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Reincarnation and Human Evolution

S.P. Austen has practiced, written on and taught the subject of meditation for over 40 years.

Discover some reasons why reincarnation is real.

Discover some reasons why reincarnation is real.

Most people are familiar with the Eastern metaphysical concept that the soul returns to the material world again and again in a cycle of incarnations. We call this cyclic life of the soul inhabiting successive Earth bodies reincarnation.

However, this concept of many successive lifetimes in a physical body is not just confined to Eastern mysticism and religions. Reincarnation has held a place in every culture of the world, and in all religions, practically without exception.

Most people do not have a true understanding of reincarnation and often there are many fanciful misconceptions around the whole idea. But when reincarnation is looked at logically and deeply, it appears that there are very sound reasons for its actuality.

Another Chance

Many people can expect to live for about seventy or eighty years or more, barring accidents or serious illness, and then life’s lessons are over; yet even people in their mid-forties speak of regrets and that if they had their time again they would have made different choices, taken a different turn here and there and behaved differently in certain situations.

By the time old age has set in, it’s too late to rectify most of life’s blunders and people die with heavy hearts full of regrets. Perhaps they could have been kinder here, more courageous there, gentler perhaps or stronger, wiser or more thoughtful. Perchance they might have spoken when they did not speak or remained silent instead of saying the wrong thing. Maybe they regretted staying in a certain job for too long and ignoring a talent because they were too frightened to take a chance; another is too scared to tell someone how much they love them for fear of rebuff; another is too hard on someone who needed tenderness, another is too cowardly when they might have helped someone else or even stood up for their own rights.

Everyone has countless regrets. Everybody, if they are honest, would have acted in a better way if they had the chance to do it all over again.

If we 'only get one life' as so many people assert in such a repetitive mantra these days, then it is a challenging belief to accept that if God exists, then how can God be just, when people are born blind, deaf, crippled, lose limbs or loved ones such as children, etc.

Reincarnation may be the answer to the inequalities we experience in life.

Reincarnation may be the answer to the inequalities we experience in life.

It is said that we are all “created equal” but this is not genuinely easy to accept when it is clear that people are most definitely not born with any equality at all, either materially, physically or intellectually. We are often in fact, markedly different. Someone born with a beautiful physical form which is fit and athletic is not equal to someone born without limbs or has a dysfunctional body in some other way.

Someone who has high intellect is not equal to someone with low grade intelligence. That does not mean to say that someone with less abilities, either physically or mentally should not be given equal opportunities, for naturally they should, and every effort should be made to assist them. But to pretend that two widely irreconcilable individuals can achieve the same things amounts to an unrealistic and naive approach.

The obvious differences amongst people will either help or hinder their progress in this life. We should all have equal opportunities as far as our genuine abilities will carry us, but we will not all achieve equally due to the vast differences in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual make-up. This is an inescapable fact.

So can there be any justice in this world if we only get to have one very precarious chance at life on Earth? Is God justified in arbitrarily throwing us into this world with a pot-luck life of His choosing? Reincarnation may have the answer to the seeming inequalities of life in the physical plane.

image by: sasint

image by: sasint

Earth is a School

Apart from all of the overwhelming evidence that supports reincarnation, for those of us who take the view that God exists, reincarnation is the only substantiation for a loving God who wants to give us more than one opportunity for experience of life in this world. When we see reincarnation that way, we realise that our physical life on Earth is actually a school where we learn the valuable lessons of the soul.

Who can get things right here on Earth in just one lifetime? It would be exceedingly unreasonable to expect anyone to come to Earth in a less than perfect body, perhaps with an impaired mind and in dire circumstances, with all the odds stacked heavily against you for any reasonable likelihood of success or achievement in any field whatsoever, and to emerge from it as a fully rounded-out being. It would surely take countless lifetimes for that; lifetimes of making mistakes, assimilating what one has learned, doing it better next time, finishing off old work from previous lifetimes, and coming back and accomplishing, or fouling up once more and then trying again.

On such a scale of reckoning, if for example, scientists and inventors were only allowed one mistake in their various experiments we would still be in the Stone Age. If we therefore assert that a loving Divinity exists, we surely cannot be expected to try out this school of life only once, especially if born with severe disadvantages? If reincarnation were not true, God would be a fiend, and the worst kind of fiend at that, randomly casting the dice either against us or for us without any merit on our own part for whichever way the dice fell.

Some people rather preposterously assert that with so many human beings being born over millions of years there couldn’t possibly be room left in Heaven to contain them all; others suggest that with the increase in population over the centuries it seems that the only explanation can be that new souls are created at birth every time.

Neither of these arguments makes very much sense; firstly, the Universe at the material level is so vast in size as to prove incomprehensible to us in scope or in dimensions. We little humans are just tiny little blips which from space cannot even be seen on the Earth. We are microscopic. In fact, in only going above the Earth a few hundred feet, humans disappear from sight.

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The Heaven worlds are most likely at least as vast as the physical Universe, perhaps even vaster, and according to Quantum Physics, they are also likely to be multidimensional, thus being so arranged as to be able to hold inconceivable numbers of souls. Millions upon millions of souls would have no possible impact on the sheer enormity of Cosmic space or the Spiritual worlds. To say that new souls are being created at each birth does not take into account the possibility that spiritual beings may very well vastly outnumber the availability of physical forms and for all we know, they could be queuing up to get into the Earth world!

Image by: Genty

Image by: Genty

To further offer evidence of reincarnation, children are noted for their forthright honesty (often to the embarrassment of adults) and are the first to make a pronouncement on someone or something or to reveal their own feelings and experiences. Taking aside obvious childhood fantasies there are countless books which have gone into extraordinary detail concerning children who have recalled previous lives, particularly in countries like India, where reincarnation is not taboo and is openly accepted.

In the Western world children are told that such ideas are nonsense and so they repress spontaneous feelings and memories that arise from other lifetimes. Yet in my own childhood about the age of 8 years, I personally recalled several previous incarnations all of which were verified for me by the time I was 25 years old. This person saw my previous lifetimes by using my Astrological Birth Chart, without any prompting or prior information from me.

Large numbers of children throughout the world, and increasingly of late in the West, are revealing that they too have lived before, presenting distinct memories which can be verified when they have claimed to be a certain person and have even gone so far as to recognise currently existing relatives as old family members. Children would not feasibly be able to make up such details about people whom they have never met and it would take a secret service agency of extensive capabilities to produce the kind of evidence that such children are able to supply. There is a genuine phenomenon of remembering occurring.

Image by: GDJ

Image by: GDJ

Universal Belief in Reincarnation

Most of the world’s religions either currently believe in reincarnation, or have believed in it in the past. From the North American Indians to the Aborigines of Australia to the ancient Celts, Greeks and Romans; the ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation as did the Hebrews once, and remnants of such beliefs are still extant in the Kabbalah.

The original Christians believed in reincarnation too as evidenced in the Gospels. Jesus, having just demonstrated the Transfiguration, witnessed by Peter, James and John, descended from the mountain, and was asked by the disciples why the scribes say that Elijah must first come to prepare the way for the Christ. (At this point, John the Baptist had recently been beheaded by Herod.) Jesus replied that Elijah has already come but he was not recognised and suffered at the hands of men. In hearing this, the disciples then understand that Jesus was talking about John the Baptist. (Matthew 17: verses 10 – 13.)

At the end of the last book of the Old Testament, the Book of Malachi, the prophet promises that Elijah will return before the Christ comes. Now, if reincarnation had not been a part of the basic belief systems of the Jews, then why would Malachi promise the return of the dead prophet Elijah and why would Jesus confirm that this same Elijah had returned again in the guise of John the Baptist?

The Church Councils of Nicea removed the Doctrine of Reincarnation from its canon in the years 325 AD and 553 AD. It is a remarkable oversight on their part that they had failed to recognise that they had left some very definite teachings on the subject of reincarnation in the Old and New Testaments. Countless other books that were originally part of the New Testament were excluded due to the esoteric content of these works.

Please see the fascinating website below for a list of the books excluded or 'lost' from Christian teaching.

Reincarnation Demonstrates a Loving God

In order to make perfect sense of the awfulness of life in the physical world and the seeming injustices that we encounter, reincarnation offers the hope that if we fail, we can try, try and try again. If we want a God of Justice and Love, perhaps reincarnation is the only acceptable form of belief which offers the possibility that God truly has such credentials.

Reincarnation offers compensation and penalties for the kind of life we have lived and it is up to us what we do here in the Earth to earn our reward either here or in the next world. We work out our own reward and punishment by what we make of ourselves. We are here to re-create our beings either for the better or for the worse, and what comes to us as a result is of our own creation.

Image by: Clandestino

Image by: Clandestino

I see a perfect justice in this for all, and it makes sense also, in that the Universe always recycles everything naturally without waste or loss, including the souls of mankind. There are certain fundamentals basic to the Universe that we can see evidentially; the Universe does not waste any aspect of matter, but only changes structures in order to regroup into other compositions.

The Universe appears to be a result of chaos, but with a little research, order is clearly seen, from the cycle of the Earth’s seasons of seeding, flowering, fruitage and dying down, the mating times of animals, and the revolution of our planet and the other planets in our solar system around the sun. The moon is positioned at such a distance from the Earth to prevent meteorites from entering the Earth’s atmosphere and annihilating us, evidence for which is seen on the other side of the moon that we cannot see from Earth (the moon cannot revolve due to the strong magnetic field of the Earth which holds it in place) which is completely pock-marked with meteorite craters which otherwise would have undoubtedly struck our planet.

All of these things and many more, reveal an ordered Universe, not a random one. In light of this, with overwhelming evidence for reincarnation, the recycling nature of this Universe pertains to the spiritual as much as to the physical. Human souls pass out of incarnation (and also animals, plants and all other living entities) and go back into the pool of souls in the Heavenly Realms to a plane to which their consciousness corresponds, only to filter that soul consciousness back down into matter in a recycling of the Inner Self known as reincarnation.

We live, we die, and we are re-born, until all that the Earthly life holds has been thoroughly exhausted. This entire Universe is an immense school of learning and reincarnation is the perfect medium through which we grow and evolve. We are all in the process of going back to the Godhead, back to home, and reincarnation is how we attain this end.

Further Reading

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The following websites are all remarkable resources for finding out more about reincarnation:

Dr. Brian Weiss began his career as a psychotherapist, but entered the realm of Past-Life Regression when a patient began to reveal her past-lives in her sessions with him. His famous and remarkable book, "Many Lives, Many Masters" is an account of these sessions.

Dolores Cannon was a hypnotherapist, who ended up specializing in Past-Life Regression. She has written numerous fascinating books on this subject.

Carol Bowman is an internationally known author, lecturer, counsellor, past life regression therapist, and pioneer in reincarnation studies.

Please peruse her website where you will find many fascinating and informative talks on this subject.

© 2018 S P Austen


brian from uk on December 07, 2019:

Sorry steven it looks like i already gave you psrt of my story keeping track of certain things does not seem to be my strongest things ☺

S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on February 15, 2019:

Thanks for your comments Brian.

Best Wishes,

S.P. Austen

brian from uk on February 15, 2019:

But if you want more proof go to a website called collective evolution search for a title called or type in search box

7000 souls recall their life between lives during regression hypnosis. The similarities are astounding

I only remember a fraction of that other life

brian from uk on February 04, 2019:

Well I don't know about recarnation all I remember before I was human was waking hearing youngsters voices laughing one said oh it final awake. I did not know who I was or what I was I Could not communicate at first it's seemed like I was in a void with large celestial bodies in the distance the voices came from appeared to be glowing orb like beings it seemed we were in a close group no eyes or mouth communication was via esp but only at close quarters we seemed to traveling some were. theres mail and femail orb likes soul beings we all seemed to be the same size although don't remember that much now

S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on October 15, 2018:

Well, that is one opinion, Jason; certainly Earth is a prison in many ways, (as school always feels that way) but the secret is in attaining liberation from it.

Jason Stockhill on October 15, 2018:

Well if you want to adopt another way of thinking, Earth is a Prison. our spirits are not allowed to roam the universe. Our bodies have been engineered, by other spirits.

When we die, our spirits are returned to earth, not by a loving God. because the earth is a dumping ground for spirits that don't "fit in" has been for millions of years. everything on this planet has been engineered. everything you read all comes together and makes sense.

The transcript of the Alien interview is it a hoax, I doubt it because it confirms so much material you couldn't make up. but it does confirm we were engineered, we are reincarnated, the earth is a prison. and also, there is no god. so hard to believe its mind blowing... but the evidence is overwhelming. I don't believe its science fiction, more science fact. I don't want to believe it. Can't do anything about it. just try and understand.

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