead not engage and stick to mine. I'm sure If you bring two teams of religious leaders and atheists to argue the fact we still would not be able to conclude.


Ask either side of the table and you will hear convincing arguments on why religion is necessary and a core pillar of the society and why it is unnecessary and causes more harm than good, from both sides

Unfortunately for some people, I am part of the other 38%. Religion has become an excuse to do inhumane things like initiate wars, burn someone, segregate, etc. Which is kind of ironic. No! very ironic, since the whole point of religion is peace, togetherness, and not burning someone haha

You will hear stories of people being disowned, killed, canceled, etc all cause they do not conform to the "rules" of a religion. It confuses me, is that supposed to compel more people to believe in the faith.

Let's not even start on the topic of fake prophets. Recently there was a viral video of a supposed man of God declaring that ASUU(an educational body in Nigeria) would call off its strike on said date.

You said the holy spirit told you; I know right, the effrontery.

Well, it wasn't called off, unsurprisingly.

That's just one of many examples. I mean this man has a large congregation and even after that hoax the number of that congregation would still not reduce instead it might even increase.

It is all just a business enterprise if you ask me.

Hear me out.

I wake up one day, and claim the "holy spirit" called me. Start up a church, call it something catchy like "the blessed church"(it sounds ridiculous but you would be shocked about the ridiculous names out there). Jumble up words together, I mean all you need is to be a good salesperson(confident, fluent, etc) and the occasional shouts during preaching lol.

Grow my congregation, which is probably the only tricky part. Nothing a little time won't solve. We all know Rome wasn't built in a day(pun intended).

Assume I have 1000 worshippers and they all pay a dollar/naira offering each. That's a thousand each week. Each week!

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The recession hits every economy at a point but not the church, haha. There is constantly an offering. You might think it's the wrong way to see it, well...

Apparently, I dived into the topic


Let's not even talk about the sexual perversion in the church, haha I know, I mean it this time. We are not talking about it.

But really, there is just a lot to talk about.

The hypocrites, The extremists, The ridiculous laws.

When I think about all the lives that have been lost all in the name of religion, I immediately get irritated.

Yeah, you can argue that I'm ignoring all the "pros". That's the thing, it's supposed to be all pros. That's the foundation of the whole thing right. The whole purpose is to be morally upright, kind-hearted, generous, etc

Well, I don't need a religion to be all that. We all don't if you think about it, just be good!

P.S I haven't commented on other religions because I don't have the facts.

And yeah in case you haven't gotten the memo, I don't think religion is necessary.

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