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Is Reincarnation Real or Is The Truth Far More Weird?



There are many people around the world who believe in reincarnation.

In fact, many religions believe that the soul goes to heaven then regenerates and reincarnates into another body.

Ever since the Internet began back in the 1990s hundreds of reports started to appear with people sharing their stories of reincarnation.

Many of these involved children, which as you can imagine totally horrified and bemused many parents. What were their children saying? Where did the idea come from?

The trouble is finding the truth about reincarnation. How can science actually prove it exists?

And that's not the only question. Here are a few facts that we need to get our heads around.

For example.......

Have you Lived Before? Find Out!

7 billion people in the world.

7 billion people in the world.

There are 7 billion people in the world.........

But that's only today. What about yesterday? Or to be more specific, a hundred years ago, a thousand and so on?

Take a look at this timeline, then you will see the conundrum. Starting at AD 1900

  • AD 1900 - 1,656,000,000
  • AD 1955 - 2,756,000,000
  • AD 2000 - 6,070,000,000
  • AD 2015 - 7,298,526,751

As you can see, its going up all the time. So my question is........

How can 7 billion people be the reincarnation of say, 2 billion people? And so on.

Do our souls keep on regenerating time after time? And if so, when did we start to reincarnate? Looking at the data from The World Population Clock, it states that its taken all of our human history to reach 1 billion people only by the time we reached the year 1800!

So if we go back right to the beginning most people believe that we came from two people, call them Adam and Eve if you will. But to be fair I think there were at least a few tribes of people around 50, 000 years ago. This timeline doesn't take into account the ancestors of Homo Sapiens.

Reincarnation is remembered by children

Reincarnation is remembered by children

How many times.....?

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So, now we know how our population has grown, does this mean that some souls reincarnate more than others?

The good news is that if you add them all up it has been estimated that approx. 106 billion people have lived on this earth from the birth of the human species.

If I have my calculations correct I believe that means we all have to reincarnate at least 15 times. Any mathematician's out there would be useful at this point!

So okay......

But that doesn't answer the question, what about the first people? Where they the very first souls that appeared on earth, and how did they reincarnate?

I am sure most of you will say that the First People came straight from God, or whatever else you believe in. Hey Aliens are okay too! Each to their own!

Holi - Festival of Colors

Holi - Festival of Colors

And why do most people tend to reincarnate in their own back yard so to speak?

If you read or watch many reincarnation stories you will notice that, say, India, tends to repeat itself over and over. I haven't come across one Indian story that takes the new child away from its comfort zone of their own country, and say, puts it in China, Russia etc.

Why is this? Well, there can be two explanations, maybe three. If you want to go with genetic memory.

  • Indian religion only allows for reincarnation to happen within their own country and people.
  • Children are taught reincarnation from an early age, and are lead by their parents to come up with a 'real' memory.
  • And of course genetic memory. This is early days for this study, but I have always believed that we pass down our memories along with the shape of our noses, ears and everything else when we have a child. Of course that cannot explain how someone remembers how they died for example.
Genetic memory

Genetic memory

  • A Dream of Cavaliers Reincarnation or Genetic Memory...
    Reincarnation or past lives, have we lived before? Why don't we remember it? Maybe we do, our dreams open our mind to the past, and sometimes take us back to when we lived before. This is my true life story of what happened to me!

Genetic Memory....

I for one, have always believed in genetic memory. It makes sense. Its nice and neat. We pass on our genes to our children. And within these genes are 'memories' of nose shape, eyebrows, and even a quirky smile. They are easy to see, so why not their memories?

Or lets go back even further. What about their grandparents or even great great grandparents?

Before you say, 'Er well, let's face it, its not been proved yet....' hold on.

What about animals? Every single time a baby bird, reptile and large animal are born they automatically prove genetic memory.

Some more than others.

For example, a turtle will be born in the sand on a beach. It breaks the shell, scurries out and heads straight for the water. Call it instinct if you like, but its still genetic memory.

Same goes for Lizards which are born underground, they automatically head up towards the light, and go off into the forest.

All animals know how to take milk from their mother. Genetic Memory. Simple as that.

But does that mean it goes farther than that and we can 'See' what grandma did when she was young?

Of course you can tell between genetic memory and say, reincarnation.


Well if you 'dream' for example that you are an old lady, then it cannot be genetic memory.


Because you would only ever receive the memory genes up to the age that the mother or father had the baby!

In other words, to pass on the 'Memory' genes, you have to only take into account the fact that you will receive only those memories your parents have up until you are born!

Makes sense eh?

So yes, genetic memory is valid. I believe that adrenaline is the glue that makes the memory stick, this has been mentioned before in studies. That's why you remember some things but not others.

Enhance your Memory!

Alternate realities and other Dimensions.....

There is a lot of talk in Physics about other Dimensions. At this moment in time we have no idea what they are or whether its possible that, in a parallel dimension there maybe other 'Us'.

But the one thing that many people don't think of is, what if their timeline is different to ours? It may be hundreds of years behind there, or if it is the equivalent of 2015 maybe on their timeline nobody discovered how to harness electricity.They know nothing of Science at all, and so on.

So, my point is, maybe if we dream of living in the Medieval period, it could well be the fact we are dreaming of our other selves at this same moment in time!

In plain English, 'You' could be dreaming of the other 'You' who happens to be living within another dimension who just happens to wear old fashioned clothes, etc!

Cool Eh?

Are you dreaming her life?

Are you dreaming her life?

Time traveling Telepathy...?

Here's the thing. Without going into the finer details of whether telepathy is true or not, cut to the chase, yes it is. Its been proven many times, and I know for a fact that it works.

So, my point is, how does telepathy work through time?

Well, if you know anything about Physics, you will know that on a Quantum level the parts of an atom can and does hop in and out of 'Space', and Scientists believe that one part stays here, and the other part can be either in the future or past!

Now don't ask me the math because I have no idea, but this is fact. As much as it can be.

So, now we have that sorted out, what if?

Maybe someone back in time is dreaming about their day, maybe their dreams come down to you through time.

Sounds stupid? Well yes it is, but its no more stupid that how atoms work. I should actually use the word intriguing not stupid. But you get my point.

It does make sense on a silly level though. How many of us dream that we are doing something completely out there compared to what we do every day.

I have actually dreamed I have been in a horse race but...I have never been on a horse and have no interest in horse racing. So why would I dream it? And more to the point, how can I 'feel' the horse and saddle?

Maybe we dream other people's thoughts every time we sleep, now there's a thought!

All these ideas are pretty wacko...

But for anything Scientific we have to take in all possibilities. Of course we would all like to prove reincarnation, but there is so little known about the process that we have to take into consideration other ideas too.

And I guess the whole thing could be in our minds. Maybe we read a book, saw a film, soaked up info on the internet.

Who knows? I do know one thing though. I wish Science would take reincarnation and other 'different' ideas more seriously. Whether its telepathy, precognition or religious experience it needs to be documented and studied.

Till then I hope you enjoy the list of real reincarnation stories added here. Make up your own mind, are these real stories of reincarnation? Or something else?

Thanks for reading!


Genetic memory research:

© 2015 Nell Rose


Nell Rose (author) from England on April 24, 2018:

Thanks Rodric, I totally agree with you. We will never know for sure, but its a good theory.

Rodric Anthony from Surprise, Arizona on April 24, 2018:

This is also an interesting hub. I am digging the genetic memory. I believe that all humans lived as spirits in heaven before they were born. Each spirit who is righteous gets to help their ancestors or the departed spirits get to help their progeny. I believe we get to remember those interactions sometimes and call it living before. It does not support genetic memory per se, but the spirit can recall some things that he or she helped with an ancestor of future progenitor once they are born. Now, that is far fetched I bet. That is deja vu's explanation in my estimation too.

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 17, 2016:

Thanks so much Stacie, glad you liked it, nell

Stacie L on April 16, 2016:

I do think there is some form of reincarnation...everyone has met someone that reminded them of a person from the past...

I think we humans have a spirits that do live on.

Good hub on the topic!

Nell Rose (author) from England on February 13, 2016:

Hi Jean, that's fascinating! yes I know exactly how you feel, there are certain periods in history even locally that draw me, and boy some of the dreams I have had have been so weird! thanks for reading, nell

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on February 11, 2016:

I took a class in past life regression. Sometimes people feel an affinity to a certain country or time in history. That's a sign you did have an incarnation there. My son always was a Civil War buff, and has a big indentation in his leg, and believes he fought for the South and was shot in the leg, because he limps sometimes, and never hurt his leg in this life. We live in the North though!

When I read about Avalon, I think I was one of the last pagans to be around before Christianity was popular. A clairvoyant friend tells me I was persecuted for it.

sujaya venkatesh on November 20, 2015:

quite funny to think of ourselves

Nell Rose (author) from England on November 15, 2015:

Thanks Snwsprite, we never know, but its strange isn't it? thanks for reading, nell

Fay from Cornwall, UK on November 13, 2015:

Interesting article. I have explored many of these topics at some point and find them fascinating. I'd never considered that we would be dreaming of our "now" alternate selves though or that we'd be connected to them. Maybe from watching too much Sci Fi I'd thought of our alternate selves as being at a similar timeline as us. But I guess had we not had the dark ages or had they lasted longer there is no reason they should be at the same technological level.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 19, 2015:

LOL! yep I can totally understand that Linda! thanks as always, nell

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on October 19, 2015:

Funtabulous article. It makes one think...think...think. But, I want to come back as a bird. Actually a cardinal. I want to soar through the sky and poop on the heads of those that annoyed me! Haha!

Nell Rose (author) from England on June 30, 2015:

That is amazing Dolores, Yes I do think sometimes that real memories do appear, but we can never really prove it, which is sad really, hopefully one day they will figure out how it works, thanks again, nell

Dolores Monet from East Coast, United States on June 29, 2015:

Of course my funny children tried to convince me that they could see auras. But this child was so young, I don't think he was pulling my leg. He used to talk about how he dressed and how people looked better then. A real character. Nothing like a 4 year old to make you think!

Nell Rose (author) from England on June 29, 2015:

HI Dolores, oh wow! its the little comments like that that shows it could very well be a real memory! amazing! thanks Dolores, and great to see you!