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A Dream of Cavaliers Reincarnation or Genetic Memory?

Nell has been interested in reincarnation for many years. She is also studying genetic memory.

17th century lady Was this me in another life?

17th century lady Was this me in another life?

Life is a mystery that we just can't fathom. So many questions that can't be answered. Do our dreams reflect a life before this one? Is there a way that our memories are somehow imbued in our Souls and then passed down into our new bodies when we are born? Is reincarnation a fact or just a fools dream? Why do so many people believe that they have lived before?

Recent studies have revealed that something called genetic memory could very well be the answer to our questions. But these scientific ideas don't take into consideration the fact that if they really are genetic memories and not reincarnation then how can someone remember a life that hasn't been lived by their ancestors?

Genetic Memory

According to various sources, Genetic Memory is a memory that is already implanted into our brains at birth.

As we have just been born there is no way that we could possibly have experienced it so therefore it must have been passed down through the family in the same way that we inherit our fathers nose, our mothers eyes and so on.

Deep inside our brain is the genetic code that may be a map or blueprint of what has gone before. It does make sense. If we can inherit our families shapes and sizes, hair color and so on, then why not their memories too?

This theory has only been recently studied in real detail and the facts are still being looked at. The hows and whys are not quite there yet. But its possible.

For example, if a child is really interested in say, playing the piano, maybe it is because their great grandfather was a concert pianist. Or could it be the love you have for the ocean is passed down from your sailor grandfather? And so on.

My past life experience

My past life experience

The English Civil War

The English Civil war from 1642 - 1651 was a war between the Crown and the Parliamentarians. Better known as Roundheads and Cavaliers.

The war was a fight between the people wanting to keep the King and crown, and others rising up against them and wanting a Parliament State. The leader of the roundheads was Oliver Cromwell.

The outcome was King Charles 1 being beheaded in 1649 and then the 'reign' of Oliver Cromwell for the next 10 years.

Eventually after Cromwell's death King Charles 11 became King. But because of the war, he no longer could be above parliament, and therefore that is why, today, the Crown cannot get involved in matters of state.

A Dream of Days gone by

I fell asleep not thinking of anything in particular. It seemed as though only a few seconds had passed when I found myself floating down the gray steps that were surrounded by flowers and shrubs.

At the bottom was a dark corridor that turned suddenly to the right. I felt myself gliding along it, only to see an open doorway at the far end. As it became clearer I saw an old woman standing with her back to me staring out of a window.

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She had gray hair tied back in a loose bun, with a small mop cap on her head.

Her dress was long and grey, and as she turned towards me I could see a bib or apron at the front. I didn't see the little boy at first, but he was standing next to her underneath the windowsill.

He had pure white blond hair, knee length trousers, a small jacket and stockings or socks, with shoes that had buckles on the front.

As I was taking in the scene I realised that I was floating towards the woman. Then to my amazement I floated into the woman!

I felt my soul settle and became one with her. At that moment I became her, but I was also still me. Its hard to explain. I felt the same as I do now, but without my memories. Only hers. Or should I say me.

The exact view from my window in the 17th Century.