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Religion of Evolution

Thomas has travelled the world and seen and met with many people of various backgrounds. His motto is, "Travel is the best teacher".


In my lifetime I have seen, experienced, heard many different things.

I have traveled extensively and met many different people and seen many different parts of this planet. To me, there is a creator and God is He. Genesis 1 verse 1.

Now that aside for a moment.

There are many people who refuse to follow Christ but instead follow the religion of evolution which is deeply rooted in the anti-Christ spirit.

Let me speak about those who are so against God, those who adamnently try to discourage people from following or believing in God, the creator of Heaven and earth.

I have heard many people who believe in evolution and the idea that everything was created by chance vehemently put down those who believe in God. They have called them stupid, blind, sheep, ignorant and used many other derogatory terms. .

The question I have is, "why?" . Why do they care that people believe in God? What does it matter? Some ofcourse say it is because of "science", that religion hampers the advancements in science. They always jump to using science as their go-to reply..

Well the ttuth is that science has become their religion and scientists have become their pastors, they are--by faith believing their teachers.

The other truth is that science can never disprove the existence of God and creation. The bible can work hand in hand with real science and honest scientist if they really wanted to and if they really were in the persuit of truth and an answer to how life and the universe came into exsistence

It seems to me that most of those so-called scientists and believers in evolution are not after truth, they are actually so filled with bitterness or hatred toward God that they are out to try in any way they can to disprove God rather than search for real answers about how the universe and all life was created.

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I heard one person who walked away from God now speak out against everything related to God and he even tries to convince others to follow his anti-God beliefs. He won't believe pastors and the bible because in his opinion now, they are teaching old, outdated teachings written by man, but he believes those people who say things that go against God and His word. He is believing the teachings of man, isnt he?

There are many others like this person.

These people will blindly follow and believe the teachings by man that go against God because, you know, "science says…", they don't understand or they refuse to understand that science does not say anything, but instead they are listening to scientists interpretation of their collected and sometimes manipulated data. These "scientists" have an agenda and their agenda oftentimes is very un-Godly and filled with the anti-Christ spirit to try and make people believe that God does not exist. They also claim that those who believe in God and the bible are merely brainwashed or taught to believe in it because their parents believed in it or some other person did and made them believe in it from a young age.

isn't that what schools are doing with their teachings of evolution? I think so.

This is very scary and it is horrible to see so many follow the religion of evolution instead of following the one true God, the creator of Heaven and earth and His son our saviour Jesus Christ who laid down His life for us.

God is real.

Everything had to have been created by a designer and creator.

Space, planets, moons, stars can not have come out of nothing by themselves.

Think about it.

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Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 11, 2020:

Well done. Seems right on the money to me. I always say that I believe in evolution. I have evolved from a baby to an older man. The rest of it is interesting.

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