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Religion, an Answer to Nihilism

The Creator of the universe sounds so cliqued and unbelievable, yet many have and do believe in this as a fact. I personally never was interested in God but not because I had no faith, even though it deterioated rapidly, it was just too much work for me. Why must I sit on the floor and pray to a statue which by the way has delicious sweets on them, which I can not eat and neither can the statue. Why must I specially go to a temple for this torture? Why must I participate in these actions of ignorant buffoons ?

Even though I had decided that this god thing wasn’t going to work for me, later in my life I got inquisitive and my interest on the subject grew not for faith but for logical deconstruction. It is apparent that religion can help people find value in life and I wanted to see what the fuss was really about. I am interested in how to better myself and everything that can help, helps. I realized exactly how important the religion of a people describes the people, what they see as good and how their societies work. Religion in general can be understood as the teachings of our ancestors, how they thought and hoped we would live. There are many horrors like human sacrifice and such ridiculous practices, but the time was different and dogma was widespread. If we just allow them their mistakes due to ill knowledge, we can hear what they have to say. In this time I read the teaching of The Bhagvad Gita , The Old and The New testament, The Quran.

What I realized was that the teaching of these books, held true still to this day. However for that I must deconstruct the idea of God a little bit more. God in essence is the Ideal state that the people can achieve by believing fully in God and doing his work. The ideal state of a religion is decided by the collective consciousness of a society. It acts as input to create the rules of religion, the rules then reminded to you by society. The rules are not arbitrary, they are true to the human spirit. They teach us how to act in the world and help us orientate our life so that we do well in the name of God. For god or for the pursuit of achieving the ideal state. That in my opinion is a wise and fruitful pursuit. Is it a coincidence that religions were created all over the world or is it something that was the backbone of creating a well functioning society ? No matter how developed you think we are as a species, if you leave a child in a jungle he will become part of the jungle, the jungle is still in our blood. Well that is what our ancestors were, jungle men and religion was the tamer of these spirits.


Religion can give you a sense of meaning in life when you need guidance. It is no joke that Nietzsche wrote heavily on the tragic event of the Death of God in the era of enlightenment. He realized that life without God is not only the death of the idea of a god , it is also the death of his teaching. Distrust of the establishment of religion. A loss of meaning.

The teachings of religion are valuable as they teach you how to live. Ideas like ethics, success and the way of life are heavily discussed and suggestions on how to live are given. These are fundamental ideals that you can not just throw away as their value is eternal. These ideals helped create the ethical societies we live in now.

Most of all, they give you a hope. Praying is not just an exercise of time, it is a sacrifice to the gods so they may give you what you want. A sacrifice for the ideal. Well it turns out that the fact that you want it and have created a space where you remind yourself of what you seek , primes you to attain it. It gives people hope and it is a strong tool to have in your disposal when things around you go to shit. What hope do we nihilists have, we are at the brink of a mental pandemic. Im not saying that faith in god would have fixed it, but at that delicate a stage, it could have helped so many of us.

You may say that people are smart enough to know what the ideal state is and to thrive for it. I will say to you , do not be so arrogant. You have no idea how many lives religion has saved from disarray. Humans beings are smart , yes ,but we don’t have all the answer that religion can offer. Religion was a major source of knowledge to orient my life. Maybe it can help you with answers for thing you couldn’t even question. For example I found the Old testament fascinating. You see in the story of Cain and Abel I extracted the value of being worthy for god to accept your sacrifice. Why must I work hard and give time to all the useless intricasies? If you do not, then you are not worthy to god or you are not worthy in the rules of society set in the name of god. That was a hard hitting statement. It told exactly how being capable is me doing my part in reaching the ideal state for society. How can we dispute that these teachings can help orient you to live a fair life.

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For the atheists, I know all this is apparent to you, and maybe this is what we dislike, the clinginess. The parasitic dependence to falseness. Now im not going to believe in a god and the writer of my destiny , that I have left behind but I can use god as an example to see an ideal and tweak it for the world around me. You can find an ideal and yes even though there is no one looking after you, you can look after yourself. I will rather believe in the rules of society, and will act knowing that if I do well , that is my sacrifice is worthy , then it shall be accepted. This is living as if god exists. As if his principles are true.

I am trying to do my share and I think that is a logical and dogma free way of looking at the world. It is a tough realization but it’s the truth and if you wish to live in this ignorant bliss( which personally I am jealous you have) then may God bless you.

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