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Red Envelopes - Wealth Symbols Of Feng Shui

Red envelopes on sale in the street market

Red envelopes on sale in the street market

Money Magnets

There is an old Chinese tradition to give red envelopes with some money as a gift to your friends and family on the first day of the Chinese New Year. It is believed very lucky for the person doing this in terms of wealth.

Feng shui practitioners believe that giving and keeping money in red envelopes is not just a beautiful and ancient tradition. It is a magical ritual. The purpose of this ritual is to give prosperity and wealth to its owner.

The red colour of these envelopes bears powerful yang energy and is considered the luckiest colour in the East. It is associated with youth, power, activity, authority and wealth.

A red feng shui envelope is a powerful charm for wealth and material success. It is the most popular and powerful charm to attract money.

Red envelopes are also given to the family and friends on birthdays, weddings, family holidays.

Giving a red envelope with money equals to wishing a prosperous life, abundance, happiness and good health. The feng shui red envelope is quite an outstanding gift. Besides, it's very good for the giver because in return you get financial prosperity. The more you give, the more money luck you receive in return.

Red colour of the envelope is very auspicious.

Red colour of the envelope is very auspicious.

Red Envelopes For Any Purpose

You can buy red envelopes in many feng shui shops. They are made of special paper and can have pictures on them: lotus flowers, dragons and phoenix birds, peony buds and blossoms, golden pineapples.

Sizes matter. A big envelope is meant to give and keep money in. A smaller envelope is destined for keeping written wishes and it will attract good luck and fulfil wishes.

Big size envelopes can have different inscriptions in golden hieroglyphs. They mean "propsperity", "wealth", "big luck", "justice". Gold colour is as much energy enhancer as red one.

Together with mandarines red envelopes are an auspicious Chinese New Year symbol.

Together with mandarines red envelopes are an auspicious Chinese New Year symbol.

Meaningful Signs

Hieroglyphs are meaningful signs, and they bring different kinds of luck depending on the meaning. The "wealth" envelope is used for keeping and accumulating money. It will attract more money with time. You can also write the sum that you would like to possess on this envelope.

The "prosperity" envelope will attract money flow in your life. Use it for spending money. You can keep it in your desk or your safe.

The "justice" envelope is good for those who have debts and need to give back the money soon.

The "big luck" is usually a set consisting of 10 envelopes with all kinds of wishes, including business luck, love luck, family happiness, better relationships. Write your wish on a paper, put it inside an envelope, hide the envelope in a secret place. You can also keep somebody else's money in this kind of envelope. When you give it back, your own money will double.

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There is an envelope with the names of three star gods Fuk, Luk and Ru Yi: they mean general luck, money luck and good health. You can use it in any way.

Whether you keep money or give it, it is important to stay positive. Your mood has a great influence on your money luck. Don't be jealous or angry.

Where Red Envelopes Should Be Placed

In feng shui it is the south-east corner of your home that is believed to be the money area. If you keep your red envelope in this sector, your money luck will improve. Money bills must be unfold, not plied or crumbled. They should correspond to the size of the envelope. You can keep the envelope in a hidden place in a box that can be red and gold. Thus you enhance the wealth sector of your home and attract more money luck.

When you give money as a gift, be mindful of the even sum that you offer. If you offer uneven sum, it is considered bad luck. It is good to give new bills, because they will attract new, fresh energy.

When you use red envelopes, make sure that you consider yourself worthy of good luck and wealth. It is the only way to really welcome money energy into your life. It is also good to set a certain purpose and define your financial goals.

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Red Envelopes And Personal Money Luck

Red envelopes can help you learn to manage money energy better and they will protect you from money loss and poverty. But remember that human life depends on the destiny. We cannot completely change our destiny, but we can influence our human luck. You may not just be destined to be a rich person. Sometimes you have to admit that. But you can still be quite protected financially.

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Anna Sidorova (author) from Russia on February 01, 2014:

@WiccanSage, thank you for your comment. Get well)))

Mackenzie Sage Wright on February 01, 2014:

Very cool. I think I'm going to make some this weekend since I'm on bed rest. Great ideas.

Anna Sidorova (author) from Russia on February 01, 2014:

Thanks for commenting and sharing your own experience, @greatstuff. Yes, parents give the packet to their kids and unmarried children, sometimes placing them under their pillow - thank you for mentioning that)))

Mazlan A from Malaysia on February 01, 2014:

Perfect timing as it is now the Chinese New Year (CNY) season! As kids, we used to look forward to visiting our Chinese neighbors and friends of our parents, waiting to be given this Ang Pow packet. It is given to children and unmarried adults, during this CNY. As you had correctly mentioned, the red packet is also used for wedding, special occasions etc.

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