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Does Reincarnation Exist ?

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What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the reborn of soul according to occult philosophy, in a new physical body. It is a philosophical or a religious concept of religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Platon, Pythagoras, Socrates believed in this reincarnation phenomenon as well.

Karma and Reincarnation

It is said that our past and future lives depend on an important factor called Karma. Reincarnation claims that is a righteous phenomenon for all human beings. According to Karma we always get what we deserve in life, no matter what.

Our deeds result in good or bad results from one life to the other. There is nothing unfair according to Karma because no one of us is sinless. So anybody that suffers in this life has deserved it in a way. Anyways Reincarnation still spreads some hope. If we do not live well in this lifetime, we are going to experience what we have desired in another life probably better than the previous ones.

The lost memory

Once upon a time some mystical creatures landed on the planet Earth who invaded it and enslaved the earthlings. They applied the systems of mind programming, catching the souls, reincarnation and all the other systems to keep mankind enslaved by not knowing their true origin.

After they left, still mankind is suffering due to this. All of this is designed to keep mankind misinformed, to keep them confused and to incarnate them over and over again like slaves on the surface of Earth.

Does reincarnation have limitations?

Can reincarnation spread some hope in a world full of confusing events? The Law of Karma is very harsh, even Jesus did not deny that there are unfair sufferings. He offered forgiveness to those who cause it and comfort to those who experienced it. Jesus said that nobody can keep the moral law. A human heart is sinful and somehow addicted to the wrong actions.

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Signs you have lived before

You have powerful and meaningful dreams. To dream is normal for human beings, but some dreams may be very powerful that they can be defined rather as memories than only dreams. Because the easiest way of the precious memories of a previous life to come in the current life, are through dreams. So if you might experience some kind of dreams that repeat themselves way too often, it might be a past life event memory.


Many people have a particular phobia and fear that is unexplainable to them. Some of them link those phobias with bitter memories of past lives. So, that means that, if you have a phobia from snakes in this lifetime. Then probably you have been attacked by snakes in ur precious lifetime.

Deja vu
This phenomenon is known as Deja Vu in fact, has some explanations of why it happens. There might be some neurological issues. While some claim that this is due to the parallel Universes. But maybe it is also an experience of ours that has happened in past lives.
Intuition The older the soul, the stronger the intuition they say. If you have a strong intuition then this is an indicator that your soul is mature enough and has lived many other lives accompanied by many strong experiences before.
This is maybe one of the most powerful signs to tell that reincarnation as a phenomenon happens naturally.

Weird memories
Sometimes children possess some weird memories for certain events that they claim they have experienced and their parents not only can not understand them but they get shocked once they hear them. But some of the certain memories have resulted to be very accurate. For example, it has happened for a child to tell that one of the memories was that the previous person they were, has been killed, his memories then were given to the investigator to find the hosted body in their previous lives. Isn't this a very powerful sign that reincarnation phenomenon exists?

The case of Anne Frank incarnated ( Barbro Karlen)

Barbro Karlen was a writer from Sweden who claimed to be the incarnation of Anne frank

As a young child, Karlén had memories and weird dreams of being Anne Frank in a past life.

Related to her parents, Barbro knew that they were not her real parents. Barbro even told her mother that her real parents would soon come to get her and take her to her real home.

After Barbro Karlen started to go to school, she realized that Anne Frank was a real person. she was in shock how come the subjects of history and literature could tell her story, the story of Anne Frank.

Reincarnation phenomenon

Incarnation of Anne frank

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