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Relationship Compatibility for Scorpio and Cancer

Hello, I am here to help guide you. I have an interest in astrology that flies over the basic and into the actual intent of the concepts.


When Cancer Met Scorpio

Throw everything you know about dating out the window. A Cancer and Scorpio relationship is automatically wild, rocky, passionate, and intense. Both of these signs are water elements; they have similar strengths and weaknesses as individuals but different shades of it. Cancer and Scorpio are far different from their cousin Pisces who is much sweeter, but can drop down into an oblivion of absurd thoughts and find herself deep in the middle of an existential crisis with Cancer and Scorpio.

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac and Scorpio is the 8th. Cancer is the beginning of summer and Scorpio is the middle of fall. These two are passionate about art, love, loyalty, expression, nuances, depth, insanity, connection, and success. Cancer is much more apt to merge and shed off its skin. Cancer women and men are both highly sacrificial and often caught up in pondering the many different cycles of life. Cancers make for great parents and familial figures. They sometimes don't really care what exactly are their thoughts, their beliefs, or their instincts -- they are focused on survival and maintaining relationships. Cancer is loyal to the point of not developing an identity or individuality outside the relationship -- which is dangerous, but not always the case. Cancer should seek the self even if it does seem to detract from giving to a partner or to kids.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is driven, complex, passionate, loyal, and yes, slightly insane. Scorpio deals with life in at least 3 stages. An immature Scorpio slides on the ground as a snake looking for its prey, eating whatever is left on the ground, surviving off crumbs and bugs, and biting at the heels of many. Snakes are vicious predators, and so are Scorpios. Scorpio then evolves into the scorpion. It has developed legs and is ready to strike at the heel with a stinger. It might love and harm its lover. It might harm its lover as a test to see if it is loyal -- this is toxic behavior. Then the Scorpio evolves into the phoenix -- a highly sacrificial being capable of surrendering to love and honoring the family. Scorpio is careful about who it chooses as a life long partner because to a Scorpio this means it is choosing the person it would die to protect, this is partly why the Scorpio exhibits such strange behavior -- it puts way too high of expectations on itself.


What Makes This Relationship Work... and What Doesn't

Cancer needs to listen to their gut in all relationships. This is someone who needs to really have a good idea of what they want and to fight for it. Some people will try to chain up the Cancer and prevent them from ever growing into their real self. If Cancer isn't taking note of who they are they will fall into Scorpio's clutch and be identical in mind to Scorpio -- which actually would be very appealing to Scorpio. They would see the Cancer as one in the same with them. Scorpio is looking for the ultimate, loyal partner. If they said to jump, you would trust them to jump. Scorpio doesn't like it if you are weak to their love.

Both of these signs will do well to be slow to anger and quick to love. Cancer has as many moods as the seasons, the changing of the hours, the changing of the tides, and the phases of the moon. Scorpio can go as deep and dark as the Mariana Trench -- and as high and elated as the bird on the highest mountain. The two need individual balance to have a healthy relationship. Don't let impulses drive the relationship, sometimes you need to slow down and think things through, not just go initially with how you feel. This will help you to process anger.

With such a rich display of emotions and passion in this pairing, the two will definitely connect in a broad range sense. You both should feel comfortable expressing your emotions -- particularly the Cancer. Scorpio may take longer to open up personally; they sometimes struggle to come out of the loner mode and into a more open mode. Scorpio is passionate and has expectations about the bedroom. Cancer needs to make sure they know their boundaries and are not just some malleable pillow to play with. Scorpios are passionate about life, intense about people, have deeply held beliefs, and can seduce just about anyone they please -- but they don't always know what to do with people once they catch them. They may say they know how to handle those people, but they're lying -- so they'll toss those people back into the ocean where they found them.

Scorpio is serious. Sometimes too serious. They are excellent at focusing on money and building mountains of it. They know about deeply profound issues in society and either want to do something about it... or literally will never care. Cancer tends to be swayed by the changes of seasons and tides around it. This in part is because Cancer is a survivor and wants to make sure future generations survive.

If Cancer can drop something it doesn't need to survive, he will do so. Cancer doesn't like getting too committed unless they are certain about what they are doing. Scorpio's intense passions are attractive to the curious Cancer.

Scorpio will be drawn to Cancer's charm, artistic ways, and bizarre yet non-threatening mind. Scorpio finds Cancer very non-threatening... and that is appealing.

Scorpio gets really spooked by -- let's say by Aquarius -- because she's too mentally clever and always seems ready to pull out a sword and push him off a cliff if need be. Cancer instead seems more melancholy, more sweet, more gracious to Scorpio's mistakes. However, no one blows up like a Cancer. You piss off a Cancer, and you'll never hear the end of it. If you piss off a Scorpio, you might want to put yourself in the witness protection program. Scorpio will make sure things get... even. Scorpio is the most prone sign to come up with a revenge plan and stick to it. Scorpio is also the most likely to come up with a plan on how to save you by sacrificing himself and making sure every last detail in your life is correct.

Scorpio will deeply honor those that he loves, but he also has to learn how to properly love. Unfortunately, Scorpios are not guaranteed to evolve. Some will stay snakes. Some will get stuck as scorpions. Some will become the mythical phoenix, while others can only hold onto that stage for a brief moment.

I don't advise people to date Scorpio in more immature phases. A Scorpio is best when they have matured. They'll be too intense in high school seeming like a 30 year old. They'll be too neglectful in college. They might be too focused on their career initially. Just because you are charmed by a Scorpio doesn't mean the Scorpio is actually ready for a relationship. They love to flirt, but when it comes to a commitment -- they take it seriously down to giving away their soul.


Tips for Cancer and Scorpio

1. Do not become addicted to anger. Do not summon a demon lord together. Find peace and equanimity. Do not fall prey to barbaric styles of relationships. Be diplomatic, not a warring Viking.

2. Loyalty goes both streets. Do not expect your partner to be 100% committed and loyal if you can't offer that yourself. And do strive to be loyal. This will be good for you. Don't get addicted to pain and wounds. This will eventually implode the relationship.

3. When you have an argument, try to wait till you are in private.

4. Make an effort to talk out and feel your emotions. You two have a strong psychic connection.

5. Cancer sometimes needs to do something else besides hanging out on the couch talking. Sometimes Scorpio gets stuck on only getting to know a person and kind of capturing them to be around them without giving a moment of time to other people or priorities. It can be appealing, in a sense, to be around someone with high levels of focus. But going to museums and the like will help bring in new energy.

6. Have friends that are your own and not just your shared friends.

7. Do not put pressure on each other's egos for fun.

8. Take Cancer seriously when they are upset and listen carefully.

9. Don't make bigger deals out of things than necessary. Sometimes all you need is a good rest or some food.

10. Scorpio may need to push Cancer to seek out a career path. Scorpio may also need to calm down on working too much. Cancer will make for an excellent parent or in a familial role.


Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on August 04, 2019:

Be careful of the foes. Treat them with love.

Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS from Memphis on July 27, 2019:

Very interesting points, being a Cancer myself with an Aries rising. I have a fierce protective nature that is extremely self-preserving. I also prefer knowledge and logic as weapons against my foes and lovers!